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Forums Reaping Ritual 2019 Chapter Four: Vyctor

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 17:53:08 )

Spotting the neon sign outside of Vyc's Modz buzz and flicker the greeting "open", Vontell sighed in relief, "At least I know he's available to talk..." That hope was soon dashed, however, as he stepped into a waiting room full of impatient clients, "Oh dear..."

"Von, that you?" Vyc's head popped out from the backroom as he waved him over. Vontell couldn't help but smile faintly in amusement when he saw his friend. To no surprise, it seemed Vyctor really got into the holiday spirit. Instead of a traditional werewolf costume, his usual horn mods were currently replaced with a set of real wolf ears and tail.

"Hey man... Good to see you, but if you're here to talk, you're going to have to take a seat. I'm kind of backed up right now..." He gestured to the client in his chair, currently in the process of having her face painted, "Everyone's riled up this year huh? Nice to see them getting into the Ritual but this is the busiest I've ever been..." He sighed, dabbing the sponge against his client's face, "Doesn't help that I'm a bit of a perfectionist... Something isn't quite right about this and it's driving me crazy..."

"Quite alright, but is there anything I can do to help?" Vontell offered.

"Hey... Yeah actually, if you can do me a favour? I need a fresh set of eyes. Can you look at this design and tell me what's off on my client?" Vyctor paused his painting to hand Vontell his design reference sheet, "It'd help a lot and I'd owe you one."

art by ghost

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 17:53:40 )
Vontell enters Vyc's Modz to talk to Vyctor.
Unfortunately, he seems to be busy with clients.
Helping Vyctor out might buy him some time to talk.

Compare the two images to spot the differences!
Please note, symmetrical changes count as one difference.
This is a group activity. Working together will help make it easier to find all the answers.
But feel free to work alone as well!
Make sure to put your answers under a spoiler to give others a chance to play.

Once all the correct answers have been found, and at least 15 people have attempted to answer,
the EI Jawbreaker will be added to Joyful Jamboree.

All participants in this thread will be granted a free Jawbreaker tomorrow at noon.
(Note: Participation includes any form of posting in this thread. Even if you don’t want to join in the game, show your support!)

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 17:54:12 )

Current Progress
Participants Playing: 14
Correct Answers: 23


Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 17:55:11 )

Vyctor peeled his gloves off his hands as the last happy customer walked out the door, giving a nod and a lazy smile to Vontell, "Cool, thanks for the help. So, what'd you come here for? Anything I can help with?"

"Actually, I was hoping we could have a talk about the incident at the Reaping Ritual exchange... Vivienne mentioned to me that she may have sighted you delivering the statue... Is that accurate?"

"Yeah I did actually. Virgil called me up and asked if I could deliver it for him. I can't turn him down, you know?" Vyctor grinned slightly as he rubbed the back of his neck, shrugging, "Guess he's been working on it for a while. I never got a look at it before everything went down though. He was very particular about not taking the sheet off of it."

Vontell frowned slightly as he heard this, "Ah, of course, so Virgil crafted the statue... Interesting... Did anything of note happen as you were transporting it?"

Pausing to think for a moment, Vyctor shook his head, "Not much... I was careful not to touch or jostle it too much, I promised Virgil I'd take good care of it after all. Oh..." Vyctor trailed off as his face contorted slightly, as if remembering something unpleasant.

"Yes?" Vontell leaned in, eyebrows furrowing in concern.

"Well, when I got backstage, it'd been cleared out, nobody was there. But whoever was back there left a hell of a mess, man... There was paint everywhere. It was bugging me a lot, so after I made sure the statue was safe I took the time to clean it up. I only really managed to scrub the floor before I got kicked out by security, though. Hope somebody else finished the job... I left the cleaning supplies there."

With a faint laugh, Vontell shook his head, "I'm sure there are more pressing matters, all things considered... You mention you saw security. Would you happen to know who was working?"

"Oh yeah, I guess the police department offered to volunteer for the event. It was uh... Officers JC, Milly, and Garry I think. Officer JC was the one that told me to head out."

Taking down notes in his book, Vontell nodded to the body mod artist, "That gives me quite a few leads to follow up on... Thank You Vyc, I appreciate you taking the time."

"No problem, just let me know if I can help with anything else, huh?"

• Found at the scene: Paint Supplies, a Bucket with a Bandage, and a Hairdryer with a Tangled Chord
• The letters "V F" were carved into the base of the statue
• Vanora was backstage (two witnesses confirm)
• Vivienne was backstage, and was with Treat
• Volkan was never out of anyone's sight
• The hairdryer belonged to Vivienne, and was not working correctly. Its chord was not tangled when she left it
• Vyctor delivered the statue and was backstage alone
• Virgil was the artist that created the statue
• Virgil specifically told Vyctor not to remove the sheet, so Vyctor never saw it
• Somebody left a mess backstage with paint, Vyctor cleaned it
• The Voltra Police Department was working security and kicked Vyctor out

In hopes of discovering what caused this tiff between Trick and Treat, I've taken it upon myself to investigate this mystery. I began by searching the backstage, where the statue had been stored prior to the exchange. My search yielded:

- Paint supplies
- A bucket with a bandage
- A hairdryer with a tangled chord
- The letters "V F" carved into the statue's base

Perhaps these are important clues... Or perhaps it is just rubbish left behind. We'll have to search further.

