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pagliacci she/they

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Playing around with the profile code, so this might get a little ugly soon. > _ >
I cry because the navigation won't cooperate with me. :C

Hi. I'm a ball of social awkwardness wrapped in a cozy casing of anxiety. I'm a thirty-year-old biology major with a concentration in environmental sciences with a passion for sustainability and conservation. I have an eight-year-old son and have been married since August 20th 2010.

I identify as a queer, non-binary, asexual panromantic. o/ She/they pronouns are acceptable.

My hobbies include drawing, researching, reading, watching Critical Role, learning new things, and playing video games.


  • xvz xvz (1 month ago)

    oh your profile looks so nice ^^

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (7 months ago)

    Same to you! I’ve only been busy for a week, but you had to work through a semester. Hope you enjoy your break~ ^^

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (7 months ago)

    Congrats! Now you can finally relax until the craziness of next semester starts up. xD

    I’ve been really drained by work and family. Things should get better after Friday though. Any holiday pla

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (7 months ago)

    Hiiiii!!! :D How did your finals go?
    And omg, your profile looks so fancy~ :3

  • Zuzu Zuzu (7 months ago)

    aww thank you >w<

  • Miss Sandman Miss Sandman (7 months ago)

    Thank you very much! yours is pretty cute :D