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Heyyyy super new. I lurk on gaia. I kinda draw too if you want me to try drawing your character just lemmee know~ I'm super chill and open minded so feel free to shoot me a communication. Tried dedicating my avatar to my OC lol
I'm a loser for Haikyuu if you wanna weeb out with me sometime


  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (9 months ago)

    Late reply, but you're welcome! I'm not a very creative type, but what kind of names do you prefer for OCs?

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (10 months ago)

    Thank you! I like your OC!

  • Ark Ark (2 years ago)

    I really like your avatar. :)


big dogs, anime, my fam, cars, dressup sites


trolling, not understanding something, sitting at work


i draw, play some video games, hang with fiance, i travel in my state to visit my friends, i also like to volunteer my time to GSD rescues