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This year has been pretty rough for me, honestly, but I feel like this year is much more hopeful than the last three. I'm excited for summer vacation and hopefully will be getting my first job soon.
Posted in Hello! Im new! Posted 3 months ago

It's actually quite easy to navigate. Is there anything in particular that's got you confused?
Posted in What's a book/series you didn't finish? Posted 3 months ago

Twilight in high school. It was before the movies. My high school library couldn't really keep copies in stock and so I decided to sign up to read it. There were a lot of fans. About like 80 pages in I gave up on it. I felt like the story jumped around a lot and it was just not well written. Like one day she hated him and then the next day she was acting like she was besties with him and wanted to get to know him, but then they acted like they were all knowing of each other? It was just weird and I literally kept checking the page number to make sure that I didn't miss out on a section. Cause it was a library book I thought that maybe someone took out the pages? Nope, just badly written...

Sorry to anyone who likes this series lol

I loved the film adaptations despite their cringe factor, but the books were SO BORING. In fact, it was reading the first book in this series that inspired me to hone my skills at writing dialogue and character interactions that actually make sense.
Posted in Shows You're Watching? Posted 3 months ago
Update: I watched the latest episode of Trigun: Stampede and I am absolutely INSANE right now. So much of it is huge spoilers but I'm so excited to see if we get a season two and how it could continue with events during Trigun and Trigun Maximum. Considering how TriStamp plays around with the timeline so much, it's hard to tell, but I am so hyped!
Posted in What's a book/series you didn't finish? Posted 3 months ago
If you saw my post in the "What are you currently reading?" thread, I mentioned I was reading The Dresden Files. I ended up abandoning it a quarter way through the second book because the plot became far too boring for me. I might pick it back up someday.

What's a book or series that you were excited to read, but became so much of a chore that you quit before finishing?
I was in and out of the hospital in 2020-2021 due to mental health reasons, so I totally know how that feels. I think the longest I've had to wait in the ER was about two or three days before they finally took me up to a holding wing before transferring me to psych. I'm glad you at least had your laptop/phone with you so you could keep busy.
Posted in Shows You're Watching? Posted 3 months ago
I'm currently watching The Glory (A korean drama on netflix US) and Trigun: Stampede. I might end up watching some old Hetalia episodes just for funzies this weekend.
I really enjoyed Powerpuff Girls! I kind of want to find it and watch it now. Haha


Somehow I managed to have two copies of the full series DVD. I ended up donating the extra one to my local library.

You can probably find it on CN's official website, albeit with ads, though I think you may have to sign in with your TV provider if you have one.
I had a rabid obsession with the OG Powerpuffgirls when I was little (even though the show had ended a year before I was born) to the point that I had my father paint my room powerpuff-themed. I kept that color scheme for over ten years before I finally changed it to a nice grey.

I also loved the original Ben 10. I watched the entire thing in the span of a week during the summer of 2017.
Posted in Red's Art Corner Posted 3 months ago
Your designs have so much variation! I love how you play around with proportions, especially on your anthro pieces.
Posted in Characters~ Posted 3 months ago
    I think I tend to prefer enjoying characters who are complex in their motivations but steadfast in their own moral code. They don't have to be antagonists or protagonists, but when you can see someone growing in the decisions they make it's kind of enjoyable.

    Sometimes not seeing all the cards on the table is refreshing.

I mostly see the inverse of that. You have good taste!
Posted in Characters~ Posted 3 months ago
My faves are definitely the traumatized ones that try to hide their suffering underneath a veneer of humor (often unsuccessfully). I also love the more stoic types that have the occasional flash of a laugh or smile.
Posted in What are you currently reading? Posted 3 months ago
Fool Moon, The second book of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

I read the first book over a year ago but didn't particularly like it because I found the MC annoying, but after coming back after some time, I must say he's really grown on me.
Posted in What are you currently reading? Posted 3 months ago
The sex god method. purely because it was controversial and the amount of drama in the reviews on goodreads.

I used to scour through the list of worst rated books on GoodReads because I like watching people complain about things. Sadly I never ended up reading any of them because I either wasn't particularly interested or I couldn't find them in my states libraries.