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Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago

Welcome to my quest thread!~ Here you will find things I'm questing for, the things I've acquired, and donations.


Crate Items

Melon Cutie
Wondrous Wisteria x1
Raver x3
Splish Splash x3
Faerie Queen x3
Untamed x2
Woodland Fae x1
Virtuous Guard x1

Bearboozled x3
Spring Showers x3
Rainbow Mesh x3
Midsummer Night's King x1
Zaz La x3
Xogud Split x3
Engile x3
Scarecrow x2
Styr x3
Encore x3
Keep Warm x2
Floral Empress x3
Strawberry Delight x3
The Messenger x3
Librarian x3

Angelic x2
Demonic x3
Sweet Cakes x2
Alice x2
Autumnal Spruce x1

Event Items

Nightwalker Tied Jacket
Nightwalker Tank
Nightwalker Bat
Skullie Background
Twin's Spells
Flower Garden x1
Queen of Hearts x2
Crybaby x1
Violet's Curls
Violet's Dress
Virgil's Jacket
Braids Soft and Silky

Devil Imp
Angel Imp
Missing Spell Book
Candy Corn Witch (Full Set)
Reaper (Full Set)

Misc Items

Heart Bubble
Papa's Lil Angel
Easter 2k18
Easter 2k19

Orb Items

Alicorn x2
Hopper x3
Skunk Punk x3
Showstopper x3
Serene Royalty x3
Porcelain Doll x3
Music Box Ballerina x3
Sticky Fingers x3
Too Hot x3
Little Piggies x3
Cursed Prince x3
Lethal Dose x3
The Bayou x2
Soulcaster x3
Yes, Dark Master x3

Dual-Toned Edgy Ponytail
Dual-Toned Dolly Hair
Dual-Toned Knight's Bangs
Snuggle Bunny x2
Ombre Short Wave
Ombre Back Ponytail
Tri-Color Dreads
Festively Fab
Unique Long Braids

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago

Little Crane
Oracle x3

Braids Soft and Silky, Twin's Spells, Easter 2k19, Violet's Curls, Violet's Dress, Virgil's Jacket, Keep Warm

Cheshire, Crybaby, Flower Garden, Angel Imp, Devil Imp, Candy Corn Witch Set, Reaper Set

October Crate 2k17 (Angelic)

Nightwalker Set, Easter 2k18, Skullie Background, Missing Spell Book, Papa’s Lil Angel

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
Items Bought/Traded

Traded Rose Princess+Melon Cutie for Toybox+Wondrous Wisteria

Bought Sweetcakes for 15k Volts

Bought Alice for 23k Volts

Bought Wondrous Wisteria for 6k Volts

Bought Autumnal Spruce x2 - 9k and 10k Volts

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
This thread is officially open~

Artist — Fluffywuff Posted 3 months ago
@Laufeia: Wow, that's a pretty impressive list! :3 Which items are you most excited to find?
I saw you had Melon Cutie on there, but you seem to have acquired those. XD

Salvami, Salvami
e portami via da qui
nei tuoi sogni fantastici
dove volano ancora gli angeli
E non aver paura mai
Io resto qui a difenderti
dove non esistono gli angeli

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
@Kozi: lol it took me a while xD.. I actually need 1 more melon cutie to get the full melon look...just couldn't buy it rn >_<

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
@Kozi: And I would really like my hands on the Alice set. It's so dang cute. The Librarian and Strawberry Delight are also up there too.
I love all the art

Voltie — The Judge Posted 3 months ago
Check your trades, mortal.

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
@Yue: thank you, my queen. You're very kind.

Artist — She/her Posted 3 months ago
Eats watermelons also : D
Im selling art RLC. Message me for more info

Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago

@Laufeia: I have some of the items you are in need of. I'll send them over.

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
@Kairu: aww you’re so cute :3 watermelon GANG *nom nom*

@Totalanimefan: TY you sweet WOMAN

Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago

@Laufeia: you’re welcome! I hope you enjoy them.

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago

Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago

@Laufeia: how’s your day today?

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
@Totalanimefan: oh it’s going alright. Getting pizza for dinner so that’ll make it 100x better how’ve you been?

Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago

@Laufeia: That sounds amazing. I had pizza for lunch and it was great!
I've been a bit tired. There is lots going on in life and I just want a big nap.

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
@Totalanimefan: hard SAME. I'm always tired though lmao. Mmhm, good old cheese pizza, the BEST pizza. And I LOVE your new avatar. You look like Ariel

Donator — She/her Posted 3 months ago

@Laufeia: Aw thank you are you so sweet! When I saw your watermelon avatar, I just knew that I had to make a new one. ^_^

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator — Baby Posted 3 months ago
@Totalanimefan: heh...I can't resist cute things, it's my weakness.
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