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Forums Reaping Ritual 2019 Chapter Seven: Violet

Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:12:50 )

Deciding to follow up on Virgil's suggestion to speak with his sister, Vontell made his way to the back of the shop, knocking on the office door. After a moment with no response, Vontell began to walk away before a frantic voice called out to him, "Ah.. C-Come in!"

Behind the door was Violet, frantically searching a slew of papers strewn across her desk as she talked to somebody over the phone, "Yes... I'll be sure to put another order in for them! Of course... Ah... Yes I'm sorry, I have somebody on the other line, can you please hold? Thank you! Hello?"

Vontell offered her a sympathetic smile as he saw how overwhelmed she was. She returned it with an apologetic smile, before returning her attention to the call, "I'm sorry, I wrote it down here somewhere... Uhm... Ohh where did I put it now?" As she shuffled her papers in search, Vontell stepped forward, moving to offer her a hand. Perhaps if he bailed her out of this sorry state, she'd be available to talk.

by Q t e a p o n

Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:13:47 )
After speaking to Virgil, Vontell decides to follow up with his sister Violet.
However, it seems she's in over her head with work!
Maybe helping her organize will get her in the mind for talking.

Solve the ciphers to discover the hidden words.
This is a group activity. Working together will help make it easier to find all the answers.
But feel free to work alone as well!
Make sure to put your answers under a spoiler to give others a chance to play.

Once all the correct answers have been found, and at least 12 people have attempted to answer,
the EI Bubblegum will be added to Joyful Jamboree.

All participants in this thread will be granted a free Bubblegum tomorrow at noon.
(Note: Participation includes any form of posting in this thread. Even if you don’t want to join in the game, show your support!)

Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:14:17 )




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Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:14:57 )

"Thank you, have a good day!" Violet sighed as she finally hung up the phone, wiping her forehead before beaming to Vontell, "Thank you for the help, Von! I'm sorry you caught me at such a crazy time, but I really appreciate you bailing me out."

"It's not a problem at all, Violet. I take pride in helping friends in need," offering her a smile, he walked over to lean against her desk, "In fact, that's why I'm here... Could I bother you for a moment of your time?"

"Not at all! It would be my pleasure."

"Great..." Vontell smiled, flipping through his notebook, "I just spoke with your brother about the statue Trick commissioned him to create, and he mentioned you assisted him... Would you happen to have any insight you'd like to offer on it?"

"Oh dear..." Violet sighed, cupping her cheek as she shook her head in dismay, "I was so disappointed when I heard what happened... You know, he would never admit it, but Virgil really put a lot of care and effort into getting that statue just right... It actually made me really happy to see him actually be dedicated to something, it's been a while! it was heartbreaking when we got the news about what happened, I know he tries to hide it, but he was really upset!"

Vontell tried to imagine a time when Virgil didn't seem upset, but decided not to comment on it, "Understandable... So you vouch that when the statue was sent out, it was perfectly fine?"

"Mhm! Virgil took a lot of care to make sure nothing happened to it. It wasn't easy either... Do you know what Trick asked him to make the statue out of?"

"I never thought to ask... What was it constructed out of?"

"Candy!" Violet laughed, pressing her hand to her mouth, "It was pretty funny, but it's not an easy medium to work with as you can imagine. Luckily, I had a lot of candy already in stock for the Reaping Ritual, so he had a lot of colours to work with. The only problem is how fragile candy is... I wanted to help him out, so when he wasn't looking I maaaay have cast a little spell on it to help protect and fortify it actually. I only managed to make it harder to break before he caught me though, so it wasn't indestructible or anything. And well... You know how he is with magic. He wasn't happy at all..." Shaking her head, she let out a soft sigh before smiling, "I guess it still wasn't enough to avoid disaster thought..."

Vontell nodded with a frown, "Do you think that spell might have had anything to do with it's current state?"

"Oh no, not at all! It was a simple spell and there's no way it could have backfired like that."

Violet Frost was well known as a strong spell caster, so Vontell had no reason to doubt her claims. Instead, he decided to change the subject, "Was there any other precautions you took during the creation of the statue?"