Questioning the mayor, who was closest to the scene, I discovered the following information:

- Mayor Volkan was busy all day and was never alone at any point
- The statue was being watched all the time it was backstage
- Vanora, Vivienne, and security were backstage, at least that Volkan knew of

Perhaps Vanora or Vivienne may be able to shed more light upon this situation...

My poor friend Vivienne appeared to be under a lot of distress when I visited her. It seems she was having some technical difficulties with her equipment. After I calmed her, we discussed her experience backstage:

- Her hairdryer stopped functioning properly when she was styling Treat's hair
- She was with Treat the entire time, the entered and left the backstage together
- She confirmed Vanora was there
- She mentioned that Vyctor was also there, and potentially delivered the statue

Vyctor was an ordeal to speak to, due to the large influx of customers he had been faced with. However, once they had cleared out our conversation yielded a surprising amount of leads and information:

- Virgil was the artist behind the statue, and has asked Vyctor to transport it for him
- Virgil was very clear that Vyctor was not to remove the sheet at any time, so Vyctor never saw it before the reveal on stage
- Vyctor had time alone backstage, as there was nobody around when he delivered the statue
- There was a mess of paint left by an unknown person, which Vyctor took the time to clean up
- Vyctor was eventually escorted out by the Voltra Police Department, who were acting as security for the event


You have unlocked the chance to vote for who Vontell interviews as a potential witness/suspect next!
To vote, simply ping Vontell with: @Vontell: I vote for [NPC name]
The NPC that receives the highest votes will be the thread unlocked tomorrow at 1 pm.

Suggested Witnesses:
Vanora. Reason: She was backstage where the statue was kept.
Virgil. Reason: He was the artist of the statue.
VPD. Reason: They were on security duty.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:06:11 )


Artist — Frog bless Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:17:09 )


Donator — ♥? Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:17:20 )


1. Eye make up
2. 3 dots above the eye
3. Right eye make up missing a line
4. Cheek has diamonds instead of circles
5. Nose has circle instead of heart White spots are purple on the right photo
2. Butterfly antennas are rounded instead of straight
3. Lipstick is a different colour
4.missing white spots in the wings bottom
5. Missing white spots in the wings top
6. Extra detail lines in the wings bottom
7. Less detail lines in the wings top
8. Shadow on neck

1.extra line detail on top left forehead
2. Extra dot in middle of forehead
3. Missing dot top left eyebrow
4. Extra white fur swoop thing on both eyes
5. Extra detail inner eye
6. Different nose shape
7. Extra dot on the mouth
8. Lips separate colour
9. White mouth shape different
10. Extra cheek line, above the others.

FC SW-5104-7051-7446

Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:19:48 )

- heart nose highlight vs circle highlight
-less eyelashes on right image
-diamonds instead of circles on the cheek
-two circles next to eye instead of three
-eyeshadow colors switched places


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:21:33 )

Omg, that was fun to solve. :3 I’m loving these visual puzzles!


Artist — Princess Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:23:50 )

@Vyctor: Hope this helps!


Always ping me please.

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:26:44 )

We just need like 10 more people to answer to unlock the item. x__x


Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:28:18 )

- Neck shadow is different
-Butterfly antennae are different shapes, symmetrical
-Top right wing has one less dot
-Top left wing has one less dot
-Line markings on the butterflies differ, symmetrical
-Dots on the top wing are a different color
-Bottom wings have one less dot each, symmetrical
-top left wing missing a line


Artist — Frog bless Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:28:41 )

Tsun I don't see your answers, did you mean to post them?

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:29:13 )

I edited them into my first post.


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Donator — thot Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:29:24 )



Artist — Frog bless Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:29:47 )

Oh i'm dumb then. I just hit the thing at the bottom when it updates. I gotta refresh the page.

Mallow Tumbleweed
My Sons

Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:30:00 )

@tsundererra: i love you. Your signature is so great.


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:30:36 )

1- dots @ left eye are different
2 - eye color alternates between images
3- number of eyelashes on right eye are different
4- dots/diamonds on cheeks
5 - nose highlight is different
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Donator — thot Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:30:37 )

My classmates are wowed at the art and they say the designs are pretty ;3


morosexual but there's no pride in that


Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/31 18:30:52 )

I love that Vyctor is a furry for Halloween.


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