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BTS-Black Swan, On, Life Goes on MMA Performance.
This whole performance was INCREDIBLE.


I draw I like K-pop.


  • Ark Ark (2 months ago)

    Getting the courage to cut some of them out is a great step. I'm happy to hear you're doing that! Things can only go up from here, and I'm hoping for all the best for you. ^^

  • Ark Ark (2 months ago)

    Hey, I've seen a few of your posts here-and-there about your family and your mental health, and I just wanted to extend a virtual hug to you. <3 Keep your head up. *hugs*

  • Araikou Araikou (2 months ago)

    Hello Army :D

  • NixieFae NixieFae (6 months ago)

    your avi is adorable!!

  • Lithium Lithium (8 months ago)

    Hey, I’m not sure if the trade on my end is glitching or not, did everything go through okay for you?

  • vawnilla vawnilla (1 year ago)

    love ur username and avi!! <3


Genshin impact, Art, Kpop[just ask].


ADHD, Depression, bullies


I draw