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Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:01:25 )
The Artist Lodge
Banner coming soon. . .
Hello and welcome to The Artist Lodge a place for all creators to hangout and meet other artists with similar interests.
Doesn't matter if you are a writer, artist, photographer, etc, all are welcomed here.
Non-creators are also more than welcomed.

I'm not 100% sure what I will do for this thread aside make it for a place for creators of all kinds to hang out at, and get to know each other,
but feel free come in and chat!

Don't forget to introduce yourself so we know what kind of work you enjoy to make.

Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:04:05 )
Chatting Etiquette
Follow Voltra's TOS.

-Treat others how you'd like to be treated.

-Please try to avoid sensitive topics. I want this hangout to be a safe place to get away from all the seriousness going on in the world.

-No politics or debate conversations, please.

-Try not to talk negatively. This also goes for putting down your own work, and overall being negative.

-Have fun!

Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:06:18 )
The Regulars

Regulars become regulars if you post for 10 or more pages.
Gallery threads of Regulars will be linked within usernames.
Don't be afraid to check out their galleries!

Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:08:15 )
Page Prizes
This post is reserved for page prizes such as free art, items, volts and maybe ohms.
If you also want to give out your own art or items as a page prize don't be afraid to message me!

page 50 Blackout 18' Crate-unopened-pachi
page 100 Pre Launch '17 Crate


Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:10:34 )
Fun And Games
This post will be reserved for future events.
Could be anything from posting games, dice rolling games, avatar and art contests and even writing contests.
Stay tuned!

Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:12:25 )
Critique Corner
If you would like to have your work critiqued and receive constructive criticism,
feel free to DM me along with the piece you are wanting to be critiqued and it will be posted in this section.

Keep in mind, I will not be the only critiquer.
If you'd like to be someone to critique work, tag me and you'll be added under the critiquers.

I am by no means professional so any advice given take with a grain of salt.


Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:13:47 )
Critiquers are users who will critique beginners works or give advice to those who are wanting to improve their work,
or struggling with a certain piece.

Please keep in mind, only give advice that is constructive.
Saying someone's art doesn't look good, is unkind and hurts artists. Especially beginners. So please choose your words carefully.

Can Critique On:
colour composition
shading (realistic, semi and cellshading)

Can Critique On
colouring tips


Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:15:24 )
Artist Critique Form
@MoodyBats:I'd Like To be an Art Critique!
How often are you online:
What Can you critique on:
[coloring, anatomy, value, art theory, perspective, foreshortening, etc]

Artwork Critique Form
@MoodyBats: I'd Like my artwork Critiqued!
Image[s] of Artwork:
[use direct link and please use imgur]
What are you looking for in critiques[anatomy, shading, coloring,etc]


Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:17:35 )
Writing Critique Form
@MoodyBats: I'd Like to be a Writing Critique!
How Often are you online:

Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 21:23:02 )
Now Opened

I will do a small introduction of myself as the thread owner so there won't be so much
pressure to be the first one to make an introduction.

Hello! I am MoodyBats, but can just call me Moody.
I am a digital artist but working towards being a mixed media artist.
I've done digital art for around 10 years but didn't really start my drawing digital journey until about 3-4 years ago.
For other mediums I want to get better at or try I would love to try Gouache.

I'm not really sure what else to share about myself.

Donator — Boop Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/10 22:48:56 )
*pops up in this thread*

Hi there :3 Oh, you're a digital artist, that's really cool :) And oh my, where are my manners.

Good morning, I'm ChiffonOrange but you can call me whatever you like (lol). I'm just a hobbyist and likes to draw or rarely write for fun. That's all I guess. :o

Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 00:55:40 )
Moody Says. . .


@ChiffonOrange: welcome welcome!
Yes, I am digital artist but I want to not only become better with digital works
but also be good at traditional medium so I can test out some acrylic gouache.
So I've been trying to do some digital works and sketch in my sketchbook.

//working towards being a freelance artist as a job

What kind of things do you like to draw?

Donator — Boop Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 01:34:51 )
@MoodyBats: I see. That is understandable *nods* I hope you reach your goal someday. ^^ Hmm... Mostly fanart and sometimes original characters or avatars. :o
My Temp-Art Shop

Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 01:43:16 )
Moody Says. . .


@ChiffonOrange: i just need to make more time to study.
Been fixing my sleep schedule so I can sit at my desk and study in the mornings.
Though I'm in the "I'm always tired" stage lol.

Ooo Nice. I do some fanart but not many.
Though been working on a sailor moon fanart forever it feels like.
Maybe for a month. Maybe 2 months now?? But it's close to being finished.

Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 02:55:02 )

    ooh cute hangout concept :o
    i do the drawing and sometimes designing
    also comics


Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 03:02:32 )
Moody Says. . .


@pachi: Thank you!
I talk a lot about art but feel bad
I can't talk about anything else.
So thought I should make a hangout since I see many artists on here.

Awesome, comics look so fun but very challenging.
I love designing characters.
Always super fun.

Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 04:16:00 )

    i like to complain a lot about art haha

    also yesss it is
    i should make more but i'm wrangling what i have right now


Artist — She/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 04:21:27 )
my coloring sucks - Kairu 2020

Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 04:30:00 )

    what is having colouring style
    who knows


Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/05/11 04:47:10 )
Moody Says. . .


@pachi: i also complain a lot about art.
But i try not to cause i feel it's my own fault.
I need to study more.

@Kairu: Welcome!

Ping me at all times
[My Instagram] | [Ko-fi]

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