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Donator — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 01:33:30 )
Decided to open up a shop after all for warm ups and such or even make a little money.

Even being an artist and as long as I've been messing around in avatar forum communities, I never really had the knack for making fancy layouts for thread posts so sorry for the bare bones look lol

I'm open to drawing most anything and don't really have any restrictions.

Also, I'm just spit balling prices rn so like, dunno if its too much or too little ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I'm thinking 10k? volts or $15 for a sketch bust (b&w or monochrome color) and 30k volts? or $45 for inked and colored

Sketch Examples

Inked & Colored Examples

I'll full bodies inked and colored for like 100k volts? or $90


I guess I'll do 3 slots for now?

I am also open to doing art trades as well

Donator — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 01:33:39 )

Donator — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 01:33:47 )
Finished Comms

Donator — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 01:35:39 )
one more reserve for future possibilites?

Donator — she/they/him Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 04:35:10 )

ooh such a cute style!
will def be commissioning
you at some point~


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Donator — Medical Biller Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 06:14:37 )
Hi @Redgrave: how are you? I would like to have a sketch bust for an oldish Avi Character of mine:
Please let me know when to sent trade. I'm going to bed now.


Donator — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 07:48:38 )
@justice: thanks and I look forward to doodling for ya ^^

@qiqi agatha: Ello, I'm doing okay rn thanks for asking. May your dreams be sweet.
And I can deffo draw that for ya. B&W or Monochrome color? An feel free to send over the trade whenever and I'll get started

Donator — He/They Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/23 20:42:01 )
(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)ノ Hello there

@Redgrave: Could i have an inked and colord bust please? :^0

as for my character i was wondering if you could draw Gwilym
Some info on him: Id like it of you drew him without his mask. His skin is dark grey with purple blush. Hes half tiefling and half dragonborn, His face is mostly humanoid but he has big elf-like ears that have cuts in em. His Pupils are white but his irises are dark brown almost black. A prominent feature is his bottom lashes. He has 2 scars going across his lips. His personality is mainly grumpy and sassy. I know its quite some info but i thought it might help ;w;

。.:☆*:・ヽ(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)

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Donator — Medical Biller Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/24 04:39:13 )
No problem @Redgrave: and thank you. I would like to have my doodle to be in B&W, please. Trade has been sent
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/03/25 17:58:34 )
@Redgrave: Oh wow your art is amazing!! so colorful and crispppppp

could i get two inked/colored busts? 🤩

of this guy
and this guy

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.