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Donator — Artist Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2024/02/4 12:01:19 )
What are your thoughts with relational communication, and your experiences with it? Good or negative can go here, as I’m posting it in serious talk. I understand everyone has their own opinions / expression, yet I know one can feel very distressed and overwhelmed when already drowning in a terrifying crowded space. Please just speak the best you can from where you are at right now.

This thread is for me and others to remember they are not alone. I am fighting the best I can to finish coordinating my trauma ( which was actually my whole life rushing towards me I felt I was going to die ), and have plans to see my psychologist soon.

I also, like any community I am in, have viewed Voltra as a place I can just relax and call home — so it makes sense to write this ; anxiety and terror for a long length of time can affect one’s brain to the point of severe fracture.
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Donator — Medical Biller Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2024/02/6 04:56:25 )
Hola @Jessamine: , can you please explain what is relational communication? Is that the same as relationship communication? If, so are you asking relationship communication dealing with family, partners, friends, or coworkers?

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Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 1 week ago ( 2024/02/13 14:02:21 )
@Jessamine: Hey there, I appreciate this thread and the words you've shared! If I'm interpreting them correctly I think I have some reflections to contribute.

For a long time I had the impression of myself that I am a good communicator, that I could understand my feelings well and explain their nuances. While I still feel this is true in many ways and that I am good at analyzing and objectively discussing my emotions, I think I've learned this comes at a cost of sometimes talking about emotions without emotion if that makes sense. In my current romantic relationship, communication is a very big struggle and much of that seems due to both my ADHD and wordiness, paired with my partner's CPTSD from extensive childhood trauma. We are also both at challenging points of our lives. It's so true how prolonged stress and anxiety can weigh heavily on the brain, and I think prioritizing good communication in one's support system can help mitigate those factors, but it is by no means as easily done as it is said.

Do you have any specific circumstances in your life at present that you'd like to share which have you thinking about relational communication? And I hope that if you've been able to see your psychologist since posting, it has been helpful

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