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Forums Role Playing A Desolate Village (Kory x Rei Ann)

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:48:24 )

• ↣ A Desolate Village ↢ •

In a land blessed by the gods, Assos, was once an abundant village well on it's way to being a city state. As the village grew, villagers became afraid that their blessings would bring them the wraith of the gods if they didn't soon provide proper tribute. It was that fateful moment, that brought the Temple of Aristide into creation. Upon completion of the temple, the priests insisted that the surrounding forest land was now the property of the god, and no human was allowed to hunt or take food from it.

It was that declaration that brought doom to the once proud village. With such a large swatch of protected land, the natural food sources soon dried up for the people. The village now on the verge of dying out, has taken the drastic measures of marrying off their children and sending them to far away villages. However not every young adult was so eager to leave their home, some foolishly hoped this village could be saved. While others like Dorothea, blamed the gods for their selfishness and would no longer be bound by their foolish demands.

• ↣ The Gods ↢ •

Zeus - King of the Gods, God of Sky, Lighting, Thunder, Law, Order and Justice (Aristide's Dad)
Hera - Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage, Women, childbirth and family.
Acraea - Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, virginity, the moon, archery, childbirth(idk), protection and plague. (Aristide's twin sis)
Dionysus - God of wine, the grape vine, fertility, festivity, ecstasy, madness and resurrection. Patron god of the art of theatre. (he's the party god)
Hades - God of the dead, king of the underworld. Also god of wealth.
Amarus - God of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. He has arrows that can make a person fall in love with someone, but also make a person feel aversion and desire to flee from someone.
Thais - Goddess of love, pleasure, procreation, fertility, beauty and desire.

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 04:50:20 )

⊱ — Eighteen
⊱ — Unmarried female village
⊱ — Stubborn, Compassionate, Driven, Skeptic
⊱ — Able to use a bow and arrow, not an expert. Good at home making skills, such as sewing, cooking and running a house hold. Able to handle basic farming chores.


Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 05:17:49 )


>Centuries old, exact age is unknown
>God of Sun, Hunting and Prosperity
>Boastful, Proud and Self Centered
>Although he's generally unlikeable by even his fellow Gods, he has a skill for music that most people seem to enjoy.


Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 17:54:15 )

Dorothea had never asked for this. This life she was given and forced to endure was nothing more than curse. Born with fiery locks, and eyes the color of dirt and symmetrical face, seemed to be enough for the men of the village to insist she was a beauty. It didn't help that her figure during girlhood had blossomed, as her mother put it. With her looks and her "talent" in of running a home, she had many men clamoring for her hand in marriage. What made her situation worse was the fact, that as her parents only child and girl she couldn't inherit their land and so many men sought her out, like flies searching for food, for a chance at receiving her parents wealth.

From the moment she had her first monthly, at the mere age of 14, many men had tired to convince her parents to arrange a marriage. By some small miracle her parents had insisted on waiting until she was 18 to wed, which some had considered late. That was until the despair had come to their village. After the temple had been built for Aristide, the very priests who had come to the village demanding said temple be built, had also demanded all of the hunting lands be given to the temple in Aristide's honor. With all the land given to the temple, the village no longer had a viable food source, instead they were left with a few measly farms. When it became obvious to her parents, when she was 16, that the village was in decline they started attempting to marry off their beloved child.

Dorothea had spent the last two years resisting her parents attempts at making a match for her. As food was harder to get, her looks were starting to decline as she was no longer well fed and constantly toiling over small patch of crops her family had. While she may have been less of a beauty, her skills could have gotten her a husband, if she didn't start to play the roll of a bumbling fool. Her parents were annoyed to no end, as she kept finding ways to chase of suitors.

Which brought her to today, she had spent the last two years managing to avoid marriage but now that she was 18 and people in the village were starting to die, her parents were getting pushier. Which why was she was now arguing with her parents during their meager breakfast of oak acorns.
"I'm not going to let you marry me off, just so you both can feel at peace and give up and die here. I'm telling you there is another option. I don't care about filial duty, if it means you die, because some so called priest can just claim all the village land!."

She had to resist the urge to make an annoyed face when her parents gasped at her blasphemous talk. She had to resist the urge to scream at them, that if the so called gods were real, they wouldn't let their own priests go around basically murder a village to enrich themselves. If they were real, then by now they would have intervene and saved the village as countless people including her parents had been making offerings to any god would might listen. Yet not help had come, no miracles, just more death and despair. So while she once had followed the customs of her people, it was the said customs that brought each one of them closer to the brink of death, and Dorothea was done with all the nonsense and lies.

Just because some guy claim, he was sent here by a god, all the villagers had decided to give him whatever he asked. Dorothea was sure, if her village was more like Sparta or Athens no priest would have tried such tactics. Did anyone here even have proof, that the gods existed. All anyone had was stories, myths and fables meant to keep a person in line. Like a Sparta marches off the battle, Dorothea was ready to fight a battle all her own.
Throwing her hands up in annoyance, she left her parents at the house. "Don't worry, I'll just go do what is needed!."

Leaving her parents with that vague promise, and making sure to grab her small bow and arrows she left on her mission. She knew her parents were getting closer each day to death. Which meant it was only a matter of time before they sent her off to some elder man, to be the second wife, and the horse he would "tame". So she had to move swiftly to the village, to the edge of the "protected" forest. Today was the day she was no longer go to play by the so called "rules". She would be going and hunt in the forest has her ancestors had done for years, and she would be bringing home some food.

It wasn't hard to slip into the woods undetected. Most villagers were either already gone, or on the verge of death to pay her any mind. While the temple folk, were all inside the temple enjoying the wealth of her people. The real challenge wouldn't be pissing off some so called god, it would be hunting. As a woman, she was only allowed to use the bow, and even that was only during times of war when all men were off in the battlefield. So for a well seasoned warrior it wouldn't take long for her to find a simple deer. For her it took well a few hours, as well as avoid or flat out running from a few wild boar.

When she finally spotted her prey, and had her bow loaded and aim, it had she didn't hesitate to fire of the arrow. As the arrow pierced the flesh of deer, she didn't pause to care about the gods. All she cared about what that finally her family would have enough food, and that this was something she could start doing to help the other villagers. No one would ask her where the food came from, as long they were fed, what would it matter. Now all she had to was get the deer to the village and start the stripping of the fur and meat. Nothing surely would her prevent her from that...

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 20:18:56 )
The Gods were all the same. Benevolent, kind, caring. But not Aristide. Sure, he was certainly the God of Prosperity and Sun, but he was still a youth and still had a boastful nature that caused him to be laid back and some could even say lazy... His mother and father had arranged to give Aristide more responsibility as a God, having gotten tired of him lounging around the heavens all day, playing music by himself and making enemies with other Gods and Goddesses. Aristide knew how to use his beauty to his advantage, always finding a new woman to take to bed, but never committing to her. This had upset many of the Goddesses, not to mention the other Gods, who were jealous of Aristide. They often took his rather effeminate looks to mean that he could not defend himself in a fight, but no one should take his hunting and fighting skills lightly. This caused a rift in many of his relationships with the other Gods, leaving him alone most of the time.

