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Posted in Happy Belated St. Paddy's Everyone ~ ☘︎ Posted 3 months ago
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 3 months ago
hot damn, i keep getting items from the random daily drop.
Posted in hello just joined! Posted 3 months ago
howdy. welcome to avatar customization.
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 3 months ago
eternal egg.

also it seems to be the smilies that take a while to load. mm. wish they'd optimize that.
Posted in Why is this happening? Posted 3 months ago
I'm sorry.

It's not much better in the UK. Scotland is fighting. I think Wales might start fighting for us too. I doubt the goddamn House of Parliament is going to let them, though.

Things are... very tiring, I know.
Posted in Mid-week Checkup! Posted 3 months ago
forgot my friggin' login name for here. apparently i still haven't gotten around to switching it over to pelontrix. inevitably, the guy that was stalking me might have stolen it, because that guy's a fuckin weirdo. idk if he's still checking my blog, and i don't care to check.

this one-word name is fucking funny as fuck though. i stole a one-word name, suckers! all seriousness. i want to change it to something else that's basically my usual username.
Posted in Heyo! Posted 8 months ago
hewwowowowowowwo everypony! bazinga!
Posted in New Here Posted 8 months ago
mm. more people.
Posted in Let's chat to get volts and confetti! Posted 8 months ago
ominous playing of peglin noises
Posted in event. Posted 8 months ago
got a very good run in peglin. laughing.
Posted in Let's go exploring for dem confetti Posted 8 months ago
obit the pond
orbit the pond
Posted in Winter's Touch: Anniversery Version Posted 8 months ago
orbits my pond ominously
Posted in local man's event hangout Posted 8 months ago
hm, no. haven't played that one.
is busy orbiting the pond