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Posted in Crash Course saving my life rn Posted 26 minutes ago

The old bait and switch huh? That should be illegal.
Posted in Crash Course saving my life rn Posted 12 hours ago

I wish there were more methods of teaching available out there because everyone learns a little differently. There are some VERY SMART people out there that are being CHEATED by the system just because their learning style is different from the standard.

I'm happy you found something that's helping you though!

Happy Birthday!

I'm glad you're staying positive. I agree that it's the pits to have a birthday during this time, but I hope you have a wonderful day nonetheless.
Posted in Obey Me! Posted 2 days ago

I managed to get through part 1 so I got the Beel card at least. TvT
Posted in The Final Fantasy VII Remake Posted 2 days ago

I'm really glad to hear such positive reviews on it. I was big time worried, but it looks like everything turned out better than expected. I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. (may have to wait a while, don't have a place to hook up PS4 atm u_u)

I'm especially glad to hear they cleaned up the story a little because even though I enjoyed the original, it was a hot mess lol. Not even talking about graphics (PS1 was a really awkward era for graphics let's be real).
Posted in Voltra's Runway: RPG Classes! | ENTER NOW! Posted 2 days ago

Posted in Memorial Day Weekend Posted 4 days ago

I was supposed to go to the beach this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday, but obviously not now. It's ok though. As much as I miss travelling, I don't miss the accompanying stress that comes with it.
Posted in Something positive today Posted 4 days ago

Today is Friday, and that means chicken tenders. (人◕ω◕)
Posted in Obey Me! Posted 6 days ago

@eruca: Oh there's a whole application you gotta fill out once you realize your tastes are very obvious.
Posted in Obey Me! Posted 1 week ago

Wow I'm a basic B huh. Luci is becoming my favorite??
Posted in Random art thoughts Posted 1 week ago

@Jolly: Well, practice makes perfect as they say, but I've yet to meet the serious artist that is actually happy with their work. There's always room to improve.
Posted in Random art thoughts Posted 1 week ago

There are some places that will let you take a course just for fun and personal development, but it depends on the school and honestly you may not get a quality class either. (I've just had a lot of bad experiences with classes like that where the teacher didn't really know what they were talking about)

In my opinion, you'd be better off either finding tutorials online or making friends with someone that's good at it and picking their brain lol. Also sometimes just watching someone else do it can reveal a lot about the process and there are a lot of streaming artists out there. Find one that does what you want to do.
Posted in AAAAAAAAA Posted 2 weeks ago

Tragic... TnT A lesson learned though perhaps? I'm sorry for your loss.
Posted in Today, I am extremely old. Posted 2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday! Old is only how you feel on the outside.