His parents wanted to teach Aristide responsibility and thus had sent a messenger down to Assos to have a temple built to Aristide. This would be his new job; overseeing the land that his temple stood upon and doing his best to care for the people in the land. The point was to instill faith in the Gods once again, as Assos was a thriving community although Godless at the time. Aristide's job was to help the village prosper even without the villagers being able to hunt for their own food... It all seemed good and well on parchment, but Aristide was not ready to take on such a task.

Instead, he simply sat back and watched from a distance as the village slowly went hungry from lack of food. He'd forgotten on several days and through several seasons to send rain, so their crops were drying up quickly. He'd also not really given much thought or care to what the villagers would eat if not meat that they hunted, so he didn't send wildlife out from the around the temple. the only thing on Aristide's mind was being a lonely youth that played music and lounged around the heavens all day. To be fair, he'd never asked to be born a God. If anything, he found himself getting jealous of the humans, especially the young shepherd boys who'd sit and watch their sheep, not a care in the world, playing their music and being unbothered by the busyness of life. His mother and father were constantly scolding him for his lack of respect to the other Gods and his lack of propriety in his own life. But at the end fo the day, Aristide did not want to be a God....

His parents were furious when they realized that Aristide had let the village of Assos fall into ruin. So they had decided to sent Aristide down himself to peer upon the land that he was graced with protecting and nurturing, in hopes that this would inspire him to be a better and more caring God. Aristide groaned, "No one ever asks me what I want!" he yelled at his mother and father. The two of them glared at him, speaking fast and angrily....

"As a God, you should care about others!" His mother yelled back, "NOT yourself! This is exactly why you are going to Assos and you're going to make things right!" Aristide scoffed. If he had no choice, he would, indeed go down to Assos and observe, but he wasn't going to do anything about the mess the village was in, even though he knew he had caused it. He would just go down, look around and then leave without making so much as any small changes. He didn't care if it infuriated his parents, he wasn't going to waste his time with some worthless humans. Begrudgingly, Aristide ascended down into Assos, keeping himself near his temple because he didn't want to wander too far and be overwhelmed with the humans...

He saw the "holy priests" in the temple, "worshipping" him. Though he had to admit, it did feel nice knowing that even though the humans were struggling, some still found the time to worship him and offer their wealth in his honor. He smiled wickedly, this was something the other Gods didn't have yet, so he felt proud that he had made such a huge impact on these humans even though he had neglected them so... He decided not to go into his temple, but instead wandered off into the forest. He didn't plan to do any actual work like his mother and father had expected of him. Instead, he'd just sit in the woods and play his harp for a while... Ah, maybe this would be what it felt like to be a human. He found himself growing a little saddened by his life thus far. He wished he could be like he humans and not have to worry about anyone else but himself, but instead he was born a God, having a purpose of caring for others. Something that Aristide was not good at doing...

He leaned back against a tree and brushed his long, blond hair away from his face. His bright blue eyes matched the brightness of a blue sky and they pierced through the shadows of the woods as he checked to make sure that no one was hunting there. He smiled when he couldn't feel anything stirring and decided to play his harp for a while... He could play for hours if granted the time. He could probably even play for days, weeks... years. He was a God after all, he had no need for food or any other sort of worldly bodily needs. Maybe this wasn't so bad after al-

He could feel the pain of a wild animal having lost its life. The pain jolted him from his pleasant trance of music and he was beginning to sweat. That was a curse of his Godly nature, because he was the God of hunting and prosperity he was very connected with the nature and wildlife on Earth. If anything was hurt or killed incorrectly, he'd feel it. There was a specific way that the hunters were meant to kill to please the Gods, true hunters should know this. The pain was brief, but enough to raise a rouse in Aristide and he shoved his harp under his arm and walked off towards his temple, angered to learn that someone was disobeying the order of his temple and was hunting on his holy grounds.

He followed a trail of blood and the sense of sorrow that lingered within him at the loss of sacred life. He'd never felt this way about anything on Earth before and it was foreign to him, but in his defense, he didn't often visit Earth. When he saw the silhouette of a person dragging a deer carcass through the woods and passed his temple, he grew furious. His voice boomed through the shadows and he called to them,

"What do you think you're doing?!" He growled. "You DARE betray the God of your land?!" He moved quickly and reached out to violently turn the person to face him, but when he did, he was shocked by what he saw... It was a woman. A human woman, true, but a woman nonetheless. She was... beautiful. He stared at her for a moment, then backed away slowly. He couldn't forget what his resolve was, he was here to punish her. But maybe he could find some... pleasure in this for himself as well? "What have you done?" He wasn't really asking her so much as simply making a statement as he saw the deer's lifeless body being carrying by her. He knew that the humans were afraid of him, so he towered over her and decided to threaten her to intimidate her. "You'll be punished greatly for this act of disobedience!"

He watched her carefully and began to slowly circle her, like a hawk stalking its prey before diving in for the kill... "Plead your forgiveness, and I might spare you." He couldn't help but let out a gentle chuckle, he knew that she'd be begging for forgiveness soon enough. Maybe he'd even have some fun with her and then move on to the next phase of his responsibility. It wasn't exactly uncommon for the Gods to lay with humans every now and then, but he could definitely brag about it to his divine friends... Or, the few that he did manage to keep. Aristide was still young, despite being centuries old... He'd enjoy the chance to lay with a human if he could take it. He moved to her and gently pushed her shoulder in an attempt to intimidate her again, "Go on..." He said, "Beg for forgiveness... and I just might spare you my wrath."

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 21:14:53 )
It had all seemed to be going well for Dorothea. She had manage to kill a deer, and even had enough strength to start her journey of carrying the animal back. She could just imagine the meal her family would have tonight. Sure she'd have to lie, and claim that she spotted the deer out of the forest, but as long as they didn't know what harm would it do. Plus she knew her family would take something for the beast and offer it to the gods. What mattered at the end of the day was surviving and if she had to lie to make it happened who cared. It wasn't like she had murdered someone and ate the victim's flesh. Which was a crime becoming more frequent at the town got more desperate.

All celebration she might have had was cut short by someone screaming at her. As the person screamed at her about her daring to betray the land of her god, she just knew that some stupid priest had found her. Before she could respond to man yelling at her someone had violently turned her. She stumbled a bit, and lost her grip on the deed. She shot a dark glare at the man. He was attractive, and friends she once had would have said he would make a fine husband. Someone more poetic would write about a man like him,, but Dorothea had no time to care about that. As he shouted at her demanding to know what she done she couldn't help but remark "Do your eyes not work?"

When he moved so that he was towering over her and threaten to punish her she laughed almost sounding manic. "You'll punish me? I'm already on the verge of death, you and your fellow acolytes have made sure of that, haven't you" Her voice was filed with hatred and venom. Her eyes scanned over him, there wasn't a single sign of sickness or lack of food. Seeing him further proved that the temple was just taking advantage of her people. He didn't look like he wanted for anything, especially judging by her ego. He would never know the thirst and hunger she carried every day.

