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im pretty sure i wrote something here but it didn't save, oops
apologies for the lack of, well, bio.
i hope i didn't accidentally post it somewhere, lmao.

Hi! I'm Siron and I make dumb jokes and references sometimes :^)
feel free to message and or ping me! <3

One day i will turn this into something decent but i don't know how to code this for the life of me.

If i appear online and do not respond im probably away/ sleeping

If i ever change my avi, i'm the one with the red/pinkish - blue/cyan-ish colorscheme

>This profile is under the protection of the Musketoes<
(thanks to Dipper!!)

By Kiwi

also by kiwi, suffering for us by by drawing this w/ pen in mouth

By dipper !!

by kent !


  • ChiffonOrange ChiffonOrange (4 months ago)

    Oh thank you :3 Same goes for your avatar, they look really cute as well! ^^

  • mdom mdom (1 year ago)

    It's from the most recent event ^^
    the fish item

  • Crowly Crowly (1 year ago)

    The sleeve are Raver and the legs are Lethal Dose :D

  • mdom mdom (1 year ago)

    which item? xD

  • Ixora Ixora (1 year ago)

    Awww! Thank you

  • Lithium Lithium (2 years ago)

    Thank you so much! The horns are one of the new orb items cursed prince.


i can't save my bio for some reason SOS i'm so sorry lmao


oh, and now it works, GG