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Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:34:18 )
Hello, everyone! Welcome to my art request thread!

My biggest hobby is tabletopping, usually using a fanmade pokemon system. I've got a steady group I play with, and I'd like to work on purchasing art not only for my own characters, but possibly for my players who have stuck with my for over two years!

My current funds in pure are:
[41k] in Volts
[2.5k] in Ohms
Items as found here.

I hope you'll forgive me the lack of pretty graphics in this thread, but art skills aren't really my skill set, I'm afraid. See below for the characters I am currently seeking art for!

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Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:34:34 )
My Characters

Name: Luna Chandra
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Luna is a very spacey, easily distracted character loosely based on her namesake, Luna Lovegood. She's excessively trusting, very gullible, and thinks the best of everyone. She's highly interested in occult topics, including but not limited to discussions of legendaries, fairy and ghost Pokemon, cleanse tags, spirits, and supernatural creatures outside of the Pokemon realm. She's sweet to a fault and never wants to believe anything bad about someone, and will almost always trust someone on their word. She never lies herself, and never breaks her word, but isn't above misdirection, deflection, and lies of omission, somewhat similar to fae myths.
Background: Luna is an orphan from the region of Meihnos, a tropical island region that originated as a prison several generations ago. She was found when she was younger, and her history is largely a mystery even to herself. She's lived at Horizon Academy for over half a decade since she was found and the headmistress took her in. She was bullied early on, due to her distracted, spacey nature and belief in myths that others regarded as childish and silly, but was sort of adopted a few years ago by two rebellious girls her age who can and have fought to protect and defend her and fondly call her their "Princess". She's currently about to embark on her Pokemon journey after graduating from the academy, after which she intends to travel with her rebels to challenge gyms, seek out rare Pokemon, and ultimately document the region's unique and rare offerings for future travelers.
Appearance: Luna is a short, thin girl of 16 with delicate, fae-like features. She's got the long hair of someone who hasn't cut it since they were very young, and almost always wears it bound up in some form of braid formation ranging from a braid wrapped around the rest to keep it from getting in the way on more casual days to tight braids wound into a bun formation so that nothing can escape. She's pale and very pink, with freckles and a perpetual blush across her cheeks that she can never be rid of. Her eyes are a pale blue with an almost supernatural glow to them, somewhat similar to mirrors. Her hair is a very pale blond.

Standard Outfit:
Standard Outfit, No Scarf:
Hair/Face/Earring References:

- School Uniform was a black pleated skirt, black stockings and mary janes, white button up, dark green vest, and silver tie.

Obtained Art:
- Lina, Voltra Online
- Mica, Voltra Online
- Ghost, Voltra Online

Additional Notes: Her motif is golden stars, her colors are generally navy blue and gold, and the character collects and wears colorful gemstones. Any hair design is acceptable assuming it is long and includes braids. Please feel free to take artistic license with any aspect of the character, as I am absolute garbage at art (as you can see) and generators can only get me so far, so I know there may be details missing or colors that don't make sense, etc.

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:34:50 )
Robot's Characters


Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:35:10 )
Ronike's Characters
My Characters

Name: Vahn Lupahl
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Vahn is a relatively relaxed, go with the flow sort of boy with a deep wanderlust. He's usually likely to do what makes the group happiest, and just agree to whatever, but gets uncomfortable and antsy if he stays in the same location for too long. He has a deep distrust of authority figures, especially the royal family of his home region. When he does lose his temper, usually related to insults to his loved ones or threats, he usually ends up feeling very guilty about it. Very loyal to his friends, in a traditional game protagonist "I fight for my friends!" kind of way. Love, love, LOVES fire types and heat, hates the cold, the wet, and gengar specifically. He also regularly practices martial arts because he feels it keeps him calm and centered.
Background: Vahn is a young, relatively new trainer who recruited a group after his starter festival and immediately launched into his gym challenge with them. Since starting, he's become a follower of Celebi and recieved her blessing, saved several other gods, and beaten several gyms in addition to a general expansion of his team and skillset. He's the only son of a single father who is also an explorer, who was raised quite a bit by his community of Rose Quartz--a mining community in a rural area of Gold Island. His mother was a follower of Latias, and he wears her bandana as a momento after her death when he was young--a death that he and his father have always believed wasn't an accident, given how suddenly it followed after she got into a public argument with a relatively major noble.
Short, flareon-esque red-brown hair that is spikey, gold eyes, 5'10", 155lbs, five o'clock shadow around his jaw but no full facial hair
Wears a plain deep orange t-shirt, a blue bandana around his neck, and loose dark blue jeans with metal bracers and greeves.
Wears a half heart necklace that may or may not be visible in the picture
Starter is a flareon, but also uses a rapier shaped honedge regularly as a sword.