As he walked around her circling her, Dorothea recognized that look in his eye. The look so many men wore around her. The look of a man who thinks he can just have his way with her, because he thinks he has her trapped. But in reality Dorothea may look a pretty a rose, but her thorns are sharper. "HA! You might spare me? Listen here little priest, acting like you are some god won't work. " She threw her head back and laughed. "Haven't you realized by now, they don't exist, if they did they'd have to be pretty callous to let a village die like this and resort to cannibalism."

When he pushed her again and demand that she go ahead and beg she was tempted to draw her bow on him. Though with how well fed he looked, there was no way she could take him down. She had used nearly all her strength to kill the deer."Beg!?! Highly Unlikely You aren't even the head priest. I am not going to beg, because I didn't do anything wrong. It's one deer, and my family is on the verge of death, because of you" She hadn't realized that she was talking to the very god who had caused all the misfortunate to her home. All she knew was that he was annoying her and probably expected her to offer her body to beg forgiveness.

She felt that there was no more reason to stay her and listen to him shout. It would take him time to gather the rest of temple and clearly he had no idea who she was. There was nothing stopping her from taking the deer and leaving. He didn't appear to be carrying a weapon. "I'll be leaving, I hope I never have the misfortunate of seeing your pious face again." With that last insult out she bent down to pick of the deer once more.

See this was proof there was no such things as gods. A god wouldn't just shout at her to beg for forgiveness. He just smite her. Plus in some off chance that she was wrong, and the gods do exist than Aristide had to be the worst god of them all. He let an entire region fall into despair and didn't spare the glance. So if he was real he wouldn't show up to yell at some mortal over a deer.

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 21:52:40 )
It stung Aristide to his core to hear such disbelief coming from the very humans he was sent to look after... Had he really let them down THAT much? To the point where now they were doubting that Gods even existed? His parents would not at all be pleased to hear of that. He snarled at her, not liking her tone. It was apparent she didn't even realize that she was talking to the God to which they'd erected the temple for to begin with. He wouldn't tolerate such insolence, especially not on his own land... Er, rather, land that was saved just for him. He reached out and roughly grabbed her arm, piercing her gaze with his, another intimidation tactic.

"You aren't going anywhere." He thought about it, should he really reveal himself to be Aristide now? Yes. Yes it would. For Aristide didn't really care if he was supposed to keep a certain ere about him that made him likable and beloved by the humans. This one had disobeyed the law, she had to know that he wasn't just going to sit back and let it happen. Especially when she talked to him like that. He calculated the ways he could annoy her and make her realize who he was. It didn't need to be something elaborate. Humans were pretty dense, something rather minor would prove his divine nature and soon she'd be on her knees, worshipping him like all humans were supposed to and he could return to his mother and father with pride that the humans are still worshipping him, even though he'd abandoned them and left them to die...

With his free hand he reached across her and laid a palm on the carcass of the deer, to which, he breathed life into it once more. He wasn't the God of life, rather the God of sun, prosperity and hunting. But every living thing in the village of Assos was his to claim, and if he wanted something alive, it would be so. If he wanted something dead, it would be so. He breathed new life into the deer and watched as it kicked against the woman's grip. "You clearly have no idea who you're talking to. Your lack of respect for me will cost your dear little village greatly." He didn't think this through, but he decided to hide the bright sun and moon behind a thick blanket of clouds and that flooded the village in shadows and cold, dreary darkness.

Being a God, he glowed a little in the shadows and felt none of the chill that blew through the air as the village was covered in darkness. It was a darkness that one could feel, but Aristide was completely immune to its effects. "Insolent child. Not only do you not have respect for me, you have no respect for nature." He pushed her roughly again, "I won't repeat myself again... You'd better beg for forgiveness." He wasn't going to leave without her complete devotion. He'd make sure that every villager suffered if she didn't bow down to him. But maybe... maybe there was another way to get her to worship him? She was certainly beautiful and would make a lovely addition to his collection of fine things. And maybe taking her out of this earthly world would not only grant him some fun, but would also take away a possible thorn in his side. If she were to return to her village, she might spread the word that their God, Aristide had abandoned them and neglected them, leading to an uprising. He was more powerful than any village of man, but still... an entire village falling into lawlessness and chaos would certainly upset his parents even more.

He didn't know much about the idea of personal space, he had free roam of the heavens as a child all the way into his early adulthood years. He quickly reached out and grabbed her chin, moving his face closer and closer to hers. "You... You are rather fetching." He purred, it wasn't in an attempt to seduce her. If anything, the humans were the ones who should be doing the seducing. Aristides simply commanded and it was done. "What is it that you really want?" He tightened his grip a little, "I can offer you an escape from this place. No more starving... You'll have plenty of food... And freedom." What was the catch? Well, it was coming... "You'll be well taken care of. That is, if you take care of me." He chuckled, not skirting around what he wanted at all.

He usually relied on his charming voice and beauty to get women to do what he asked. But this was a human he was talking to, not a dim-witted spoiled Goddess who wanted nothing more than to be the center of Aristide's affection. He didn't think it through and his lack of experience on earth and with humans seemed to be failing him greatly....

Donator — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/22 23:26:24 )
Dorothea didn't get far before he reached out and roughly grabbed her arm. The ow escaped her lip before she had a change to respond. His grip on her arm was quite hard, and with her lack of food, and her demised sized his grip hurt way more than she expected. Though if he thought his gaze was intimidating, he had another thing coming. If anything to her, it felt like he was throwing a fit that she didn't beg like he wanted. When he said she wasn't going anywhere she had been about to tell him that he couldn't stop her. Well that had been the plan until he brought the deer back to life. With the deer kicking at her now, she had dropped her grip on the animal. She watched round dumbfoundedly as the animal ran off into the forest away from the two of them.

Before she could register what he was doing, as she was still in shock that the "priest" she was yelling at was actually a god, he had blanketed her village in shadows and darkness. Oh now she was pissed. First he takes away all the hunting land, then he allowed famine and drought to come to the land. He turned a blind eye as people started murdering one another over food. He ignored the despair of mothers smothering their babies and small children, because there wasn't enough food. He didn't intervene when people resorted to eating other humans. No what brought him down to mortal realm, was the death of a deer. Not the countless lives ruined because of him. "You do realize, if you destroy my village, there won't be left anyone to worship you or give you offerings?"

As the land was covered in darkness the temperature had dropped enough, that Dorothea was now shivering. She could only even see, because he glowed in the darkness. When he shoved her once more, she stumbled slightly and almost fell backward but had managed to catch herself. She glared at him, as he shouted that she beg for forgiveness. If she managed to keep her life after this encounter, she would certainly have bruises to tell the tale. "I don't beg monsters for forgiveness." She spat out at him. Oh yeah.. living after this, was for sure off the table with an arrogant foolish god like him. But if she was going to die, might as well tell the fool Aristide, what an utter failure he had been. How he was the very reason, she hated all the gods.