"Hmm..." Tapping her chin in thought, Violet pondered on this question before laughing, "Oh yeah... We were on high alert for Vregory. You know how much of a sweet tooth he has, and Virgil was scared he'd launch himself at that statue if he got the chance! It was really hard to keep him away too, you know how attached he is to my brother... I felt really bad turning him away! Lucky for us, his brother's been in town lately and I think they've been having fun together."

Vontell frowned suspiciously at this. It was no secret that Vichard King was not known to get along well with his brother, "What makes you think that?"

Violet smiled warmly as she clapped her hands together, "He came into the shop the other day and bought several pounds of candy from me. He seemed really flustered when he was talking to me, so I thought that meant he was in a rush to go out and enjoy it. Hmm... He didn't really tell me why he needed so much, but he said it was for some great plan he had...? Hm. I should probably ask him about that next time I see him."

Red flags immediately went up, causing Vontell you hurriedly take notes, "Alright... Well thank you but I should be on my way-"

"Wait... Don't you want to see it?" Waving a camera in the air, Violet tilted her head, "I made sure to take a lot of pictures before we shipped it off with Vyc, I didn't want to forget that moment..." She smiled warmly as she scrolled through the photos. True to her and Virgil's word, the statue did look like the exact likeness of Treat, down to the detail, "I guess if we ever develop the desire to see it again, we can pull this out in a flash and focus on the good times!" Giggling, she added, "I hope this cleared things up! I couldn't picture myself being framed for this crime."

Vontell offered a weak smile and quickly excused himself to follow his next lead, avoiding anymore puns in the process.

• Found at the scene: Paint Supplies, a Bucket with a Bandage, and a Hairdryer with a Tangled Chord
• The letters "V F" were carved into the base of the statue
• Vanora was backstage (two witnesses confirm)
• Vivienne was backstage, and was with Treat
• Volkan was never out of anyone's sight
• The hairdryer belonged to Vivienne, and was not working correctly. Its chord was not tangled when she left it
• Vyctor delivered the statue and was backstage alone
• Virgil was the artist that created the statue
• Virgil claims the statue was a lifelike replica of Treat when he created it, he doesn't know what happened
• Virgil specifically told Vyctor not to remove the sheet, so Vyctor never saw it. Virgil claims this was to keep it protected.
• The statue was fragile
• Vanora left a mess backstage with paint, Vyctor cleaned it
• The Voltra Police Department was working security and kicked Vyctor out
• Vanora claims to have been with Velvet, who had an emergency
• Valentina should have been at the event, but was not and has not been answering her phone
• Violet helped Virgil with the statue, and had photographs to prove their innocence
• Violet used magic on the statue to help keep it from breaking
• Vichard went to Joyful Jamboree to buy candy said he had a big plan for it
• Vregory has a big sweet tooth, and was kept away from the statue while it was in the shop

In hopes of discovering what caused this tiff between Trick and Treat, I've taken it upon myself to investigate this mystery. I began by searching the backstage, where the statue had been stored prior to the exchange. My search yielded:

- Paint supplies
- A bucket with a bandage
- A hairdryer with a tangled chord
- The letters "V F" carved into the statue's base

Perhaps these are important clues... Or perhaps it is just rubbish left behind. We'll have to search further.

Questioning the mayor, who was closest to the scene, I discovered the following information:

- Mayor Volkan was busy all day and was never alone at any point
- The statue was being watched all the time it was backstage
- Vanora, Vivienne, and security were backstage, at least that Volkan knew of

Perhaps Vanora or Vivienne may be able to shed more light upon this situation...

