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Donator Posted 5 months ago ( 2022/02/12 00:40:42 )
@Anarchist Beauty: Why thank you! I have to admit I was surprised by Ravenclaw, as I've previously been sorted in to Gryffindor and Slytherin xD I guess because I went with the "talk, don't fight" and the "nature" choices? Channeling inner druid, lol

Yeah, that's a huge oof. I just...refuse to listen to her or pay any attention to her anymore.
The hardest canon deaths on me were Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, and Fred. Snape mostly because of the fanfics, but still.
I have avoided the last two books and attempted to avoid the last three movies, but friends conned me into watching movie #6 T_T

I kinda miss RPing, I wonder if I still have the list of all the characters I came up with. I'm so out of practice now, but I used to have a ton of fun with it. I miss writing too, seems like the only thing I can write now is suuuper self-serving fanfic xDD



Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2022/02/12 00:59:05 )
      @Alchemists Fire: I've been sorted into every House except Gryffindor.
      I am a cowardly little person and could never get in.
      I'm very much a Ravenclaw though because I once said "alright, I'm gonna make you put me in Gryffindor" and I did.
      I could be a Ravenclaw/Slythering half and half, but I'm not completely a fan of the split House thing so I just stuck with Ravenclaw. ^-^

      Honestly, she's got nothing to add to my life so I stopped paying attention to her a long long time ago.
      The most difficult deaths for me were probably Sirius, Remus, Tonks, and Fred.
      They all hurt me on such personal levels.
      I've read and watched everything, multiple times, but it can be hard. It's so much.

      I have an entire tumblr blog dedicated to housing all my OC's.
      All their profiles and reblogged things for each one.
      It's all very organized and lovely and I wish I had created it a long time ago instead of just within the last two years. lol

      Hey, hey. Self serving fanfic is my life.
      Right now I am working on the most self-indulgent piece of nonsense and I love it so much.

Donator Posted 5 months ago ( 2022/02/12 03:28:14 )
@Anarchist Beauty: I will admit it's pretty easy to manipulate the quiz for most of the questions, but I answered honestly. I'm sure I could sort myself into Gryffindor and Slytherin if I wanted to.
I understand not being crazy about the split House thing, it adds so many complications.

Oh god, I didn't realize about Remus and Tonks...nooo...that's it, I'm living in my pre book 5 headcanon forever T_T
I didn't mind book 5 aside from the fact that good lord is it long and Harry's so whiny and angsty, and losing Sirius HURT like HELL...but yeah nope, as far as I'm concerned everyone's alive (except Moldywart, he can go away).

That's a brilliant idea. I have a couple of tumblrs, and I think I created blogs that I was going to post to as if it was the OCs posting to them, but it just ended up being too time-consuming, and BJD tumblr is a horribly negative community, so I basically ditched the whole site. I've recently re-joined, mostly for Loki fanfic and gifs and whatever, because he's my current obsession xD

I wish I had more free time (weekends are never enough, lol), cause I'd love to write some ridiculous self-serving drabble with a few people/characters. I'd love to hear more about your self-indulgent piece of nonsense =D


Currently dressed as: Maple

The Alchemist's Quest

Voltie Posted 5 months ago ( 2022/02/12 03:44:59 )
      @Alchemists Fire: It can be.
      Some quizzes for it are just... So stereotypically stereotypical that it's not difficult. lol
      Some are harder to cheat than others, not by much but they can present a nice chellenge.

      Honestly, same.
      In my RP world, everybody lives. lmao
      I changed so much about canon.
      Remus and Sirus live and that ship sails bc Wolfstar is my jam, for one. lmao (Or two?)
      And of course Harry was whiny, he was fifteen and dealing with the most garbage hand of life ever.

      Yeeees. I had separate blogs for certain OC's, too, but those failed.
      So I poked around with themes and things until I found the RP-tumblr community and got a perfect profile theme and a directory page theme to help sort all my little brain bitches. lol
      It's working wonderfully and with tagging everything works out perfectly.
      I can go to a specific character profile and have their tagged posts linked right there.
      Ugh, I love tumblr. lol

      Mmm, Loki fanfic... Very good stuff there.
      I've got a new writing sideblog for my own fics and reblogs of others work and oh how I love all the fics.
      I can drown myself in any and every character ever. XD

      Oh it is pure fabulous nonsense.
      It started on discord. I have a server with some fellow writing friends and one was like 'okay a thot..... Satyr!Jason Momoa' and my brain went !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      So I looked up satyr art and things and found some... Very NSFW things, one including a 2 satyr 3-some and my brain went 'oh, Jason and Roman Reigns? Yes? Yes.'
      (Bc UUUGGGGHHHHH Roman Reigns is GORGEOUS)
      So the fic is 'poor human gets lost and injured in the forest and is rescued and cared for by two satyrs' and it's great so far. lol

Voltie — oink Posted 4 months ago ( 2022/02/18 05:29:43 )

@Anarchist Beauty: We are many XD

Yeah, real disappointment. I try remind myself I'm a fan of the work not her > n >

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Voltie Posted 4 months ago ( 2022/02/18 08:00:03 )

      @Q t e a p o n: You truly are. I think 50% of the discord is Hufflepuffs. lmfao

      Of for sure, for sure.
      I am a Harry Potter fan, I could not care less about JKR. I never really did.
      I wasn't ever one to freakout over the author of a book. Like I'm interested in this story, not the person who wrote it.
      Like I think the author I've been most interested in is Rick Riordan and that's because he's made a genuine effort to include a diverse cast of queer kids in his books.
      Gay kids, bi kids, ace kids, trans kids.
      Riordan is actually making an effort to be a good ally and not be JKR trying to retroactively claim 'oh ya Dumbledore is gay' while having not a word of textual evidence to support it.

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