Before she could tell him what she really thought he had reached out and grabbed her chin and pulled her face closely. She rolled his eyes when he called her fetching. Was this an attempt to seduce her? She heard better from men her parents wanted to her to marry and that didn't sway her. What would be next, the threat on her life or the offer a bribe? She winced when his gripped tightened, oh that would bruise latter. As he rambled on proclaiming he could offer her everything, if only she serviced him she couldn't help but look outrage and then disgusted. He must be dim-witted to think that the offer to be the lover of a god, must be an honor. Yet any more dumb enough to sleep with a god didn't really last long. There was also a jealous goddess or being ready to dispatch with the human. Even if he wasn't such a terrible person, she wouldn't consider his offer. She rather have liver plucked out by a eagle, while alive.

She knew he was waiting for a response. Was he expecting her to flutter her lashes, say something along the lines, as someone as unworthy couldn't dare to spend a night while someone as glorious as him. Well he was in for a rude awakening. She sucked in a breath, and with all her might spat into his face. When he let go her chin after she spit on him, she stomped on his foot, before slamming her fist into his face."You arrogant worthless god. As if I would lower myself to be with someone like you. I'd rather die a thousand times, then spend one night with the all might being who turns a blind eye as Mothers are forced to kill there babies because of his own incompetence. "

She shook out the fist she hit him with. She swore she heard some crack, consider how hard his skin as felt, she may have broken something. What did it matter though, she'd be dead after this right? " You think just because you are a god, you can slaughter an entire village. Do you enjoy watching us pitiful mortal kill and eat each other? If that what the oh might god of sun does for his kicks? Do you take pleasure from the cries and pleas of people begging for you to return your blessing to the world? They say monsters like the Hydra roam the land, and kill without discrimination, that only gods can save us from the horrors of the world, but it turns out that irresponsible god is the horror of the world"

Donator — They/Them Posted 10 months ago ( 2021/08/23 00:25:09 )
Aristide scoffed when the woman had said that there'd be no one left to worship him if he destroyed the village. He really could not be bothered with it. The only thing holding him back from just letting the village rot and waste completely away was that his parents were pressuring him to be a better God. Something he had no interest in doing... They probably wouldn't care if the entire village did waste away, it was a small village after all. The higher ups had more people to worry about, probably that was the reason why they left Aristide in charge of the small village to begin with. If it were a complete loss, they wouldn't miss the village much.

"I don't care about you mortals and your offerings. If I did, I'd have given you food and comfort." Monsters... Was that truly the way she saw him? As a monster? It did hurt his pride and ego to hear such a lovely lady spit such cruel insults at him. He wasn't used to being talked to in that manner, he was used to Goddesses, beautiful and divine, flocking to his feet, begging for his attention. And he was used to giving it to them momentarily and then leaving them. They survived, led good lives afterwards.. even if he did break their hearts. This woman would be a challenge. He was beginning to wonder if she'd be worth the trouble. All he wanted was some fun, she wasn't worth the chase after all... Or was she? This was certainly different. Aristide never had a woman raise their voice at him before, or tell him things truthfully like that.

He almost considered sparing her life just so that he could continue to use her for his entertainment, that was, until she spat on him... And stomped on his foot. He had very little to no reaction. His durability made him feel absolutely no pain or discomfort. But he saw the way she shook her fist and realized that his durable body had clearly an effect on her. He snarled at her, this woman... This wretched snake would pay dearly for this disrespect. He felt his face start to glow red with anger and he opened his mouth to release a whirlwind of storms and plagues, but before he could utter a word, she continued to speak...

She asked him if he got his kicks from watching the village slowly perish. To see the villagers pray to him and asking him to return and grant them blessings for their hard work. It struck a chord in him and the wrath that he was very close to unleashing had suddenly changed into a sorrowful and weak cry. "I never asked to be a God!" He yelled. He turned away from her, folding his arms like a child. But in many ways, despite his longevity, he was very much still a child. "I never asked to be put in charge of your stupid little village... You think this is what I wanted? I watch you humans every single day and I see you all; happy, cheerful. No cares, no responsibilities. You put all of your hopes and faith in us Gods. If you ask me, you deserve to die. I don't want to spend my eternity watching over you mortals like your infants that need a father to hold their hand! No one has ever, EVER asked me what I wanted to do with MY life!"

He found himself showing an awful lot of weakness in front of her. "I don't want to make you suffer..." He was being genuine with her, but for reasons he was unsure of. "But you anger me so much. There's too much responsibility being a God. I'm not cut out for this..." He pulled out his harp from under his arm and stared at it longingly. He was a lonely God, not having very many friends because he was arrogant and not having any real relationships. He didn't want her pity, though, if anything it just felt good to be able to talk to someone... Although now this would definitely mean that he'd have to smite her.

"You know what..." He growled. "I'm sick of your attitude. I know I'm not a good God. I know you're all down here starving... It's not pleasurable to watch, but I don't want the responsibility of watching over you like you're innocent children needing a helping hand!" He turned to face her again, his face glowing with bright red anger. "I'll allow you to live, but I WILL make you mine. You'll serve absolutely no other God but ME for as long as your little, miserable life allows." He restrained himself from striking her, for she was only a mortal and if he'd hit her, he'd likely scar her face permanently if not kill her.

"I gave you an offer and you refused. But from now on, you'll be mine whether or not you agree to it." He'd not touch her without her consent, but he did decide that he'd enslave her for all time. She made a fool of him, if his divine acquaintances could see him now they'd be laughing at how stupid he was to think that he could simply walk around on Earth and be worshipped like royalty, especially to think that he could easily seduce a human girl. "If you want your little village to ever see the light of day again, you'll come to this temple again. And again. Every day until I decide that you are free to live your life. You'll do work for [/I]me[/I]. I am your God. Don't you ever forget that."

He huffed. "Now, return to your family. I'll smite any male suitor who dare comes near your home. Your family especially will rely completely on me for everything. And this all rests on your shoulders. Anger me again, and I won't hesitate to wipe out the entire village." It was an empty threat, but he had hoped she'd not notice. He was powerful, yes, but still an apprentice God, he did not have the power to wipe out an entire village. Nor did he have the permission from the higher ups. Still, he didn't want to make his threat idle, he'd definitely do his best to make her life as miserable as he could. Now this was something he enjoyed.


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All it took was one sentence from Aristide to confirm he was nothing more than a monster. He did get some sick pleasure in tormenting them. To him they were nothing but toys to play with. Sure it was a line to cross to be spitting at him and attacking him no matter how feeble the attempt to keep insulting him. Yet Dorothea was stubborn and had a major flaw of not knowing when to pick her battles. However after her tirade she didn't speak again, in fact she expected him to kill her out anger. Not because she had actually hurt him, but he seemed to think he was something amazing and she was here insulting that.

The last thing she expected what his tantrum of him proclaiming he didn't ask to be a god. So while she hated to admit it, they had something in common, they both found their life to be a curse in some ways. "You think we have no cares, no responsibilities? You think we all put our hopes and faith in gods, and deserve to die. If I placed all my hopes in gods like you, do you really think I'd be out here hunting on sacred land, trying to feed my family? Our village was doing just fine until your temple was built. Until your priests told us we couldn't hunt anymore. No one in this village is happy or careful!"

