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Forums Reaping Ritual 2019 Chapter Five: Vanora

Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 17:54:59 )

Having gathered all the clues he could, Vontell made his way to his next lead, Vanora. According to both her father and her girlfriend, she had been behind the scenes before the exchange took place. Where Vontell found her now, she was happily munching on some candy she had in a small pouch. Timber followed, staring intensely at the pouch.

“Excuse me Vanora, would you mind if I asked you a few questions?” Vontell asked. The girl in question stopped, her cat’s gaze following her hand as she finished off one more piece of candy.

“Hm? Oh, hey there Von…just a sec, I’ll put this awa-” Vanora was about to return the candy pouch to her pocket when Timber, who had until that point been rather quiet, jumped up with a triumphant meow and snatched it from her hands.

“Oh no, Timber, come back! Candy isn’t for kitties!” Vanora cried out, giving chase as quickly as the feisty feline had ran, opposite where the two had just come from. Vontell stared for a bit before massaging the bridge of his nose in exasperation.

“…Oh dear.”

by Saeyra

Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 17:55:22 )
Vontell approaches Vanora to talk, and all seems well...
That is, until that naughty Timberland steals some candy!
She'll need to be caught before she gets sick!

Find your way out of the mazes to catch Timberland!
This is a group activity. Working together will help make it easier to find all the answers.
But feel free to work alone as well!
Make sure to put your answers under a spoiler to give others a chance to play.

Once all the correct answers have been found, and at least 15 people have attempted to answer,
the EI Gummy Fish will be added to Joyful Jamboree.

All participants in this thread will be granted a free Gummy Fish tomorrow at noon.
(Note: Participation includes any form of posting in this thread. Even if you don’t want to join in the game, show your support!)

Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 17:55:58 )

Current Progress
Participants Playing: 15
Correct Answers: 2


Npc — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 17:56:57 )

With Timber tired and candy-less, Vanora breathed a sigh of relief, herself having been worn-out by the now weary feline. At the very least, Timber was safe, as was the candy.

“Oh, yeah I’ve been here since practically forever, making sure everything was good and ready! Had to do some last-minute painting too, we were going to have some nice displays for the event. Velvet called me before I could really get things done, thought. She said she needed some help with her costume and that it was an emergency. You know how dramatic she can be about these things..." Vanora laughed, "I was just on my way back to finish things up when… that happened.”

Vanora looked at Timber’s sleeping form, the cat having truly tired herself out in her epic chase for candy. Smiling a bit, she continued “Hm…I didn’t even get to see the statue before I had to help Velvet out. Anyway, you saw the stuff I’ve got in there, right? Sorry for the mess, things can get pretty hectic when you’re cutting things close…”

At this, Vontell gave her a confused look, before recalling his conversation with Vyctor, laughing faintly, "I hadn't, in fact. It seemed Vyctor got to it first. When I arrived, everything was rather organized"

At this, Vanora herself had looked perplexed. “Really? Weird... I wonder why he'd do that. When I'm trying to get work done fast, I'm always a right mess! It wouldn't have been easy for him, I had paint everywhere."

Vontell made sure to file away this information for later. With everything happening right now, random acts of kindness did seem quite suspect. However, at this time he had no reason as of yet to doubt Vyctor's intentions, adding, "I suppose it's possible sanitation becomes habit with his line of work... Was there anything else of note during your time there?"

"Yeah that's true, he's a helpful guy too... Hmm.. OH! Yeah, Valentina was supposed to meet me at the event but she never showed up. I tried calling and texting but she never answered, either... If you have a chance, can you check in on her to make sure she's alright? But I'm sure she's fine, you know how flaky she can be!"

Vontell frowned slightly from this information, “Interesting... Well, thank you for your time, Vanora. This should help immensely in my search for more clues…”

“No problem! Hopefully things calm down soon though. Can’t imagine any good coming outta this kerfuffle...”