The Player's Description:
See first reference. Vest has higher collar than shown, can be used to hide mouth in sandstorm. Blue kerchief used as bandanna during training often, and in general. Memento from Mom. Touchy about it

In general, Vahn tends to wear more loose fitting clothes, so as to not restrict freedom of motion. His shirts tend to be either sleeveless or short sleeved, and often in the red hue of the spectrum. He tends to wear baggier Jeans as a compromise between freedom of motion and protection in the wild. Lately, many of his pairs of jeans end up with holes and tears, from where he is blocking for himself or allies. He doesn't keep much around in the way of fancier clothes, viewing them as restrictive and just extra weight to be carrying around, though he has wished he had them a few times now. The constants in his warddrobe however are the kercheif from his mother, lending a nice complement in color to the red tops, and the greaves he made for himself in Mala town. Said Greaves consist of a light, but relatively sturdy metal in three layers over his shins, and a basic covering for the normal tennis shoes he wears. Nothing too intricate in the way of design or engravings, as it was his first work, but it has held up fairly well so far, even in the colder waters of the cave between Mala and Sapphire.

In terms of himself, between the constant traveling and morning training routines, he keeps himself very well in shape. His arms and Torso aren't what you would call stacked, but rather have good tone and definition to them, consisting mostly of muscle, with only a little fat to show from his loves of sweets and waffles. His hands are rather calloused, but its more from his toying around with various materials and such than from punching or the like. His legs on the other hand are more built, and have very little fat to show. In particular, his calf muscles are large and well defined from all the kicking. Between this and his personality, this can lead him to look rather restless from time to time, and he will often be found bouncing his leg while sitting, or bouncing on the balls of his feet while walking or standing. He also is rather prone to pacing rather than standing still.

The boy does attempt to see to his hygiene, bathing when possible after morning training, but due to his active lifestyle this isn't always possible. Even when it is, since he is constantly in motion he does usually have a bit of an odor of sweat to him. While he used to take a decent bit of care to his hair, if only to keep it out of his face and such, since he did the Merge with Idriss, his hair has been rather insistent about staying in a style similar to that of a Flareon, always reverting back to the shape whenever Vahn tries to do anything to it.


Basic Reference

Body Type

Greeve/Bracers Reference:

Something similar to this on his forearms and shins. Artistic license very encouraged, nothing really specific specified here.

Hair Style Referece:

Shaggier, probably, but definitely the longer, curved shape to the top like flareon's puff compared to a shorter side

Obtained Art:

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:35:26 )
Blade's Characters


Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:35:42 )
Crow's Characters

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:35:59 )
Gear's Characters


Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:36:14 )
Reserved for Future Goals

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 09:36:32 )
Reserved for Future Goals

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 10:00:08 )
At the moment I'm only seeking art of Luna, but I'm sure I'll fill in those other slots soon. Hopefully I can start trying to order, now! Luna is my first OC, so I'm so sorry if I'm missing information that might seem obvious otherwise ><

Donator — ~love~ Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 10:56:37 )
Oooh I'd love to offer my art when i get more time!! Luna sounds adorable Slyther!!

awesome art by okios <33

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/13 17:52:53 )
Aww, thank you! I'll keep an eye out for open slots, haha.
I have to figure out how one actually orders art now

Donator — Female Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 03:57:13 )
I'll have to doodle her for you ~<3
Would you have a problem of it being on an adopt base though? I'm kinda on a streak with those atm. XD

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 04:16:44 )
Oh! Gosh, no, I have no problem at all! I'm excited for pretty much anything and everything possible because this is my first OC and I'm stupidly in love with her haha.
What are your rates? I can set aside funds now, or make a note to start saving. ^^

Donator — Female Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 04:33:41 )
@Slytherclaw: Nothin'~
When I offer to art for someone, I don't expect payment ^ ^

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 04:37:04 )
@Lunakiri: Awwuh~ That's so nice of you! I'll have to find something nice for you anyway as a thank you haha

Donator — Female Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 04:37:29 )
@Slytherclaw: Nuuuuuuu
My Youtube. I upload Tuesdays

Ping me. always
ALWAYS looking for art of my Characters
If you do art, PM me

Donator Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 04:40:51 )


pls don't

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 04:43:05 )
@Apollo Im Burning:
Thank you! I spent an excessive time trying to make that reference, so I'm glad you like it! I'd love the chance to commission you, then! I have your art thread bookmarked for when you have slots open, haha.
Luna Chandra
Please let me exchange goods and/or services for art. <3

Writer — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2017/10/16 07:39:29 )

If I get my tablet to work, I'll try my hand at drawing her

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