He was infuriating, she wanted to reach out and shake sense into him. He was screaming about how carefree everyone was, yet ignored all the bleakness of the world. Did he not see that while mortals weren't blessed with godly powers, they had their own problems, expectations force upon them. He wasn't the first person forced into a position they want just ask any child king. " So you punish us because you are unhappy, in order to get revenge on whomever made you god? I think you might want to take your complaints to whoever forced you into this position, instead of playing with mortal lives."

Before she knew it, he was yet again taking his rage out on her. Screaming that he would make her his, and he would enslave her. It was pathetic, he was threating to wipe out her entire village. The same village that at most had a handle of elder left, the village that was already in ruin and at most would last couple more months. It was enough to make her laugh, and so she did. In fact her laughter sounded almost as if she was going mad. She felt like must be. "I'd kill myself before I ever served you. You'll what kill any male suitor, that'd be doing me a favor.

She took a step forward all while grinning like a mad women, she forward towards him before speaking once more. " You claim my family will only have you to rely one, but foolish they already think like that. You've already basically wiped out the village. The way I see, there nothing for me to gain here either way. It doesn't seem like you'll start doing your job as god since you hate it so much. You are only willing to help me, if I give you my body and frankly if I wanted to take the route, I would have married the numerous men my parents had tired forcing on me. So the way I see it here, there no reason for me to listen to you. Everyone I know will dead soon. Plus since you healed the deer, all I've done really insult you."

Did what she say make her sound heartless, sure, but there was no way she was going to willing be his plaything. Now she wasn't foolish enough to demand make her his wife, or dream of some special romance with a god. But she wasn't going to enter a situation where she was the only one with something to loose. "But, if you want instead someone you can talk to daily, and tell things that you can't share with anyone else, I'd be willing to do that. I may not know what it's like to be a god, but I do know what it's like to live someone's intense expectations for you. I'll even swear to a vow of secrecy, not that anyone would believe, they'd probably sacrifice me to the gods, if I said anything like that to them. Granted, that is if you haven't decided to kill me already?"

She didn't know what possessed her to offer some sort of friendship offer to him. Not that she expected him to take it, she did just insult him a bunch. But she also knew what it was like to be lonely, to want something outside the normal. She didn't just want to settle for being someone's wife, to be tossed around by faith. Maybe that's why she railed so hard against him, her was angry at the world. Or maybe she was just foolish. Maybe only the gods knew.

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Aristide huffed, it was childish, but he was a childish God. When the woman said that the village was fine before his temple was built it made him huff again in rebellion. She didn't understand, how could she? Humans had so much more freedom than he did, he might be a God and it was true, he was neglecting this village enough to make them all starve and eat each other, but he still felt like the true victim here. Mortal lives were short, within the blink of an eye, a mortal's lifetime was over. Of course he didn't think their lives were worth much! Still, he started to feel somewhat bad about the terrible neglect he'd brought upon the small village.

He'd not had very much experience on Earth, so he didn't quite know the scope of the neglect he'd placed on the land. He knew the humans were starving and the land was slowly decaying, but he just assumed if he did nothing then they'd all die off anyway and he wouldn't have to take care of them anymore. It was cruel, but a better alternative than to rule over an entire village for the rest of his eternity. Aristide did not at all approve of the way she was talking to him, but he knew she was speaking the truth. He acted like he was the only one suffering here, but in his childish attempt at avoiding responsibility he was putting hundreds of lives at risk.

When she laughed at him it just made him even more upset, but he bit his tongue. She was right, the village was already in despair. There was very little else he could do to make things worse. "You would sit back and allow your precious village to fall into squaller simply because you refuse to serve the God that could make things better...? You're that full of yourself and that conceded that you'd condemn your own village to death because you think you're too good to serve me?" He smiled, although it was not a wicked smile by any means, just a little bit of a chuckle, "You are no more righteous than I am..."

His anger slowly dissipated and his glow returned to it's usual sunshine-y feel. He found himself in a strange situation now. She was offering him a hand in.. what, friendship? Why would anyone want to be his friend? He didn't trust her but he was the one with the power here. He had nothing to lose, but he didn't want to lower himself to being friends with a mere girl. "I have the power to make this village thrive again, or I could leave you all to rot. And you... you choose your own value over the lives of all others in the village. Pathetic." He scoffed. "And I thought you humans had more sense of propriety. I won't kill you." He didn't back away as she came close to him, if anything it just made him break out in a smile. "But this isn't over... You will still serve me. Even if I only use you as a talking vessel to release my anxieties and frustrations." This was his way of accepting her offer. Although, he still wouldn't let her get away without seeing him on a daily basis. "You will still come to this temple every day if you value your life, which it seems you do."

In order to 'sweeten the deal' and to make an offering of peace, he held out his harp. It was his most prized possession, his musical being that he loved to play. He didn't want to do this, nor did he have to, but he held it out to her and gave it as an offering. "Come to the temple and use this to summon me. Don't let any priests see you with this." He tapped it and it rang out with a lovely melodic chime. "I will make the shadows disappear, but if you disobey me and I don't see you here at this temple tomorrow, you can kiss this entire village goodbye." He turned away from her and sighed, and in his breath the clouds parted and the sun began to peek through the darkness, allowing warmth and light to shine on the village again. "Promise me you'll be here. I spared your life, so you owe me..."

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"My precious village as you put it, is already in squalor. It's already on been condemn. You decided that. Maybe I'm just tired of it all. Maybe this is the chance you've been waiting for to unshackle yourself from your burden? Or maybe I'm just mad, you'll decided either way" She stated as if it was a pure fact. Sure she was righteous, but why should she throw herself at her feet for a mere promise of some relief. Sure he said he could make things better, but she had no real assurance of that. For all she knew, he could play with her until he had his full and still let her village suffer. He had admitted to her openly that he resented them.

"I do wonder though, have did you ever see what this land was like before the temple? Before the despair. I wonder if the stark difference would impact you, at least it was lively before, there even use to be festival for the gods. I think yours was about music" She wasn't sure why she was telling him this. It's not like he would care, and she couldn't even tell him much about his festivals. The last one had been held when was was 10 and way to young to be attending a festival for a god like him. It was very much an open love affair to music and other such vices.

She grinned when commented about how he thought humans had more sense of propriety. " You'll find, I'm not like most humans. Just a bit ago, I didn't think you existed. Though, maybe to you, I'm just a foolish human."She couldn't help but remark. She knew well to hide her smile, he proclaimed she'd be serving him. He hadn't realized that she had basically gotten off easy. He was agreeing to just use her as a talking vessel, and well if he tried anything unsavorily she figured she could goad him into killing her. Dorothea may value her own life, but she valued her freedom more. Which he didn't seem to realize, that was what it was all really about.

When he demanded that she come every day, she didn't think it was such a bad issue. Her parents would either think she was off being courted by someone, and she could avoid any suitors they may send her way. "Okay, at what time? During morning light, midday light or as the sun sets?" The last thing she expected was him to hold out his harp to her. She took it gently into her arms before she realized that she had accepted the instrument. " Ah, this is way to precious to leave in my care" She protested weakly. What if someone tried to rob her thinking they could sell this for some scraps of food.

