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Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/27 22:45:00 )
My original grand plan was to make aesthetically cluttered avatars with just commons, but there are a couple of visual balance issues that can't quite be achieved with commons alone. (And also I will go after just about anything with a cute witchy / mahou shoujo / faerie / floral aesthetic... if it's got a big bow and sparkles on it, I want it.)

To Totalanimefan, for funding a chunk of commons in my first (four) avatar here as well as event items and orb items.
To LilMissKushy, for donating Cyberon and daily chance items.
To Starlight, for donating some flowery daily chance items.
To Bioshock, for donating event item bundles to fund my kawaii witchy dream.
To xvz, for donating daily chance items.
To Merynia, for donating event + daily chance items.
To Miss Sandman, for donating a handful of chance items.
To kiwi, for allowing me to take some Candy Corn and Wonderland items, a variety of EIs, knickknacks, and milestones.
To heffalump, for donating knickknacks, milestones, and numerous event items of witchy and wonderlandish nature.
To Lina, for donating Autumnal Spruce.
To Bonnie, for donating extra glitter for my magical girl dreams.
To Amber Lynn, for donating wonderland and floral event items.
To selenite, for donating camp goodie bags.
To Hachi, for donating a collection of flowers.
To star2000shadow, for donating Camp Breaker goodie bags.
To kittyzilla, for donating Sapphire.
To Wildfire, for donating Libra.

As I meticulously go through the entirety of the Museum megathread, I intend organize my wish list of stuff here. Watch this thread die within the month haha...

* Starred items are priority items.

Twin's Spells

2018 Wonderland
White Rabbit
March Hare

2018 Breaker Beach
Sea Witch

2019 Winter Soulstice
Volkan's Memories
Vanora's Memories
Vivienne's Memories

2020 Camp Breaker
Forest Foliage
Cozy Camping
Conchious Swimmer

2017 Reaping Ritual
Candy Corn Witch Hat*
Missing Spellbook
Candy Corn Witch Stockings
Candy Corn Witch Shoes
Candy Corn Witch Broom

2018 Wonderland
Static in Wonderland
Mad Hatter*
Flower Garden
Card Knight
Knave of Hearts
Queen of Hearts

2018 Autumn Block Party
Violet's Curls
Violet's Dress

2018 Reaping Ritual

2018 Winter Soulstice
Braids Soft and Silky*

2019 Vibrance Day

Vibrance Day Tea[/s]

2019 Breaker Beach
Summer Crane
Summer Deer
Summer Dragon
Summer Fox
Summer Fishie

2019 Reaping Ritual
Team Treat*
Ribbon Candy
Cherry Sundae Witch*
Popping Candy

2018 Breaker Beach

2019 Winter Soulstice
Valentina's Memories
Solstice Spirit*
Vichard's Memories
Violet's Memories*
Virgil's Memories
Velvet's Memories
Vontell's Memories

2020 Vibrance Day

Bird of Paradise

2020 Camp Breaker
Team Sound Uniform
Reedy Regalia*
Lunar Tides
Venus Bikini
Aquatic Visit
Campsite Tales

2020 Autumn Block Party
Violet’s Macaron Bag
Velvet’s Mannequin


Dream Keeper
Voltra Royalty
Impish Delight
The Herald
Guardian Static


Giant Sparkler
Soulmate Strings
V-day 2k20
Bun Bun


Floral Crown*
Floral Halo
Vibrance Day Bag
Vibrance Day Garter


Holiday Gifts
Holiday Mistletoe
Holiday Lights
Holiday Onesie

Fashionable Steel Toe Boots
Steampunk Staff

Spider Lily Hair*

Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/27 22:46:58 )
Things I suspect are a bit harder to obtain.