• Found at the scene: Paint Supplies, a Bucket with a Bandage, and a Hairdryer with a Tangled Chord
• The letters "V F" were carved into the base of the statue
• Vanora was backstage (two witnesses confirm)
• Vivienne was backstage, and was with Treat
• Volkan was never out of anyone's sight
• The hairdryer belonged to Vivienne, and was not working correctly. Its chord was not tangled when she left it
• Vyctor delivered the statue and was backstage alone
• Virgil was the artist that created the statue
• Virgil specifically told Vyctor not to remove the sheet, so Vyctor never saw it
• Vanora left a mess backstage with paint, Vyctor cleaned it
• The Voltra Police Department was working security and kicked Vyctor out
• Vanora claims to have been with Velvet, who had an emergency
• Valentina should have been at the event, but was not and has not been answering her phone

In hopes of discovering what caused this tiff between Trick and Treat, I've taken it upon myself to investigate this mystery. I began by searching the backstage, where the statue had been stored prior to the exchange. My search yielded:

- Paint supplies
- A bucket with a bandage
- A hairdryer with a tangled chord
- The letters "V F" carved into the statue's base

Perhaps these are important clues... Or perhaps it is just rubbish left behind. We'll have to search further.

Questioning the mayor, who was closest to the scene, I discovered the following information:

- Mayor Volkan was busy all day and was never alone at any point
- The statue was being watched all the time it was backstage
- Vanora, Vivienne, and security were backstage, at least that Volkan knew of

Perhaps Vanora or Vivienne may be able to shed more light upon this situation...

My poor friend Vivienne appeared to be under a lot of distress when I visited her. It seems she was having some technical difficulties with her equipment. After I calmed her, we discussed her experience backstage:

- Her hairdryer stopped functioning properly when she was styling Treat's hair
- She was with Treat the entire time, the entered and left the backstage together
- She confirmed Vanora was there
- She mentioned that Vyctor was also there, and potentially delivered the statue

Vyctor was an ordeal to speak to, due to the large influx of customers he had been faced with. However, once they had cleared out our conversation yielded a surprising amount of leads and information:

- Virgil was the artist behind the statue, and has asked Vyctor to transport it for him
- Virgil was very clear that Vyctor was not to remove the sheet at any time, so Vyctor never saw it before the reveal on stage
- Vyctor had time alone backstage, as there was nobody around when he delivered the statue
- There was a mess of paint left by an unknown person, which Vyctor took the time to clean up
- Vyctor was eventually escorted out by the Voltra Police Department, who were acting as security for the event

After having to go on a bit of a chase to capture Timberland, I managed to have a little talk with Vanora. She was able to verify some information, as well as offer a few interesting leads:

- She left the mess backstage when she was painting props and displays
- She was called away in the middle of it by Velvet, who claimed to have an emergency
- Claims she never saw Vyctor or the statue, but she did recall passing Vivienne
- Valentina should have been at the event, but Vanora never saw her and cannot contact her


You have unlocked the chance to vote for who Vontell interviews as a potential witness/suspect next!
To vote, simply ping Vontell with: @Vontell: I vote for [NPC name]
The NPC that receives the highest votes will be the thread unlocked tomorrow at 1 pm.

Suggested Witnesses:
Virgil. Reason: He was the artist of the statue.
VPD. Reason: They were on security duty.
Velvet. Reason: She called Vanora away from the scene.
Valentina. Reason: She didn't meet with Vanora after making plans, and is MIA.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:04:07 )

Yasss, been waiting for the next one~


Asst. admin Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:07:45 )

I'll never get over that the cat's named timberland


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:07:55 )
The cards say im gay, furry and ready to sin

But first i gotta do this maze

Artist — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:12:40 )

Ignore the lines phasing through the barriers at corners NCNCJSJX my fingers are too fat for my phone

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:13:01 )


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:15:38 )

Can’t wait to experience the daily struggle to get 15 participants. )’x


Artist — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:20:49 )


Artist — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:21:08 )

NDNKCKENDKD yeh no kidding ;<

Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:21:41 )
These graphics are too cute, baby Timberland in the maze is killing me


Artist — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:22:32 )

Timberland got the munchies and can’t be stopped

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:25:41 )

Me checking my phone every 5 minutes for that participant count like


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Artist — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:30:13 )


I know
I feel my soul leave my body everytime someone comes in with a “I can’t do this good luck tho”

Like you had time to post that just give a guess so we get our pretty item

Donator — Your Queen Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:30:57 )

The Queen Declares...

It is November, time to eat all that candy.


Donator — Your Queen Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:35:58 )

The Queen Declares...

It is November, time to eat all that candy.

I sell art.
I'm buying art.

Asst. admin Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:39:55 )

my hand slipped towards the end, ignore that ALFKDFJ


Artist — Princess Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/11/1 18:40:09 )


Always ping me please.

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