If he was angry because of her insults, what would he do if she lost his harp. "I promise you, I will be here at the anointed time". She wasn't foolish enough to go back on her word. She had already made so many foolish decisions today. After their talk ended, she made the long trek back to the village. She didn't realize at the time that she had left her bow and arrow with him. Her head was spinning for the rest of the night. What little she had thought to be true, didn't seem so black and white now.

While she enjoyed a meager dinner with her parents she refused to answer their questions about her day. All she told them, is that tomorrow and every day forward she would be busy helping at the temple. She wouldn't explain otherwise, and before she knew it, it was the next day. She couldn't even recall going to sleep. She had spent the night worrying about what would happen now. There was no way this wasn't going to end in her death eventually.

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He remained quiet as she spoke of the joys the village saw prior to the erection of the temple. At the sound of festivals, his interest was piqued. He loved a good party, although most of the Gods never invited him... And a party for music. That must've been a sight to see. The thought of seeing the village prosper, if for nothing but to see the festival made him question if he should perhaps make an attempt at being this village's God. But the thoughts weren't enough to make him actually want to do it, he still resented having to look after these mere mortals. He knew better than to ask her to tell him more about his own festivals, she was only a young woman, she probably didn't even remember them. That was the trouble with humans... their lifespans were so short.

When she asked the time, he didn't really respond. Time was not a concept they had where he was from, any time of day was fine with him. "Just play the harp and summon me." was his only response to her barrage of questions. She said it was too precious to leave in her care... And she was right. It was his most beloved possession, he didn't know why he gave it to her, but that was the only thing he could think of to put them on equal ground. He trusted her with his harp, in return, she'd come to the temple every day and they would... talk. When she made her promise he nodded, "Good." And he ascended back into the clouds....

The entire rest of his day was boring, his mother had asked him, "How were your dealings on Earth?" To which he responded, "Boring." He didn't look at her, instead opted to picked at a golden apple he'd been saving. When he was nervous, he liked to pick at the skin of apples and peel them off in little strips. His mother, being a powerful deity herself, didn't have time to question what was wrong. She just sighed, thinking that perhaps her son might never become a worthy God.

All the while, he thought about that strange woman he met that day. What was she trying to do?! She clearly didn't care about the village, but at the same time, she didn't want to serve him?! Who did she think she was?! It made him confused, angry and scared all at the same time. If she was doubting the Gods, no doubt there were others who felt the same. He could single-handedly bring down the entire Holy Kingdom with his actions. He realized he probably just didn't understand women. She was pretty, but she was different... not willing to simply throw herself at him just because he was beautiful. He wasn't used to a woman that was so adamant about being independent and being righteous.

He huffed and peeled another strip off the apple. When the Earthly morning would come, he would see if she kept her word. He didn't know how fast or slow time moved on Earth, it probably seemed that only a second in his realm was a century on Earth, so he'd likely be summoned within the next few moments, he presumed. He waited patiently to hear the sound of his beloved harp... He felt lost without it. It was truly like his only friend. It sang to him as he gently stroked its chords and it relaxed him when he played. He slowly began to regret giving it to her, but how else were she to summon him when she was at the temple? He couldn't be bothered to constantly check to see if she was there, he may be lazy, but he valued his time.

He began to panic as he thought about it more... what were they to talk about? Why should he lower himself to talk to a human as if they were equals?! But he had no other friends, he had plenty of enemies, and maybe an acquaintance or two, but no friends. Especially none that would understand his burden and his annoyance at having been born a God and having a responsibility that he did not wish upon himself. He wanted nothing more than to just run away and play his harp, no cares, no troubles. Maybe he'd start a farm and raise sheep like the humans did. He could play music for the sheep and watch as they ate grass and enjoyed. But this was a fantasy he knew he'd never achieve. He waited patiently for the woman to summon him, soon enough...

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Dorothea didn't know when she was suppose to head to the temple. He didn't give her any direction other than play the harp and summon me, did that mean he expected her to spend the whole day with him? She couldn't possibly do that, she was the only one in her family who could still mange to work the fields. Not that it was yielding any crops. Then she had to go scrounge for acorns and anything else, that they might find to eat that wasn't in protected land.

It didn't help that once it was morning, her parents were pestering her with a million questions. Why was she covered in bruises? "I fell" She lied. But that led to them questioning the one on her chin, where a certain brutish god has gripped her too tight. Why was she going to temple, why didn't she stay here today. They knew of a nice man who'd be visiting today, and maybe she could give him a chance. "No! you really shouldn't do that. I told you, I don't want to marry. You know, the gods don't want me to marry.".

Which of course her parents weren't going to listen. Much like Aristide's parents, hers didn't listen either. They were worried, and wanted her to just grow up and accept it was time to get married. Sensing that she wasn't going to get anywhere, Dorothea had rushed off to due her morning chores before the fight could get worse. It was midday before she made her way back to the home. She had managed to find a few more acorns than normal. It made her briefly wonder, if this was what he might by providing for the land. It was an improvement sure, but wasn't going to fix a thing.

When she got home, her mother not giving her the chance to run off, had forced her to sit. It seemed that her mother had decided to doll her up. Which really was just putting her hair up, and forcing her to change into her fancier toga. Then with orders not to leave, her parents told her they would be back with their visitor of the day. There was no way she was going to stay put. First if she met this suitor, it would probably end in his death. At least that what she had been told last night. Instead, she grabbed the harp and left the house via the only window. Thankfully, it was close to the ground.

On her way to the temple, she had to make sure that she avoid the main road in town. Else her parents would have dragged her back. She also knew that she didn't want go directly to the temple, play the harp and summon him, because all the temple folk would swarm him. He had ordered that no one see his harp with her, well at least if they were from the temple. So instead she decided the best location, would be the part of the forest near the river stream. It wouldn't be as rustic for a god, and maybe he'd find the sight pleasant. Not that she cared what he liked, but well he had her life in his hands.

It didn't take her more than an hour to find the river bank. She glanced around and didn't see anyone. She sat down on one of the larger rocks there, and looked down at the harp."Now, how do I play this? Do I just pluck a cord?" Silence was her only answer. Taking a deep breath, she reached out with a single finger and pluck the one cord in the middle.

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Just as expected, only a few mere minutes had passed in his realm since he last saw that strange woman... He heard the heavenly sound of his harp calling him. He smiled, tossing his golden apple aside; He prepared to exit and descend from the clouds into his temple, but was stopped by his mother, "Where are you going?" She asked. He decided to be honest,

"I'm overseeing the work being done on my temple, mother. It's important." He left out the details that he'd be sharing his deepest, most interpersonal thoughts with a human, which was something that Gods NEVER did, but his mother seemed pleased enough with his answer. In fact, she seemed overjoyed that he was finally taking an interest in the responsibility project he'd been assigned. This went against all the laws and regulations of divinity, but he'd be spending his time with a human. The thought of being a rebel was exciting to him, but at the same time, he was feeling a little shy and pathetic for needing to spend time with some worthless human just to feel heard and understood.

