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Donator — Artist Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2024/02/2 01:49:28 )
How has everyone been / what have you been up to? For me, life has been very topsy-turvy for the past two years. I am seeing my psychologist soon to talk about things as it is, as well as perhaps visiting my university or high school. Maybe meet up with some friends.
‘god, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young. I thought I saw you out there crying, woah-oh. I saw a lion kiss a deer, we are all lost stars trying to light up the dark.’ ~ Jungkook. / diary. text. visual. comm.

Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2024/02/3 19:59:34 )
Life has definitely been topsy turvy for me the last couple years as well. </3

I hope you have a good time meeting up with friends and visiting schools. C:

I'm hoping to switch jobs soon so I can bring in a higher income. o3o it's stressful to do so, especially since I know my current workplace needs me to stick around although I'm not scheduled too much. e.e'

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2024/02/8 19:07:00 )
Life has thrown me some lemons this past year as well, but I am trying to make lemonaide out of it, lol. I'm still here and chugging a long... which is good I guess.

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