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Posted in Book Recommendations? Posted 2 years ago
@nelle: I’m doing a 50 book challenge this year on goodreads! I’m on book #31.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue was really good.

I enjoyed the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series, but after book 1, it is definitely not YA anymore. Just a heads up since all of book 1 was YA and then it switched it up.

Sometimes I Lie was a thriller that kept me up all night and had me questioning my sanity at times. A+ stuff.
Posted in I've missed this place :) Posted 2 years ago
@totalanimefan: We’re pretty much open fully! Masks are optional. I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet because my body will sometimes react oddly to things and I’m sort of just waiting it out and seeing what my employer decides. I stay home most of the time anyway until august that is…

I’m happy that you’ll be able to spend time with your mom!
Posted in I've missed this place :) Posted 2 years ago
@totalanimefan: I'm glad things are getting back to normal for you! There is just nothing better than a clean house. All of my stress melts when I walk in the door and my house is clean. How long has it been since you and your mom were able to visit?
Posted in I've missed this place :) Posted 2 years ago
Hey guys! I'm trying to be active again after a long break.

During the initial lockdown, my whole work life switched over to the computer like a lot of other people. My computer used to be reserved for my chill out time, but it turned into working all the time. I thought it would get better when I hit my break, but then all of my trainings were online. Then, I thought it would get better once the year started, but I was hybrid- half online/half in person all at once every single day. It was mentally exhausting.

I couldn't even fathom looking at my computer screen anymore- even for fun things.

I wound up quitting everything I enjoyed- modding on voltra, reading on my phone, interacting on social media, cooking/baking, organizing, and anything more than the bare minimum functions. I made sure everyone else in my family was doing well physically and emotionally and didn't have much left for myself.

I'm just now getting back to the point that I can separate work and fun. My house is clean again. I'm reading again and I can look at my computer again. I've been told I won't be hybrid come August and I feel like I can finally start doing things I enjoy again. :vivi-celebrate:

I hope you guys have handled this past year and a half better than I have.
Posted in The 50 Book Challenge Posted 2 years ago
@Dragoness129: Hey Guys!
@shadami: I've been tracking my books on Goodreads! I'm on #30!
Posted in what are you studying? Posted 2 years ago
I'm out of school now and have my degree in Elementary Education.... So, I guess I'm never actually out of school?

Right now, I'm trying to figure out what my interests are outside of the classroom. I love being a teacher. I love my job, but I realized that it was my entire identity and I'm not sure if that's healthy. I need to find outlets for myself that are not wrapped up in education.
I've been working on baking because I seem to have a talent for it and I enjoy it. I'd like to dabble in some watercolor. I don't know.
I'm still figuring out who I am outside of the roles I currently play- wife, mother, teacher.

Someday, I'd be interested in pursuing my masters in Instructional Technology. I'd like to become a Digital Learning Specialist and teach teachers how to use their tech.
Posted in Job advice? Posted 2 years ago
@count trashula: Everything you listed is completely valid! I'm sure there is something out there for your unique situation. Good luck in your job hunt!!
Posted in Job advice? Posted 2 years ago
@count trashula: If transportation isn't an issue, maybe you could look into school aide type jobs or secretary jobs. My local school district has workroom positions available where the person makes the copies for the school and places them in the appropriate "mailbox." The lady on my campus loves it. She says no one really bothers her and she just makes the copies! You don't need a degree, but you may need to pass some sort of test. This is what all of the local aide type positions say

"If recommended for employment, all educational assistant applicants must meet the federal No Child Left Behind (Highly Qualified) requirement. The Highly Qualified requirement may be met in one of the following ways:
(1) Verification of 48 college credits, (2) Verification of Associate’s Degree, (3) Verification of Bachelor’s Degree, or (4) Pass Local No Child Left Behind Assessment."

Maybe look for "Front Desk" or "Receptionist" jobs on indeed.

I've always wanted to work at a library! Library assistants usually don't require any degree either.
Posted in What did you get from the orbs? Posted 2 years ago
I could only afford one common orb and managed to get Stellar Remnant!
Posted in Supply Search!: Photo Scavenger Hunt Posted 2 years ago
Thank you!!
Posted in Cat Café - Pet Names! Posted 2 years ago
I think I’d go with “supervisor” or “manager”

That way- when someone wants to complain, they can take it up with the cat.
Posted in Supply Search!: Photo Scavenger Hunt Posted 2 years ago
Hey @Vichard: and Vregory, I found some more supplies!
Supplies Found: PHOTO 1: Fork, Spoon, Butter Knife, Plate, Bowl, Teacup, Napkin, Candle, Apron, Oven Mitt, Rolling Pin, Baking Sheet, Flour, Spatula
PHOTO 2: Sandwich(sandwich crackers), Pancake, Cupcake(on the tasty box), Cake, Ice Cream, Candy, Chocolate, Fruit, Tea Bag, Instant Coffee(pods), Sugar
PHOTO 3: Yellow Flower, Pink Flower, White Flower, Purple Flower, Ribbon, Glitter, Balloon, Book, Magazine, Scissors, Heart, Star, Lace, Vase
PHOTO 4: Red Flowers, Cookies


I tried to break it up into each of the categories for the most part. Sorry about the gigantic images!
Posted in Does Your Cat Play Fetch? Posted 3 years ago
Ponytail holders
all day everyday.

She can be fast asleep and if I shoot one across the room, she's up and chasing it before it lands.

She keeps a special stash of them in various places.
She also puts them on my pillow before bed just in case I'm interested in throwing one for her.
Posted in The voltra cuties (pyp) that means you Posted 3 years ago
@ruby: I hadn't heard of it. Now I have to see if I have one near me.

@dread pirate: nope... just a nerd with nice lighting. One day I'd like to dress up and go to conventions or something fun!