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Moderator — The Dude Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/10/26 06:50:04 )
One.. by... one.
They only fall... a-part.
Can it be.. undone?

"Beats me." Ilias responded.

"She's an enigma, even to me, and she's ATTACHED to me." he muttered.

"And is there anything you can do?" he asked.

"Well, I've been organising and cataloguing the serum used to bring you back, would you mind helping with that?" he asked.

As he spoke, she heard it in his tone. The sheer relief. He was glad to see her again.

He'd missed her terribly.

Why can't I just be
The one
For once!?
"There is no shame in deterrence. Having a weapon is very different from actually using it." - Ghandi

Moderator — Female Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/10/26 06:54:13 )

Kiah just chuckled lightly.

"Yeah. Let's do what we can." She agreed.

"In the meantime, you can fill me in on what I missed." She continued. "Because... I get the feeling that it's been a bit, and there's been a lot."

"Sound good?" She asked. Ilias was silent for a moment before just nodded.

"Good. Now gimme a hug." She added with a laugh. She didn't need to tell him twice. Ilias latched on, obviously relieved that she was up and about again. Kiah just returned the embrace, knowing that this was where she wanted to be.

Continued here

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