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Hey, I'm Jessamine; you may also call me Jess and/or Jessica. This is my only main account, and I have only one mule, Alstroemeria.


  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (7 months ago)

    Thanks for the update on how you are. I didn’t want to post in a thread that was very old. Felt wrong lol

  • Hydrangea Hydrangea (8 months ago)

    Hi there, I'm doing alright and I'm sorry for the late response ^^;

  • Hydrangea Hydrangea (2 years ago)

    I see :o Glad to hear you're having fun with the Art Exchange event ^^ and speaking of said event, I missed it but that doesn't really matter since there's always next year (Dec 2022 idk lol?) xD

  • Hydrangea Hydrangea (2 years ago)

    I'm drawing something that is a bit too personal for me to explain. ^^; How about you?

  • Hydrangea Hydrangea (2 years ago)

    No problem! And I see, writing and drawing is nice and I'm fine, just listening to chill instrumental playlist on YT while continuing to colour my drawing which I really forgot (on my laptop) lol

  • Hydrangea Hydrangea (2 years ago)

    Hey there, sorry for the very late response on your friend request since I was quite busy IRL ^^; and I've accepted said friend request. Anyway how're you doing? Hope you're doing good ^^


I draw and write.