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Forums Entertainment Child of the 90's? Come inside!

Donator — Fox Lady Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/15 21:14:34 )


To me, Gene Wilder's version was eccentric and a touch crazy. He was cooped up in his factory for so long, you're bound to be a bit strange. He was strange in a funny way. Like...when the kids got into the predicaments he acted like he didn't care because he was weeding out the bad eggs and looking for a child that had his same sort of whimsy.

Johnny Depp's depiction of Willy Wonka, was cast in a more...childish light. Since basically his father left him because he wanted to eat candy. He had Michael Jackson type syndrome where he wanted to have fun and be child-like, and for and adult that's just creepy. He seemed like the kind of guy that would 'kidnap' children and play with them. Maybe not in a "bad touch" way, but it just didn't come across as someone who should be around kids.


Donator — Voltie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/16 18:09:18 )
@Crystalkitsune85: woah that's a pretty deep analysis. Haha I've never thought about it that hard.
But then again, the weird people I know irl also give good vibes vs. the creeps depending on the person.... How interesting.

Donator — Fox Lady Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/16 21:11:27 )


Sorry I went all philosophical on you lol. I was just comparing the two based off my preference and what I noticed in both movies. Plus like in the Depp movie version they completely left out the Sluggworth character who was trying to 'bait' the kids into getting an everlasting gobstopper for thousands of dollars. You notice that part was totally lost in the remake. They made Sluggworth a competitor instead with no face time. Said that he was stealing Wonka's ideas and making money, when in the original Sluggworth was actually working for Wonka to test the kids to see if they'd be trustworthy or brats.


Donator — Voltie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/17 04:39:36 )
@Crystalkitsune85: well, "testing the kids" that doesn't seem all that healthy given the 2006 version's "family" theme... It's a different interpretation featuring too muchh on wonka and perhaps not enough on the wonky candy making. 😂
Ping me

Donator — Fox Lady Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/17 04:47:29 )


Things were different back in the 70's too. Like things were a lot more open and non taboo. They had to severely tone it down for the remake. I mean literally they had some freaky ass stuff going on in the tunnel scene when they're on the boat in the original. Such an acid trip. The remake was more thrilling than scary.


Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/05/20 18:55:23 )
Well, I'm really a child of the 80s... But I was a teenager in the 90s and I remember lots of amazing cartoons and kids' shows. Like "The Pirates of Dark Water," which was a fantasy series about an exiled prince who basically becomes a pirate. lol I think it only got one season but there was a small comic book series, as well. You can buy the DVDs on Amazon but they look a tiny bit sketchy... Mine play great, though I've seen reviews saying some discs are junk and implying they may not be legitimate.

I also really loved "Mummies! Alive." I cannot find that complete series anywhere. I think a human kid was involved but mostly I remember these mummies that come to life. I don't remember what their purpose was but there was a girl mummy and she was really cute. lol

Surely people remember "Gargoyles." It's on Disney+ right now so I've been rewatching it. I heard someone is planning a live-action film version. I'm not much of a superhero movie fan, but the cartoons are great. It's about actual gargoyles who turn to stone in the sun but roam freely by moonlight. They were cursed to remain stone at an ancient castle but someone bought and moved the "statues" to New York City and they came back to life. What I REALLY love about it is that Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes are both voice actors on the show, and I am a huge, huge Star Trek: Next Gen fan, and Troi and Riker were my favorite characters.

Donator — Fox Lady Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/09/24 02:27:47 )

I had a random remembrance of a time I spent the day at my uncles house one weekend when I was younger, during the early 90s. It was either me sleeping over or something, because I had some cousins that were close to my age. Anyway, my eldest cousin was gone for the day, and my other cousin who was six months older than I was, was showing me his new SNES and wanted me to play a game with him. The game he chose? Street Fighter. Of course he was thinking "hey my cousin doesn't have one of these or know how to play, so this'll be a easy win!" which was pretty much true because I never had an NES or SNES or anything like that. I only owned a hand held Gameboy and a Game Gear. So he hands me this controller and doesn't really tell me much about combos or anything, just that pressing buttons does attacks and what not. So he's sitting there probably had memorized all the combos and what not and I'm here button mashing like a noob. Who won? Me.
He was sooooo pissed that he didn't want to play that with me anymore. I did end up watching him play like the Mario game for that system when his friend came over the next day. They were in one of Bowser's castles and he never let me play again since I beat him.

"Oh, the tired horror!"


Voltie — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2021/08/26 00:35:40 )
The nicktoon "Hey Arnold!" is my favorite memory of the 90's. It was -the- vibe for me.

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