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Posted in My Wacky Washing Machine Posted 5 months ago
@Lilmisskushy: I just wish I knew what was causing it. =n= It's a huge pain because it means I can't leave my place while I'm washing something, at least until the issue is resolved. If I remember tomorrow, I'll try to call the office to see if someone can look at it later this week when I'm off.
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 5 months ago
Oh! Well I think anything goes with white, but that sounds like a pretty combo!
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 5 months ago
Oh fun! What colour are the rest of the walls in that room?
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 5 months ago
I'm glad! :D And that's so awesomeeee!! What shade of pink?
Not that I have a choice in the wall colour where we're at now, but I really love the colour they have, which is this light bluish gray, kinda like an overcast sky. <3 It's so calming and I think I'd like this colour whenever we decide to buy a house of our own.
@Wildfire: I'm in the same boat where I don't feel like thinking about it, but I need to because it's almost 5 where I am. But right now I have no particular cravings, so that's where I'm stuck. :/ I'm definitely hungry, but nothing comes to mind that sounds good.
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 5 months ago
wrik: It really was for the better imo. And that sounds terrible, but I hope wherever you ended up was better as well!

Masa: Sounds like me when I'm at work. xP Which is the main reason I'm not looking forward to going back. And thanks!
@Wildfire: Hey there. Having an okay Sunday too. Been pretty lazy for the most part, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing for dinner.
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 5 months ago
I can understand that. When I was on maternity leave a few years back, I started getting stir crazy towards the end because I felt like I needed more to do.

And it was good, thanks for asking! We just moved about 5 minutes up the street from where we originally were, because the other place didn't want to renew our lease (I suspect they wanted to up the rent and/or renovate a bunch). But I like our new place so much better. <3
Posted in Can you tell your cats' meows apart? Posted 5 months ago
Thanks lol. Mooney's actual name is Muneca (the N has a squigly thingy over top to sound like 'nyeh') which is Spanish for doll, because that's what she looked like when we first got her lol. But she's got a ton of nicknames, like Moonster, Moo-Bear, Moo-Moonster Pie, and a bunch more loool. Dasher is just Dasher since we adopted him from a former supervisor who didn't want him anymore when he moved out of state.

But yes! He HEWWOs a bunch when he doesn't feel like he has anyone's attention. And he's looooud about it too.
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 5 months ago
I'm sorry wrik. D; Hope they up your hours soon!

Hey Masa! How are ya?
Hey everyone. :) Hope everyone's having a happy Sunday!
Posted in My Wacky Washing Machine Posted 5 months ago
@sunny: Yeah I didn't expect it because these appliances look fairly new (though not brand new, but that's fine). And I haven't met any of my neighbors yet. But I might go pop downstairs later to see if anyone lives below us and apologize. Or leave a note if nobody's home. ^^;
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 5 months ago
I return to work tomorrow after having a week off to move. I don't wanna go back. Not yet anyway. >.>
Posted in My Wacky Washing Machine Posted 5 months ago
So I recently moved right up the street from where I used to live, and I now live on the 3rd floor of a condo complex (3 floors per building).

My washing machine somehow seems to have a hair trigger to make the balance go completely off and it'll just thrash about and make it sound like we've got Armageddon or something going on up here. Like right now, I literally just have maybe 8 towels in there washing, and out of nowhere it started doing that thing I just mentioned.

Not sure what to do? Mind you, the complex owns the appliances, so I'll probably end up calling their maintenance team to see if they can do anything about it. But do you guys have any advice or have you dealt with something like this?

I hope we're not disturbing our downstairs neighbors (if we even have any). ;A; I don't wanna come off as a bad neighbor!
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