Magnificent Inspector
Midsummer Night's King
Pinstripe Bunbun
Harvest Deity
Feline of Fertility
Gone Batty
Joyful Winter
Perennial Premier
Bride of Death

Wondrous Wisteria
Faerie Queen
Timely Manner*
Love Senshi*

Groom of Death
Silent Night
Autumnal Spruce
Some Bunny to Love
Dreams of Delight

Devil's Food Cake*
Strawberry Delight*
Woodland Fae
Chrysaura Witch*

Floral Empress*
Fabled Beauty*
Fall Harvest*
Corrupted Ichor
Fluers d’espoir

Virtuous Guard
Hedera Fey

Foxy Festival

Dual-Toned Dolly Hair
Dual-Toned Knight's Bangs
Snuggle Bunny
Corvid Couture
Unique Long Braids
Unique Bases
Unique Tights
Unique Thigh High Boots

Ombre Bun Hair
Ombre Ahoge Hair
Starkitty Dress
Ombre Back Ponytail*
Ombre Foxy Ponytail*
Ombre Cutie Tails*
Unique Wide Set Eyes*
Fancy Ruffled Dress*
Unique Witch Hat*
Unique Cute Dress
Unique Baroque Skirt

Serene Royalty*
Weather Witch*
Danseur de Glace
Porcelain Doll
Sticky Fingers
Feline Fatale
Lil Piggies
Cursed Prince*
Flame Dancer
High Tide
Ice Queen
Rising Phoenix
Loyal Elegance
Magical Mystery
Year of the Ox
Key to Heaven*
Celestial Shadow
Avian Misery
Falling Star*
Edwardian Lady

Year of the Goat
Extraordinary Puppet
Music Box Ballerina*

Rose Princess*
Cerf Lumineux
Butterfly Kisses

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:07:18 )
@vixen: I sent u a little something:)

Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:09:56 )
@lilmisskushy: Yes I saw and was slightly confused at first haha. Thank you! I shall attempt to put it to good use!

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:11:20 )
@vixen: your very welcome :) I love ur avatar so pretty very well layered

Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:13:18 )
@LilMissKushy: Ahhhh thank you for saying so! I enjoy "cluttered" avatars, so I'm glad to somewhat achieve that look here. I like the spooky theme you have going on in yours -- ready for Halloween?

Voltie — She/Her Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:13:56 )

@Vixen: Sent you a few items!


Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:18:03 )
@Starlight: Ah thank you so much! You're really hitting the nail on the head with the flowers, eh?

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:18:28 )
@vixen: your very welcome ^.^ yeah I've been doing a few halloween themed avatars but I changed for the avatar of the week contest should join in too ^.^

Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:19:31 )
@lilmisskushy: Oh there are weekly avatar contests? That brings back fond memories... Hm, if I were to join, I would have to rework my current choice of common colors haha.

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:21:45 )
@vixen: ur allowed 3 mules so u can do more looks xD

Voltie — She/Her Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:22:32 )

@Vixen: You're welcome! And yeah, I made this avi to take a break from my Halloween witchy avi, and it ended up all flowery~


Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:26:49 )
@LilMissKushy: Mmm honestly I don't think I have the patience to handle mules anymore. And if it's jsut expanding my collection of commons, I could do so on this account.

@Starlight: Flowers are the best! It's looks very adorable <3

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:30:49 )
@vixen: I have 2 I just use them to vote for people in AOTW

Voltie — She/Her Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:41:24 )

@Vixen: Thank you! Your avi is very cute as well~


Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:44:47 )
@Lilmisskushy: Oh they allow mules to vote?

@Starlight: Thank you! With everyone's generosity, I might be able to make something sickeningly sweet for the AOTW contest!

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:47:10 )
@vixen: I think so XD I always vote for others I haven't participated lately

Voltie — Kitsune Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 00:53:43 )
@Lilmisskushy: Well I should definitely check it out. Where is AOTW hosted?
Kumiho (NPC Vixen): inactive

please @ me.
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vixen's vanityvixen's item tracker } •

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 01:01:54 )
@vixen: I tagged u in it.. but if u go to ur home page in top left corner there's a little avatar with a top knot that's velvet u just click on her and she takes u straight to it ^.^

Donator — Kushy Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/10/28 01:03:28 )
Well it's more of a bun than a top knot XD

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