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Posted in Stimulus Checks Posted 4 months ago

it's really sad to me how normal it is for customers to take out their frustrations on employees who have nothing to do with it ):
Posted in Favorite PS2 games? Posted 4 months ago

WOW that's some.... dedication lmaooo
somehow not shocking though );
Posted in Favorite PS2 games? Posted 4 months ago

yeah, my schools had a bunch of stuff blocked too so if i couldn't play games i'd go to that gorillaz site with the clickable house tour thing looool
or if no one was looking.... proxy sites wahahaha

lol!! those are the exact two games i'd want ahahaha
i'm so glad the ps one seems like perfect fit for ya!! i've heard a lot of good things about it heh
Posted in Favorite PS2 games? Posted 4 months ago

same! i had stepmania downloaded on all the computers in my school's computer lab so the whole class could play lolol but we'd have to redownload the song packs every day wahaha
we also had csgo on all the computers and the pc teacher would play with us on unimportant days

haha oh man ape escape was great... i can't believe they never made a pc port );
back in the day atlus had an smt mmo... it was really fun but now there are only private servers left (which i just learned about)

yeah man i feel that... like at this point if i wanted something expensive like that with a chance of breaking.... i'd get a used car v: i can only think of like... two games for the switch that i'd actually want anyway haha
and thanks lol, i'm always getting stuff stolen from me =_= grew up with a thieving little brother and a mom with bad romance choices in a city of scumbags. at least i know now to hide all my valuables lmao
i read that the ps one outsold the actual ps1s AND ps2s the year it was released, so it's a good little machine i think; i hope you can get ahold of one!
Posted in Favorite PS2 games? Posted 4 months ago

@Amber Lynne:
hmmm i'll put it on my list >:3 one of my favorite novels is called "from the new world" so i'll just accept it as fate

(2 seconds into the video a leg comes out of nowhere and kicks the camera into the trash)
at some point in high school i got into uhhhh.... stepmania i think it was called? basically ddr for the pc lmao

yeahhh i've heard that about the switches.... that they break and are expensive to fix i mean ); i think i've had like three or four of those 3ds bricks but they always got stolen before they could break lmao. with the exception of the current closet inhabiting one of course
also the controller worked perfectly with .hack//infection so i'm hoping it'll work with the other ones;;;
oh and i guess the mini screened ps1 is officially called "ps one" lol

mdk2 is like... bizarre but also really fun and funny... at one point in the game you play a really old scientist guy and he can't climb stuff or fight since he's so feeble but he can craft a bunch of gadgets and weapons
also these dumb farting aliens ** youtube code isn't working out lol
...... i guess i see now why young me enjoyed it |8
Posted in Favorite PS2 games? Posted 4 months ago

@Amber Lynne:
i never actually got to play that... but i was eyeballing it on the rom site lolol

heheh chrono trigger is one of the remastered ones i have on steam

oh man i LOVED the dreamcast... those sonic adventures games were so good hhhh and mdk2.... and jet set radio of course
anyway i will count dreamcast games

@Kitalpha Hart:
oh lol that makes sense. gameboy advance had some bangers too though

oh yeah, i never really gave up on nintendo until the switch game out haha. i have my old 3ds in a box in my closet but i haven't touched it in ages... i think i gave most of my games to my little nephew anyway whoops
i have a steam controller that i'll be trying to finagle to work with this emulator but if it all goes well i'm hoping to get the full ~playstation~ experience. god do you remember those like. mini playstations with the built in screen? you should get one of those if you can lolol
Posted in Favorite PS2 games? Posted 4 months ago

YES that's it!! thank you omg
it's a ps1 game... lol typical of my oldbrain
playstation was so good in the 90's-00's tbh but i stopped buying consoles after xbox360 because they were so dang pricey. plus i could never choose between microsoft and sony and they always had like, one game each that was console locked that i wanted. pfff

oh boy i forgot about ddr... i was a champ on the controller but i have the rhythm of one of those inflatable flailing arm tube men. erratic and dangerous to my surroundings

@Kitalpha Hart:
did you prefer a different console at the time? o:
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Posted in Favorite PS2 games? Posted 4 months ago

i've been feeling super nostalgic lately so i downloaded a ps2 emu, and am currently trying to decide the priority order of the roms i'm downloading lol
so in no particular order my favs are:
-all the fatal frames lol
-pretty much all the smt games
-rule of rose
-star ocean
although some of my old favs have been remastered and rereleased on steam hehe (okami, final fantasy games, soul reaver, etc)

do you remember your favorites?

(also i'm trying really hard to remember the name of a game i vaguely remember liking, but all i really remember about it is that there were two main characters, a boy and a girl, and you switch between them until they meet up in the game world? and the girl has like... two big rings that she uses as weapons but i can't remember how. if this sounds familiar to you please end my suffering)
Posted in Anyone here live in/are from Texas? Questions! Posted 4 months ago

oh dang... rough D: the city in wa i lived in was about sea level i think... too bad it's so friggin expensive. ); i wouldn't really recommend arizona though unless you're on a very small budget v:
Posted in Work from home Posted 4 months ago

i tried to work from home last week but it was just barely possible ahaha... there's just too much stuff that needs to be done *in* my office );
Posted in Anyone here live in/are from Texas? Questions! Posted 4 months ago

i lived in lubbock, tx for a year back in '09... i really hated it lol but there were reasons that didn't have anything to do with texas
i can say, though, that i couldn't find good mexican food there, the weather sucked pretty much year-round, and the streets + road construction was ridiculous... and it was still a dry county at the time, yikes
i've driven through the... top? of texas and the eastern parts were really pretty but i don't know if i'd live there
i also moved from az to wa, lived there for five years, and then moved back to az... finding a job was kind of hard in wa, but i loved the area so much that it was super worth it v: but then it just got too expensive to live up there so i came back to az