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Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/03/17 16:05:58 )

I have the best of Nana CD and I really like it


Donator — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/03/17 18:39:49 )

@Totalanimefan: Yeah, it sucks that they don't. When I edited in pings on Menewsha, it would work. Wonder why Voltra doesn't work that way.
Must've read that wrong then. XD Or remembered wrong. I do remember musician Nana's love interest died? I think I remember that correctly. XD Yeah, I really should read it. Huh, interesting.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to watching the rest~ Yeah, it just has so much mystery to it. I'm really interested to see what happens.


Donator — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/03/17 18:40:24 )

Oooh~ Please post your favorite Nana song from youtube! O:


Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/03/19 05:56:05 )

@Kent: yeah it was Ren.
I’ll post it later. I would say Rose which is the first opening.
For Rena’s songs it’s Starless Night or Nothing’s Gonna Take my Love.


Artist — He/Him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/03/27 14:09:09 )

Donator — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/04/5 21:49:40 )

lol Sure wonder how that came into being.

I need to post a new video!


Voltie Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/04/6 03:10:04 )
Probably not exactly on point for this thread. But here is my cat, Kitty. He's a 15 year old Bombay. I found him one winter when it was -17F outside. I fed him, let him inside and he never left. We just kept calling him Kitty and he just began to respond to it.

Donator — he/him Posted 3 months ago ( 2022/04/6 14:45:52 )

@vampiretaco: lol Every cat's nickname is Kitty! He looks so big! All cat pics are very much welcome here! * u*


Artist — He/Him Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/04/23 21:45:31 )
What a cool kitty~

I'm sad my King Vincent passed away recently.. Still expect to see him pop by sometimes..
I even still have a habit of watching out for him when I open a door to get inside my home
to make sure he doesn't run outside..


Donator — he/him Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/2 22:52:55 )

lol Awwwww. ;; o;;

lol That pic makes me laugh so much. XD


Voltie — Moody Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/3 04:37:03 )
Moody Says. . .


I am otaku but without neko.
i wish to have a cat.

But i recently watched Jujutsu Kaisen and LOVED it so much i am watching it another time lol.
Nice to meet you all!

Donator — She/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/3 22:53:14 )

I'm watching so many anime this season it's crazy.

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Voltie — Moody Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/4 18:41:57 )
Moody Says. . .


for now I have only been watching Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan and Spy x family.
I normally do not watch a lot of anime often due to a lot of it doesn't interest me,
but these have been keeping my interest.

Donator — he/him Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/6 19:13:44 )

I love Yuji! > w< And Satoru is so pretty. * o* And Sukuna is sexy. > u>

I wish I've been able to watch all the sports anime this season! I've been suuuper busy packing and moving to my new apartment! > A<
Only had time for Ascendance of Bookworm and the horse jockey anime. Lately mostly watching stuff on Netflix though, like Heartstopper and Bubble. Bubble was very interesting. Beautiful animation.


Donator — he/him Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/6 19:34:14 )

Speaking of Bubble. Eve released a new song that's the opening song for Bubble. :'D Love it.

*click image to watch video*
The video sorta has spoilers for the movie.


Voltie — Moody Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/7 01:09:00 )
Moody Says. . .


I recently actually did a Jujutsu Kaisen art trade on IG.
I ended up drawing Inumaki.
I really like all the characters from Jujutsu Kaisen as i think all of them are very likeable.
and funny enough one or two characters actually are VA's from Genshin impact game for the english dub.
So I really liked the dubbed anime of it.

Donator — he/him Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/11 16:07:58 )

@Moodyb: Cool! Can you share it here? o wo Hadsie's a pretty big fan of Inumaki~ I actually sorta hate almost all the female characters... They always seem too obnoxious, annoying, or cocky. I don't understand why there's like only one sweet girl. How can there be more sweet boys than sweet girls..?
Oh, that's cool. o: I set my language setting for Japanese for Genshin Impact so I wouldn't know. XD

Ash 8/7/19
Kate 1/9/22

by YukiThePanda <3

Art Shop | Twitter | Toyhouse

Voltie — Moody Posted 2 months ago ( 2022/05/11 21:43:39 )
Moody Says. . .


@Kent: it ended up not turning out that good
due to my lack of experience with drawing male characters

I don't really feel they are overly cocky or anything.
so i really like the strong, confident type over the sweet usual type of female characters.

If you need my attention for any reason please ping me.
I have a hard time knowing when I am being spoken to.

[Art Shop][Instagram][My Website]

Artist — He/Him Posted 1 month ago ( 2022/05/20 19:47:15 )
I love Inumaki..
Love the effect you gave that piece!~ <3

I think the girls are pretty interesting, I just prefer sweet girls or girls I relate to more..
& definitely tend to like the boys more in this series..

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