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Rabbitafy He/They

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Me working on a Voltra base!


Gender Fluid (He/They) | Asexual | Married | Jewish

Heya! My name is Rabbit.

I'm a disabled bro who is mentally ill and a spoonie. I'm a House-Spouse, or a stay-at-home spouse, and it makes me very happy! ^^

I love to draw, write, do photography, and a bunch of other misc things. I collect BJDs (pro-doll) with my husband and we currently have over 12 of them. We also have four pets - 3 cats and one Service Puppy (in training).

Dunno much else to say? I'm pretty chill, but I have a lot of social anxiety so if I stop responding, I promise it's not you!

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Ao3 (Writing)


  • Ravaen Ravaen (3 years ago)

    How you doing?

  • Shadowman Shadowman (3 years ago)

    Rabbbiiiittttt! Ahhh, it is so good to see you here!

  • Frossy Frossy (3 years ago)

    I missed you to! Miss pixelling with you! ;;
    Glad you're doing well! :D

  • Frossy Frossy (3 years ago)

    Hiiiii!! I'm so glad to see you around again!! :D
    I've been doing well! Just busy with school things like usual! How about youu? :3

  • Frossy Frossy (3 years ago)

    RABBI!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333

  • Ravaen Ravaen (3 years ago)

    Yeah I am hehe