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Just a song I always loved.


Hello, my name is Kittyzilla. I am from Rhode Island, USA. My name KittyZilla actually use to be my 'stage name' when I did shadow casting in the RKO army of rocky horror picture show. I actually stopped it back when I was entering my Massage Therapy program due to the school I was going to was going into the medical side of massage therapy and I knew doing the RKO army would be too much to do with school. I tend to be a very crafty person and a very loyal friend. I would love to learn how to play D&D the tabletop game since I always wanted to but was always told by my friends 'girls don't play D&D'. To this day I would still love to try it. I also like watching wrestling, lucifer, supernatural, sherlock, good omens, and American gods. I'm a huge fan of the writer's Edger Allen Poe and Neil Gaiman. I also spent many years role-playing fan base and others. I am also always looking for new friends.


  • KimmiChan1989 KimmiChan1989 (11 months ago)

    Hope all is well. Tried to message you on Discord but I guess you've not had the chance to see it. Hope to chat with you soon~

  • Synth Synth (1 year ago)

    Better! Thanks for checking in. I’m working on my responses for the rp and hopefully I’ll get that posted today. Going to reread your messages too once I get breakfast made ^^

  • Synth Synth (1 year ago)

    Hey! Sorry I haven’t been on! Been sick and not sleeping ;____; tomorrow is my weekend so I should be able to respond to posts/messages then!

  • Synth Synth (1 year ago)

    Thank you for the trade!!! ;__; I actually had just gotten a Ruby before you sent one over; do you want yours back???

  • Ouja Akuma Ouja Akuma (1 year ago)

    Outside of school, I haven't read anything besides manga lol. It hurts my eyes sometimes. Let me know how it was when you get to read it!!

  • Ouja Akuma Ouja Akuma (1 year ago)

    I think she has it available at Barnes and Noble? Or Books a Million...I cant remember which.


Animals, reading, crafting, trying new things, wrestling ,writing, family, and friends


People who are rude, mean, and disrespectful


Crocheting, Resin, drawing, writing, and spending times with my pets