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Baphomet Demoness

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This is the episode I've worked on really hard, it's my original series The Seven Sinisters!


The official Animator of Voltra!

Call me Baphomet, I am a Swedish Animator, a 18 year old female lol!
In real life I am goofy and sweet, but my Voltra persona is evil and royal! (But secretly very goofy and sweet as well lol)

Please check out my original cartoon ''The Seven Sinisters'' if you have time!!


  • LilMissKushy LilMissKushy (3 years ago)

    Hey there i love your avatar ^.^

  • inatlaka inatlaka (4 years ago)

    LOVEEEEEEEE your avi <3 great combo <3

  • The Youngest Granny The Youngest Granny (6 years ago)

    Weird, on my mobile it shoes a cool font. on my laptop it's just normal. Sad.

  • The Youngest Granny The Youngest Granny (6 years ago)

    Hello there sexy demon girl. I love this font on your profile. Did you code the profile yourself?super snazzy.

  • pixiebuns pixiebuns (6 years ago)


  • pixiebuns pixiebuns (6 years ago)

    thank you for the nomination ; u;


Animating and memes lmao


Comic Sans lmao and newbs


Animate basically lmao, Making music and Drawing in general