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Posted in am new Posted 3 weeks ago
Welcome to the community! <3
Forgot to also include it in my updates:
I will be updating the main post/s later when I am more awake.
Posted in Returning? Posted 1 month ago
Welcome back!
When I get migraines, it's best if I take medicine and rest in a quiet room with peaceful music.
As of lately, I have been doing okay, getting sleep, and waking up on time which is weird. D;
I feel that 100%. Yesterday I had a lecture I had to sit through as part of my immigration process.
It was nerve-wracking especially since I had to be up from 10AM till 3:30PM for that. D:
I would like to say it went well. There was a point we were grouped up with some others to discuss a topic.

Our topic was FREEDOM and the questions we were asked were;

- What does freedom mean for you?
- What gives you the feeling of freedom?
- What takes away freedom from you?
- Where does freedom stop for you?

Eventually, we had to make it so it all connected somehow or related in a way.

In a way, it felt like a college (or school) project we had to present our case after 15 minutes discussion.

I was the only North American in the entire meeting (there was I think 12..? People in total there).

It was nice hearing everyone's perspectives (my team had a person from Iran, another India, and the last one from Peru).
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! That is very thoughtful of you! I accepted! Sorry didn't reply sooner!
UPDATES as of December 21st, 2021.

Thank you to everyone who has come around or stuck around. yesterday wore me out and a lot has come up lately with trying to decide how my husband and I want to celebrate Christmas this year, by celebrate, I mean, what foods do we want to make? Do we want to see his parents and bring them food as well? I don't do too well with huge group things like yesterday, but, it went well. We wrapped up at 3:33PM (and my sleep schedule has been out of wack lately). Once I finished, my husband told me I did amazing, hugged me, gave me food he made for when I was done with the meeting. I fell asleep around 5:51PM until 4:56AM. It's currently 7:14AM and I am so worn out.
Posted in I have a cold :( Posted 1 month ago
Fingers crossed it doesn't get too bad, I love carrots so much too!

I also add a smol (scant) amount of cinnamon to my chili. Adds depth!
I also sometimes will add cocoa powder (also adds depth).

Hoping you get well soon. I know I had a cold a while back and it sucked!
But, all I could do was just rest, while it sucked, it was very helpful.
Posted in I have a cold :( Posted 1 month ago
Sorry, I didn't reply sooner. Elderberries definitely can grow in the states. That is sucky that onions are a struggle for you, but, chives/shallot give a good onion-like flavor, pungency, vibe.. thing? Hah. But, I make non-traditional chili too.

I grew up with chili being without ground meat, but, if it has ground meat/replacement/whatever, that's up to the person's preference I guess? I prefer vegetable-based chili as it's less heavy. Rather have corn and potatoes in it than meat/replacements. ^__^
Posted in um hi? Posted 1 month ago
I joined not too long ago, but, welcome back! :3 Hope you're doing well?
Posted in I have a cold :( Posted 1 month ago

Edited my post as I forgot to include some stuff.

That's good that the cough drops have that!
I also cannot stress enough, if you can combine echinacea with goldenseal, do it.
Those two combined are a powerhouse and have shown to reduce symptoms by a good margin.

(Shown to cut down cold/flu in half in some instances all depending on when you take it).

I always make sure to take Elderberry Syrup due to the Vitamin C and other vitamins it has,
(NEVER raw Elderberries as they are poisonous, fun fact*) and Zinc.

(Learned about the allergy thing from a doctor I listen to as he explained his experience with them). xD;

The other foods I mentioned for soups contain a lot of nutrients/vitamins in them so I don't worry too much.

As for chili? Sounds so good... I usually find it irritates my stomach when I am sick with a cold or a flu.

My stomach sometimes is sensitive to alliums (onion, leek, garlic, etc). BUT! Fun tip time!

Cutting the onion or other things similar to family and waiting 10 minutes before cooking helps release the natural gas/toxins.

Speedy Recovery your way Taf!
Posted in I have a cold :( Posted 1 month ago

That sucks so much. Anytime I feel something creeping up? I always without fail whip out a few things.

- Echinacea drops
- Elderberry syrup

I will take it every so often to ensure I am keeping immunity up, but, I mix into water and chug it.

Usually, if I still have SOME energy? I will make soup before I get too worn out.

Carrots, Potatoes (sweet & golden), Celery, Onion, Garlic, Rice (or Orzo) & A hearty/rich Vegetable Broth.
*To my own as my husband is very sensitive to spice: Sriracha. // To whole batch: 1-2 bay leaves.

That said, I hope you get better soon! Having hot tea definitely also helps for times throat hurts.

(*Some studies show that honey helps, but, tons of in-depth research shows the sugar in honey naturally irritates the throat more.
I don't consume honey or any animal products/byproducts, but, if you have found honey useful to you, I suggest trying dandelion 'honey' as that has more medicinal properties).

Posted in The Passing of a Great Author Posted 1 month ago
She passed away a few days ago, but, it's still sad. ;__;
Posted in you go girl Posted 1 month ago
I am not transgender, I have friends who are.
My pronouns are: she/they. :3
I am doing as well as I can be. Been dealing with migraine/dizziness off and on. ):

I love rain so much (I presume you meant flight, so have a safe one)!
Thank you for the compliment, I love this avatar so much at moment.
As for how I am doing? I replied to Shark with the answer, but, doing, 'okay'.
Posted in cool Posted 1 month ago
I believe you posted this in the wrong sub-forum as this space is for games and related content.
So do you plan on making this an art-based game? What are the rules? :3
If you aren't planning on making this a game, I suggest you read this post: - The Arcade Forum Rules!
Hey friend, heyy~

I noticed that and I appreciate every connection I've made so far. ;__;
I feel that 100% though... (on switching things over, did many times on Gaia with 3k+ items).
And ooh! That would be useful to link the accounts, I only have this account, but, that'd be nice.