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Donator Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/2 13:25:28 )
What's a show on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime that you love to binge, and why?

I'm looking for some recommendations for this week, while work is slow due to the holiday. I'll give anything a go, but would prefer something I don't have to watch *too* closely, since I'm at work. So no fast-paced animes or anything, please!

Right now I'm watching The Man in the High Castle. It's fairly slow-paced. I'm curious to see what happens to the characters but I don't enjoy seeing Nazis in power so I'd rather watch something else.

Donator Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/2 13:56:56 )
I recently binged Brooklyn 99 on Hulu.
It’s really funny if you start it at the beginning. I saw a few episodes in passing and couldn’t figure out why people liked it so much. If you watch from the first episode, it makes so much more sense. Not that you have to follow along really close, it’s just that there are lots of little jokes sprinkled in that you wouldn’t get unless you’d started earlier.

Another one I loved was unbreakable kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It’s also a light comedy.

They’re both like potato chips for the brain. Haha!

I’m not a big fan of dramas. So I watch anything light hearted and silly.
Please ping! I get distracted easily.

Donator — She/her Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/2 16:42:19 )

I was also going to recommend Kimmy Schmidt.
The other one would be the Series of Unfortunate Events.

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Voltie — they/he Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/2 22:25:57 )
i was getting really into ncis and then i realized its one of the longest running shows in history and decided to take a step back from binging it for a while. a lot of things about it havent aged well(holy transmisogyny, batman!) and crime procedurals are all copaganda anyway so its better if i get invested in a different show. but it can at least kill time and has plenty of episodes to coast through. i tend to just binge cartoons most of the time but theyre not all available on those services(or are on ones i dont have) so the choices are really limited!

my guess is as good as yours for whats good to watch on a streaming service. maybe ill watch this thread for recommendations too lol

Artist Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/2 22:32:31 )

I would go for Gotham! I love that show.

Donator — Fluffywuff Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/2 23:57:56 )
A couple of people shoved me into encouraged me to start binge-watching The Magicians. It's actually damn good.
*mumble grumble*


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Donator — she/her Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/8 19:40:43 )

    I'd recommend Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. It's one of my favorite series I never get tired of rewatching. c:
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Donator — 0% Edible Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/9 01:30:22 )

[ I just finished binging The Messengers, and I would totally recommend it. It's heavy on Christian themes though, so if you're not into that probably not a good one.
Agree that The Magicians is pretty good, and totally worth the binge. ]


Donator — He Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/07/9 01:48:39 )
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Peaky Blinders xD


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