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Posted in COME SAY HI AND HANG OUT (I'm lonely lol) Posted 3 hours ago
Hi! I hated when my fam had covid. I just had a small cold, and loss of smell for a week, my son just had a headache, and my sig other was the one I was worried about the most. He had a horrible cough and no energy and puking, etc. He was like this for 3-4 weeks while I and my son skated throuh it. Son got frustrated at how much school he missed and they stopped doing virtual so he couldn't stay caught up that way... he was lucky he passed his finals for 1st quarter.
Posted in Last night... Posted 3 days ago
Looks a bit like Jiraiya from Naruto.... good job.
Posted in What are you currently listening to? Posted 4 days ago
Blind Melon- No Rain
Posted in Shows You're Watching? Posted 1 week ago
Right now I am watching The Boys on Prime, Doctor Who Classic on Brit Box, and The Sopranos on HBO Max(Never seen it before and so far it is good, I know, late to the party lol.)
Posted in Fantastic Beasts 3 hit HBO Max today! Posted 1 week ago
I binge watched all three movies in 2 days and I was not dissapointed.... I enjoyed them all. I kinda think the switch of Johnny Depp was ok, was stange getting used to though... but it was a good movie and I can't wait for the others to come out.
Posted in Hello there! Is Anyone Here From Gaia? Posted 1 week ago
I still kinda do and don't. I pop in now and then to see what is up... I lost my main account(can't remember my e-mail or password) so I use my alt there, I mainly went to play games... but now it it so ad ridden and everything seems to cost real money that it kinda turns me off.
Posted in Any Summer plans? Posted 2 weeks ago
Jeez... I was talking about tornado's in another post and now were in a watch for one. Eeeks. I was thinking burgers and brats on the 4th. My Aunt has a nice grill so that would be cool. Or if I can remember how to cook it a pork butt in the slow cooker... I think all you add is Soy Sauce. With Corn on the cobb and mac salad... now I just made myself hungry, lol.
Posted in Fallout New Vegas Posted 2 weeks ago
Thank you! I found it on the internet. :) I know what you mean about Sims4 on console... plus you don't get to play with Mods... PC is the best I think for it.
Posted in Star's Dusty Emporium Posted 2 weeks ago
We rarely get tornado watches/warnings, but they scare the crap outta me. Years ago I was at a park once with my BF at the time(he was playing softball) and all of a sudden everything went silent, no wind nothing, and it got really really dark out and the clouds were pea green above us and started to swirl and the wind then started to pick up out of nowhere... it was really scary, we got the eff out of there... the tornado didn't touch down anywhere which was good but still scared me. After that and another incident with lightning(it struck the mini van I was traveling in and the whole electric system bugged out for a min and the car lost power and just coasted for a bit before everything kicked back in... I can still see the white strike as it hit the hood of the van... my Aunt grabbed my arm and yelled Pray! to me, I was too much in awe and oddly enough not scared that time.) but ever since I am not afraid of Thunderstorms anymore. But tornado's are a diffrent story.
Posted in Any Summer plans? Posted 2 weeks ago
@totalanimefan: That sounds fun! We plan to go over to my Aunt's place for the fourth of July and maybe later in the month of July... depends on if my son can do summer school online or not, otherwise he might be coming back with us on the 6th from my Aunt's. Otherwise were just taking our summer one day at a time and right now enjoying it in the nice AC cooled apt.(It's 88degrees outside right now.)
Posted in I'm new and love it here!! Posted 2 weeks ago
Welcome! This is a great place to be isn't it? :)
Posted in Good morning friends! Posted 2 weeks ago
@miss sandman: I hear ya. What makes it weirder is I don't normally remember my dreams too much.
Posted in Fallout New Vegas Posted 2 weeks ago
I have to start playing again. I'm still in the very beginings of the game... I've been kinda playing Sims 4 a lot lately and Bioshock.
Posted in Good morning friends! Posted 2 weeks ago
Morning! I dreamt about my friends, we were in a Japenese style video aracade and my best friend gave me 2 canadian dollars to use and 82 cents. I wondered how I was gonna use the money as we are in the USA, then they all kinda walked out on me. It was kinda strange.