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Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 21:14:09 )
Anyone else like to wander around through second hand/thrift stores?

Best finds? Weirdest ones?

I wandered into our local thrift store today and left with a pretty good haul of stuff. I bought some pants, a nice pair of boots, four (yes, I mean 4) jars of old buttons, a yarn embroidery cat picture in a nice frame, and a tiny white and gold porcelain chicken XD

Moderator Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 21:25:01 )

I once bough a dress for 5 euro. It was from a brand that costs around 90 euro for a new dress.

Donator — He/Him Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 21:30:25 )
no but I've been wanting to check some out. seems like it might be fun.

Ping me!


Donator — she, her Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 21:30:56 )
I love thrift shopping!

I found a painting by a painter my mom collected for two bucks.
Some lula roe leggings for 4.99
I always check out the art supplies too.
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Moderator Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 21:32:07 )

I bought 3 books not that long back for my mom from the triftstore.

Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 22:06:51 )

I love going to thrift shops (and consignment stores!) They are great. When I was a student I didn't want cheap throw away clothing but I couldn't afford much else. So I went to a ton of 2nd hand places. I felt like there were a lot of good ones in south florida (lots of rich people).
Here in CA you would think that they would be great and I did find some cool speakers once, but other than that I've found much better stuff on the east coast. idk why.
Last month when I was in DC for vacation I went to a few 2nd hand places and I got two beautiful dresses. One was a nice summertime one and the other I'm going to wear for a wedding in the UK in Oct.


Donator — Whatever Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 23:28:39 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

Thrift shops around here are mostly walmart quality things, or extremely worn to where if it were up to me they would've been recycled, not put up for sale cuz they look like they'll rip an hour after purchase

Antiquing, on the other hand...not any local ones but boy oh boy if I find something I like
Also auctions are fun in that aspect too, there's a nearby one that's hit or miss but there's always something interesting there

Put ya guns awn!


Voltie — they/he Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/13 23:38:25 )
it takes me some self control NOT to buy the weird stuff i find in thrift stores. i once found a wooden, horse-shaped sign, painted black with the word "Blacksmithing" on it, and i took it home and put it up on my wall

Donator — Frog bless Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/14 00:20:40 )

I go thrifting at least once a quarter. I usually hit up 3-5 stores per trip and just have a good time. Most of my work clothes and shoes come from there. It's great because it's not only cheap, but I know it will hold up in the wash (even if it says dry clean only) since they all just get tossed in the washer before going out on the floor. I also scope out things I can convert for cosplay.

Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/14 03:22:20 )

@Priestess of Pie: I also get a lot of my work clothes at consignment or thrift stores


Donator — Frog bless Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/14 03:54:52 )

It just doesn't make sense to pay $30+ when I can get it for $5

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Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/14 04:02:57 )

@Priestess of Pie: Exactly. I've even gotten dresses worth hundreds of dollars for like $30, $60, etc


Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/14 05:50:21 )
I love thrift stores and consignment shopping! I'm really cheap. I hardly ever buy clothes full price.

I recently went to a store that gets all of the stuff that other stores can't sell? I really don't know how it works, but I saw these camping chairs that were at Target all summer that I did not want to spend $20 on and bought them for $6. They are pineapple shaped and I love them so much. xD

The store was full of just random stuff. It had a table where you could test all of the electronics and there are signs everywhere telling you to make sure of your purchases because everything was sold as is. It was amazing.

@lithium: If you like the leggings, there's a group I buy from on facebook that sells them for $0.99 and $4 shipping. I buy LuLaRoe dresses, skirts, and shirts from the same group too. I go on the group and shop their sonlet shop links.
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Donator — Fluffywuff Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/14 12:44:53 )
Thrift shopping is awesome. I go every two months or so.
We do not have a ton of places to go, but I usually find at least one thing. :3


Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/15 00:39:44 )

@Mousy: tell us how to get the best deals. lol


Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/15 00:40:00 )

@Kozi: how many places are near you?


Donator — Fluffywuff Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/15 07:18:10 )
@Totalanimefan: One big store, and a couple of to y consignment stores. I don’t go into the tiny ones much, though.


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Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2019/09/15 07:51:08 )

@Kozi: Take me to them! I wish that we had a lot around here.

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