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Forums Reaping Ritual 2019 Chapter One: The Investigation

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 17:27:48 )

Vontell simply didn't know how to process the events of the Reaping Ritual. All had been going well, the usual preparations had been in place, and then it was time for Trick and Treat to exchange their gifts. That had been the point at which all had gotten completely out of hand.

He glanced over at the menacing forms of Trick and Treat floating in the air that appeared to loom over the entirety of Voltra, accompanied by unnaturally darkened skies, with the odd bit of thunder or sparks. He noted that the grassy area closest to the stage was drained of color and life, and that the grey patch only seemed to be spreading further, if not slowly. The sight made his heart ache terribly. Vontell wondered what might happen if the immortal beings never stopped their feud - would Voltra become a wasteland no other realm dared to visit?

He sighed, and pushed his glasses up his nose. There had to be a way to stop it. With Trick and Treat both radiating ambivalent magic that threatened anyone foolish enough to attempt to get in their way, Vontell couldn't exactly go up to them. He saw Mayor Volkan standing right outside the perimeter of dangerous, trying to shout up to Trick and Treat, his attempt at peacekeeping unheard and unwanted.

How had this happened? Vontell wondered to himself, heading towards the backstage, where the gifts had been kept before the Ritual began. Perhaps there would be something there to help aid in his understanding of what had occurred.

art by ghost

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 17:29:17 )
Vontell is at the scene of the chaos, when the Reaping Ritual turns to disaster.
Wanting to figure out exactly what happened for Trick and Treat to feud.
He heads backstage where the gifts were kept to find clues.

You will be presented with a list of riddles, the answer to each will be a clue found on the scene!
This is a group activity. Working together will help make it easier to find all the answers.
But feel free to work alone as well!
Make sure to put your answers under a spoiler to give others a chance to play.

Once all the correct answers have been found, and at least 15 people have attempted to answer,
the EI Cool Mint will be added to Joyful Jamboree.

All participants in this thread will be granted a free Cool Mint tomorrow at noon.
(Note: Participation includes any form of posting in this thread. Even if you don’t want to join in the game, show your support!)

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 17:30:16 )

1. I started this city
I lead the shopkeepers
I was never alive
But you can still hear me

2. I handle water well,
As well as well water

3. I show up after you've been hurt
And protect you too late
When it's time for us to part
It'll hurt all over again

4. Fear begins with me
Belief dies when I arrive

5. They say I'm full of hot air,
And that I talk too loud,
But if you listen to what I say,
I will blow your mind

6. Hold me tightly in your hand,
We can make dreams into reality,
Capture memories forever,
Or even make a beautiful home,
All with a simple swish of my hair.

Current Progress
Participants Playing: 12
Correct Answers: 6

1. The Letter "V"
2. Bucket
3. Bandage
4. The Letter "F"
5. Hairdryer
6. Paintbrush

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 17:31:09 )

As Vontell perused the backstage area, he was surprised how many objects were strewn across the otherwise sparse floor. The first thing to catch his notice was a pile of painting supplies, such as paints and brushes. Nearby, he also spotted an abandoned hairdryer, left on the ground. Its long chord was left in thick tangles. The final object that drew Vontell's attention was a metal bucket that was lying on its side against the wall. As he examined it closer, he noticed somebody had plastered a bandage against its side.

Next to draw Vontell's attention was the offending statue itself. As he laid his eyes upon it, he muttered softly to himself, "It's almost understandable why poor Treat would take this as a mockery..." His eyes scanned over its ridiculous appearance, before sighing with a shake of his head, "However, I sincerely doubt this was Trick's intention... But then, how did it end up in this state? Was it by design? Error? Or perhaps tampering? It wouldn't be the first time the ritual has been interfered with..."

His musing was cut short as his eyes landed on the base of the statue. His interest was immediately piqued as he noticed two letters were carved into its base... "V F".

After snapping a few pictures of the crime scene, Vontell tapped his chin, "I suppose I should attempt to locate some witnesses who may have valuable information on what happened back here... But who should I contact first?"

• Found at the scene: Paint Supplies, a Bucket with a Bandage, and a Hairdryer with a Tangled Chord
• The letters "V F" were carved into the base of the statue

In hopes of discovering what caused this tiff between Trick and Treat, I've taken it on myself to investigate this mystery. I began by searching the backstage, where the statue had been stored prior to the exchange. My search yielded:

- Paint supplies
- A bucket with a bandage
- A hairdryer with a tangled chord
- The letters "V F" carved into the statue's base

Perhaps these are important clues... Or perhaps it is just rubbish left behind. We'll have to search further.


You have unlocked the chance to vote for who Vontell interviews as a potential witness/suspect next!
To vote, simply ping Vontell with: @Vontell: I vote for [NPC name]
The NPC that receives the highest votes will be the thread unlocked tomorrow at 12 noon.

Suggested Witnesses:
Mayor Volkan. Reason: He's currently standing near the scene.


Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:14:06 )

AW YESS, lets do some riddles!!

We’re on this vontell. We’ll help catch that culprit

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:21:13 )

Omg, my dumb butt thought all those riddles lead to one answer. xD Welp, let’s get solving so we can unlock more event items!


Donator — PomePome Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:33:35 )
i hope i may participate!

riddle 1.
is it energy?

riddle 5.
maybe a gun?

riddle 3.
is it scab or skin crust?

Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:33:56 )



Donator — PomePome Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:34:11 )
@Tsundererra: yes me too dear xDD
~Pls Ping me~
Nothing fancy to see here!!!

Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:36:49 )

A bandaid!

I hope that's right cos it was the only one I'm sure of.

Unless #4 is: me

Donator — FluffyBoi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:39:11 )
If only I wasn't a fail at riddles. xD
Lucifer's Pet

Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:44:21 )

the fun part of riddles is the process of elimination :3c

plus if we all work together i'm certain we'll get them all solved!

Artist — Frog bless Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:46:08 )

I have... almost all of them... guesses anyway. Still thinking about 5...

1. volts
2. bucket
3. bandaid
4. F
6. paintbrush


Mallow Tumbleweed
My Sons

Donator — She/Crazy Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:51:33 )

Here are my guesses

1 - volts
2 - a bucket
3 - A bandaid
4 - the letter F
5 - an idea
6 - a paintbrush


Questing: 15 items!

Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:53:37 )



Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 18:55:50 )

      1. volts
      2. A bucket or a pail
      3. Bandaid
      4. ??
      5. ?
      6. ??

      Still thinking!!

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 19:01:02 )

I'm really awful at riddles... so good luck, y'all!


Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 19:03:57 )

I want to post my support.

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!
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Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 19:04:04 )




The letter “F”

The mind? xD



Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/10/28 19:06:43 )



The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

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