He parted the clouds and descended down into the realm where his harp had called. When he had arrived to the location of the harp, he was surprised to see it was a riverbank. He hadn't seen any rivers where he was from, so it was nice to hear the sound of the water rushing by. He brushed a strand of his long, blond hair behind his ear and smiled at his harp as though it were a lifelong friend he'd not seen for ages. "You still sound just as lovely, my friend." He said, but he was speaking to the harp, not to the woman. It took a short while before he even acknowledged her, and when he did he simply looked at her and scoffed.

"You should begin talking. I have an eternity, but I don't want to spend it in silence...." He knew it was rude, but he was a God, rudeness never applied to him. And to be fair, he probably should have treated her nicer, she was helping him after all. But he still felt too proud to let himself treat her as an equal. "I presume there's been no suitors for you yet?" A part of him was disappointed, he looked forward to having a reason to use his mighty power to smite someone. At the same time, he knew that they'd have no reason to lose their lives... Other than him just being a selfish brat. He decided to sit down beside her on the rock she was sitting on and he leaned against her, not really understanding personal space. He was simply using her to hold his weight, as he felt like he was above her and she was pretty useless to him as it was. She'd make a fine chair, if anything. But he hadn't realized his durability probably couldn't be matched by hers... he didn't realize just how heavy he was.

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Unexpectedly it didn't take him to show up. Dorothea had to admit, at least he was prompt. She expected him to make her wait, as some additionally sort of punishment. When he made his comment about being lovely, she knew it was about the harp if only because she hadn't spoken to him yet. What was she suppose to say? It was easier to yell at him, when angry, but now she was just wary. When he finally looked at her, she was worried he might notice her mother's attempt to "pretty" her up. She was concerned he might think it was for him and try laying it on thick again. However he didn't even seem to notice. Instead he was yelling at her for not speaking to him. It was clear with every word of how less and insignificant he saw humans.

'So far it seems we are worth less than deer, harps..I expected a god to consider us than themselves, but we still living beings' She thought to herself. "You'd be mistaken, there have been far too many suitors. There just isn't any today, because I'm avoiding them, I don't want someone to die because of me. It's one thing for me to chase them off myself, with my behavior, it's another to get them killed. Just because my parents want to get me out of this village before we all die.. But I am sure you don't want to be reminded of that."

Anything else she may of said to provide this selfish one with his entertainment was lost, when he decided to lean against her to hold up his weight. He either had little experience with humans, or did not care that his natural strength as a god was to much for her. With how heavy he was, she didn't last sitting on the rock. She ended up sliding off and hitting the ground with a thump. She heard the tear of her fabric and felt a sting on her knee. "Watch it! Do you not realize, I don't have a fraction of strength? Ignoring the fact that you are a god for a mere moment. You are well fed man, and probably in the perfect form. I am mere woman, who hasn't had a real meal in years. I'm not some amazon, I am fragile".

She couldn't help but get angry with him. It hadn't even been minutes, and he had already hurt her by his carelessness. He hadn't he noticed the damage he had done to her body yesterday. At this rate, he was more likely to kill by accident. She sighed knowing this wouldn't get her anywhere. " Forget it, why would care the damage you've done to a mere human, you haven't before" She muttered bitterly. She was starting to feel like the god of the sun, might be the evilest person she had ever met. " You want me to talk, but about what?

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At the sound that there'd been many suitors, Aristide found that he wasn't surprised. A woman as beautiful as her probably had many men lining up to take her hand in marriage. And now with her all dolled up, her beauty was even more obvious. It almost made Aristide wish to be human himself that he might have a chance at woo'ing her and having her hand in marriage too. But he was much too selfish for marriage. Having her in bed would be nice, but marriage? Ehh... Not in his stars right now.

She slipped out from underneath him quickly and he ended up falling backwards a little bit himself, but was able to catch himself on the rock before completely falling. He noticed her fall off the rock as well and was rather surprised by just how weak humans were. Granted, she was a woman, and probably weaker than most due to malnutrition. He noticed her knee was bleeding, although it didn't look to be too serious of an injury. He sighed. "Come here..." As he waited for her to approach him, and he wasn't even sure if she would at this point... He noticed that he'd left a lot of nasty marks on her skin from the other day. Although it didn't mar her beauty, it wasn't exactly pretty to see. He held out his hand for a moment to help her to her feet, but he quickly withdrew it before she could take it. He caught himself... caring. What was going on with him?! Was he going soft?! He crossed his arms and simply looked at her. "Come here." He repeated and he waited for her to approach...

He chuckled when she said she chased them off with her behavior. "Why on earth would you want to chase them off?" He was confused, but she was funny and weird to him. "Don't you want to leave this wretched village before you die as well?" He had every power to just kill her now and take her soul up to the heavens with him and force her to be with him for eternity, but he decided against it. Having her alive like this was all too much fun. But when she asked what to talk about, he was just as clueless as she was...

"You were the one that offered to talk to me. And that is your job from this point on until I see no more use for you." Truth be told, Aristide wasn't good at conversations. He could barely hold one long enough even with Gods, and in fact, most Gods preferred to not even talk to him because he was pompous and not pleasant to talk to at all. So now that he had the opportunity for someone to talk to, he was determined to make sure that they actually spoke. "I demand you to speak to me. Tell me something interesting." He looked her up and down, and decided to pick a subject himself since he was tired of waiting for her to come up with a topic of interest. "Why are you fancied today? Have you tried to look nice for me?" He knew that probably wasn't the case, and he wasn't trying to start a fight. He was just curious. "It's a pathetic attempt. Your natural beauty shouldn't be covered with fancy togas and your hair looks best when it's left alone." He brushed through his own blond hair with his fingers nervously. "And regardless, those bruises look ugly. No amount of fine jewelry or pretty clothing would ever hide that."

He looked at her over his shoulder, "And it doesn't impress me if you were wondering."

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Dorothea for a moment considered just staying on the ground. If he was going to knock her to it, maybe she'd save him time and just stay there. She titled her head and looked up at him when he first asked her to come here. Why? For a brief moment he held out a hand to her before he pulled it back. So it did seem him care about something for a second. Sighing she picked herself up from the ground. She paused once she was standing to dust off her clothing. Her mother would be upset with her for ruining these robes, it would be impossible for them to get the thread to fix it. Finally as he demanded twice she approached him. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked well anywhere but his face. Yet again he had hurt her and had the gull to be angry that she wasn't entertaining him

She had to bite her tongue when he asked didn't she want to leave this wretched village. A village that was only wretched because of his very actions. She took a deep breath before speaking. "Do you not have place you love? Do you not have a home you don't want to leave behind? If I leave, my parents give up. They are already so weak now, I am the only one who can still collect food for them. Marriage isn't all rainbows. I'll be nothing more than slave in my husband's home forced to birth child, and possibly beaten if I fail to give him sons. There is no stable future for me, I'll be held to the whims of my husband, and my parents die. Selfish as it may be, or stupid, it's better to chase them all off to prolong what time they have left.". She didn't expect him to understand. His parents, his friends, all the other gods lived forever. There was no end.