My poor friend Vivienne appeared to be under a lot of distress when I visited her. It seems she was having some technical difficulties with her equipment. After I calmed her, we discussed her experience backstage:

- Her hairdryer stopped functioning properly when she was styling Treat's hair
- She was with Treat the entire time, the entered and left the backstage together
- She confirmed Vanora was there
- She mentioned that Vyctor was also there, and potentially delivered the statue

Vyctor was an ordeal to speak to, due to the large influx of customers he had been faced with. However, once they had cleared out our conversation yielded a surprising amount of leads and information:

- Virgil was the artist behind the statue, and has asked Vyctor to transport it for him
- Virgil was very clear that Vyctor was not to remove the sheet at any time, so Vyctor never saw it before the reveal on stage
- Vyctor had time alone backstage, as there was nobody around when he delivered the statue
- There was a mess of paint left by an unknown person, which Vyctor took the time to clean up
- Vyctor was eventually escorted out by the Voltra Police Department, who were acting as security for the event

After having to go on a bit of a chase to capture Timberland, I managed to have a little talk with Vanora. She was able to verify some information, as well as offer a few interesting leads:

- She left the mess backstage when she was painting props and displays
- She was called away in the middle of it by Velvet, who claimed to have an emergency
- Claims she never saw Vyctor or the statue, but she did recall passing Vivienne
- Valentina should have been at the event, but Vanora never saw her and cannot contact her

Virgil was in a worse mood than usual when I paid him a visit, seemingly because of the sorry state Joyful Jamboree was in. After helping him clean up, he was open to a conversation:

- He admits to creating the statue, stating that it was a commission from Trick
- He denies tampering with it, even going so far as to state he wishes he did because of the reaction it caused
- Virgil stated that the statue was fragile and needed careful handling
- He state that Violet was with him during the creation, and that she may have useful evidence

To follow up Virgil's claims, I ventured to speak with his sister Violet. Unfortunately when I arrived, she seemed to be tied up with her work. After helping her organize, she revealed to me:

- She did help Vigil craft the statue, and had photo evidence to prove they were innocent
- The statue was made of candy
- She had cast a spell on the statue to strengthen it and keep it from breaking
- Vichard had been to the store, and mentioned having a "big plan" in store. it required a lot of candy
- Vregory was seen as an obstacle, as he can't help himself around candy


You have unlocked the chance to vote for who Vontell interviews as a potential witness/suspect next!
To vote, simply ping Vontell with: @Vontell: I vote for [NPC name]
The NPC that receives the highest votes will be the thread unlocked tomorrow at 1 pm.

Suggested Witnesses:
VPD. Reason: They were on security duty.
Velvet. Reason: She called Vanora away from the scene.
Valentina. Reason: She didn't meet with Vanora after making plans, and is MIA.
Vregory. Reason: He might have been attracted to the candy, and was lurking.
Vichard. Reason: He bought candy from Violet and seemed suspicious.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:18:02 )

Yaaaassssss time to solve another thaaaang~


Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:26:47 )

oh god, time to make an ass of myself here JGFJSJ


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:26:50 )

Omg, I already know this one is going to keep people from participating...
Took me a bit to figure it out..


Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:28:28 )
◦ ☆ ◦
Awwww yiss~
Gonna take a crack at these

◦ ☽ ◦

Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:29:27 )

Oh god ok I don't know what I'm doing but I am using decoders and feel like a cheater but I have never done ciphers before????





Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:31:23 )



Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:32:06 )

3 is really hard. I have no idea how to solve this lmao


Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:36:28 )
◦ ☆ ◦
Ok these are a lot harder than I thought.
◦ ☽ ◦

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:36:46 )

man violet

you wanna test us hard huh

Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:39:15 )

I dont even know how Tsun got the first one Dx


Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:40:00 )

my guess is its translating spaces of letters over so many places

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:40:17 )

@skettiyeti: I’m gonna copy your number 2, because the decoders I’ve been using gave me UGAYE. )’: I wish, decoder. I wish.




Omg Violet wtfffff. I knew we should’ve gone with VPD...


Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:42:50 )

so far the only progress i've made for 3 is
if you'e going by number to alphabetic characters

but what could the next part be


Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:49:40 )



Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:50:51 )
◦ ☆ ◦
Ooooh ok. I think Im starting to get it.



I used the same cipher for 2 that worked for 4 and 5 if that helps anyone.
Still confused by 1 & 3 though o ^o

◦ ☽ ◦

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/3 19:50:51 )


I got the same. I decoded the numbers, and then deciphered that mess of letters.


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

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