There was no cruel goodbyes. They got to what they wanted, even if they killed entire villages nothing happened to them. Here he was demanding her to talk about something, but she didn't know what to talk about. Lately all her life had been trying to survive, she wasn't sure if she could remember something interesting. She scoffed when he asked if she tried to look fancy for him. If she was trying to look fancy for him, it'd be better to have shown up as naked as the day she was born. As he had made it very clear where his real interest with her lied. "You really do better at telling my mother that. This is all her doing.".

She didn't want him to think she had told her mother about this, she had a feeling that would anger him. Adjust her voice to tone that was mock of her mother's voice. "Why Dorothea, the most wonderful man will be in town today, you must simply look your best. This might very well be your last chance to be wife. Now sit here and let me do your hair.". She would have pulled down, if she could figure how to undo what her mother had done. Which she felt might have been her mother's intention.

" As for the bruises those weren't of my making, and it'll probably take weeks to heal. So guess you'll be stuck with the unsightly sight for a bit" She shrugged, there wasn't much she could do about it. Humans were not made to be touched with full godlike strength. She had to roll her eyes when he said he wasn't impressed, if that was the case, why was he playing nervously with his hair. Not that she cared what he thought. He was a jerk, okay a good look jerk...but a JERK. She bit down on her bottom lip and fiddled with her toga nervously. "So the long have you been studying it?". She was eager to get the conversation off her looks, and maybe he would take the chance to wax on about himself.

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When she came closer, he placed a hand on her knee and hummed a little. He was healing it, he didn't have to, but he did not like the look of her knee bloodied like that. It was all for his own benefit, even if he had to convince himself of that. She seemed to not trust him and he didn't blame her. He'd been awful to her, but that wasn't about to end just yet. He'd still do his best to be cold towards her, for he still resented humans. He didn't want to be their guardian and their savior. He lifted his hand and studied his good work, her wound was now completely sealed, healed and she hopefully wouldn't feel any more pain from it.

He frowned when she asked if he had a place he loved. The heavens seemed to be nothing more than a prison to him... Just a constant reminder of how big of a failure he was to his parents and to all the other Gods in Olympus. It was nothing more than a torturous realm where everything was bright and golden and everyone served their destined purpose. Although he was surprised at her dedication to her parents. "Why do you put up with that? I mean... if they keep trying to marry you off, if they keep forcing you into situations you despise, why waste your time trying to prolong their lives?" He was genuinely curious now, if life was truly as miserable as she made it seem, why not get married, save herself and spare her parents a slow, painful death? If they died quickly, at least they'd die knowing their daughter was well cared for. He frowned even deeper when she mentioned being nothing more than a slave to her husband. Is that how humans treated each other? Gods were not perfect, but at the least when they married it was genuine and for life. Rarely did the Gods ever beat their spouses. They may cheat on them a little, granted, but when you live forever, an eternity with the same partner can get stale.

He realized that he would never understand the human experience. Still, he had longing for it... A true purpose in life would be to have an end of one's life. A sense of urgency. Right now, as it were, Aristide's life were to revolve around the humans... for eternity. A never ending cycle of watching over humans, feeding them, taking their offerings, giving them light, shelter, food... Like they were babies. Aristide didn't even want children of his own, let alone be forced to watch humans for the rest of his existence. He dreaded that he was born a God. He wished his parents never conceived him.

"I should very much like to meet your mother..." He laughed. He wanted to see the face of the woman that had made this pathetic attempt at making her daughter more beautiful. For surely, she could not have much beauty herself to think that one could simply throw on some fancy clothes and fix one's hair and suddenly become more desirable. Or maybe that's how all humans thought, and he was just ignorant to the thoughts and experiences of humans? When she started to mock her mother, he laughed even more. She was funny, he couldn't help it. "My mother also used to braid my hair. I never sat still for it." He didn't have to do anything for his looks to be appreciated, though. As a God, he was just blessed with natural beauty.

At the mention of the bruises he winced. They definitely looked painful. He reached out and gently placed a hand on her chin and hummed. He could feel divine energy drain from his body, but as a God it was limitless. He did his best to get rid of those disgusting bruises. When he drew his hand away he pulled his face dangerously close to hers, but not in an attempt to kiss her or anything, he was just examining her face to see that his healing powers had worked. He also wanted to make sure that there were no spots he may have missed. He didn't break focus when she asked how long he'd been studying the harp.

"I've been playing since I was big enough to properly hold a harp. That harp has been by my side since birth. It was predetermined that I'd be the God of Music before I was ever born." He could tell he made her nervous, so he backed away a little bit, but he started to maintain eye contact with her still...

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She didn't expect him to do anything to make up for the fact he had hurt her today. Maybe he was healing her because he didn't intend to damage her, and wanted the only wounds on her body to be ones he choose to make? Really as she thought about his reasoning, it was probably something as simple as he didn't want to see blood. He'd do it for his comfort not her own. He told her he hated humans, and that included her, she was just his entertainment of the week. She was sure he'd get bored of her soon. Though the strangest thing about the whole thing, was that his power felt a bit like a tickle. "Thank you..." While she was sure he didn't do it for her, she should still thank him.

Dorothea noted mentally that he didn't answer her question about a place he loved. Instead he left her with a barrage of questions to answer. " Because I love my parents. I don't want them to die. Sure I know some point I have to let them go, but I'm still so young. I'm not ready to. Plus I'm a woman, not some goddess or amazon would can make her own fate. I'm either my parents property or my husbands. I don't get the option to run off and become whatever I want." Part of it was love, and maybe part of it was selfishness. She was buying time, time with her loved ones, time to be mostly free. She wasn't the daughters of some politician or King, she didn't get a live of comfort. She would get marriage to some farmer, or maybe a warrior and she live a life of hardship. She would be expected to give birth to a child within a year of marriage. If she was lucky her husband would love her, but more often than not the woman wasn't lucky.

Dorothea couldn't have but laugh when he said he wanted to meet her mother. "Oh no, I can't have that, which a face as handsome as yours, she'd might try matchmaking on your behalf. Or worse try to style your hair."[/b]. It didn't dawn on her that she had revealed what she thought about his looks. It was just something that he slipped out. Frankly to her it was a shame he as handsome as he was cold-hearted. "Oh really, now that would be sight to see. If you wouldn't sit still, did she ever mange to finish braiding your hair?" He looked the type to not sit still. She could see him running through open fields, laughing and playing his harp. She couldn't imagine him living a stuffy life sitting still and listening to prattle of other gods or humans.

For a brief second when he grabbed her chin, she flinched slightly. She was worried that he might hurt her like he did yesterday. She didn't expect the tickle of his divine energy , if was he healing her bruises? Well he had said they were ugly, when critiquing her mother's attempts to dress her up. Still he was so dangerously close to her, hat it wouldn't take much for him to kiss her. Not that she wanted that, just because he had a stupidly handsome face. He was still a jerk! But she couldn't help the flush that spread across her cheeks. No man or god had ever been this close to her before. She was completely untouched in the matters of love and the flesh.

She was relived when he backed a bit away, but she was still unnerved by the constant eye contact. "Is that how it works, they just know what you are going to be the god of? But what if you had hate music, are you allowed change what you are the god of?"
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