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Forums Quests Aisu's Ambitions (Open! Come chat?)

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/14 23:54:18 )
Welcome to my quest thread! Please feel free to stick around and chat!
I hope to keep this a simple setup, but if you see something that looks off, please let me know!!
My directory is as follows...
1 - Welcome
2 - Current Quests
3 - Item Quests
4 - Special Quests
5 - Thank Yous
6 - Reserved

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/14 23:58:17 )
Current Quests:

Still Deciding...
Funds: ?k/?k

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/03/15 00:43:40 )
Item Quests:
All items are arranged by year and alphabetically.
In this post, I'll keep track of items as I acquire them with strikes through those I've obtained, followed by dates and any pertinent notes.
Assume that I only want 1 of each item unless otherwise noted.

Crate Items:
Autumnal Spruce Bought 3/18/2020
Demonic Bought 12/8/2020
Floral Empress Donated by Ghostie on 3/6/2021!
Frog Prince
Queen Bee
Samurai Shock Donated by Lina on 11/5/2020!
Static Set Donated by Mandy Amour 4/25/2022!
Sweet Cakes Bought 6/8/2021

Bearboozled Bought 10/18/2020
Bird of Prey Bought 9/25/2020
Keep Warm Won from Advent Calendar 1/7/2021!
Pond Sailing
Pumpkin King
Scarecrow Bought 11/4/2021
Spring Showers
Strange Land
The Messenger
Urro the Corrupt
Victorious Captain
Xogud Split Bought 6/30/2021
Zaz La Bought 6/30/2021

Ancient Splendor
Corrupted Ichor Bought 12/6/2020
Doggo of Death Gifted by totalanimefan 12/25/2020!
Faerie Queen
Fall Harvest
Feline of Fertility
Fortune Teller
Gone Batty Bought 12/9/2020
Harvest Deity Bought 1/3/2021
Howling Mad Won from Event Raffle 2021!
Inari's Oath
Joyful Winter
Lonesome Hero
Melon Cute
Pinstripe Bunbun Bought 1/3/2021
Punky Plasma
Raver Bought 1/3/2021
Shark Slayer
Sheepish Bought 1/3/2021
Splish Splash
The Ruffian
Tree Spirit
Turnip for What
Untamed Bought 10/18/2020

Berry Citrus Won from Event Raffle 2021!
Botanist Won from Advent Calendar 1/1/2021!
Bride of Death Bought 10/11/2021
Cybernetic Guard
Dreams of Delight Donated by Bonnie 8/16/2020
Fabled Beauty Bought 6/2/2021
Groom of Death Bought 10/11/2021
Hanami Donated by Bonnie 8/16/2020
Harlequin Bought 8/17/2020
Love Senshi
Nifty Nurse
Perennial Premier
Some Bunny to Love Donated by Bonnie 8/16/2020
Timely Manner

Orb Items:
Beanie Doll
Candy Cane Lane
Corvid Couture
D.J. Furocious Donated by Vii 12/10/2021
Dual-Toned Knight's Bangs
Festively Fab
Frankie Won in 2020 Reaping Ritual Raffle!!!
Frost Empress
Music Box Ballerina
Ombre Back Ponytail
Porcelain Doll
Quinn Bought 12/9/2020
Ryuo the Dragon
Serene Royalty
Sky Master
Showstopper Won from Anniversary 2021 Raffle!!!
Skunk Punk
Snuggle Bunny
Tri-Color Dreads
Virus Bought 9/12/2021
Yes, Dark Master

Cancer Bought 10/13/2020
Capricorn Bought 11/5/2020
Dramatical Bought 6/2/2021
Flame Dancer
Gemini Bought 6/2/2021
Golden Bird Bought 10/14/2020
Ice Queen
Lethal Dose Bought 4/4/2021
Loyal Elegance
Magmama Bought 3/6/2021
Shinobi Bought 10/13/2020
Soulcaster Donated by Lilypoo 10/23/2020!
Sticky Fingers
The Bayou
Too Hot
Unique Bases Bought 8/26/2021
Unique Frizzhawk
Unique Thigh High Boots

Ombre Bun Hair Bought 8/23/2020
Ombre Cutie Tails Bought 8/17/2020
Ombre Saucy Hair
Unique Raver Mask Bought 8/23/2020
Unique Wide Set Eyes Bought 8/1/2020
Year of the Dog
Year of the Dragon
Year of the Monkey Donated by Bonnie 8/16/2020
Year of the Ox
Year of the Rabbit
Year of the Rat
Year of the Rooster
Year of the Tiger

Event Items:
Candy Corn Witch Belt Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Candy Corn Witch Broom Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Candy Corn Witch Hat Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Candy Corn Witch Shoes Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Candy Corn Witch Stockings Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Missing Spell Book Bought 12/8/2020
Reaper Boots Bought 10/28/2020
Reaper Scythe Bought 5/6/2021
Vanora's Belt Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Vanora's Necklace Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Velvet's Necklace Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Viv's Apron Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Viv's Flower Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Vyctor's Belt Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020

Acrobat Bought 11/18/2020
Beach Babe Bought 9/25/2020
Braids Soft and Silky Bought 10/28/2020
Candies Glazing Bought 10/28/2020
Card Knight Bought 11/5/2020
Cheshire Bought 10/28/2020
Chords for Singing Bought 12/8/2020
Clown Bought 10/28/2020
Crybaby Bought 11/5/2020
Curious Case Bought 11/7/2021
Deep Sea Diver Bought 9/24/2021
Dormouse Bought 10/28/2020
Fleece for Warming Bought 5/2/2021
Guardian Spark Bought 6/11/2021
Hula Bought 7/30/2020
Hypnotist Bought 10/28/2020
King Brothers Bought 10/28/2020
Knave of Hearts Bought 10/28/2020
Land Separating Ocean and Sea Bought 9/20/2020
Mad Hatter Bought 10/28/2020
March Hare Bought 11/23/2020
Nightwalker Tank Bought 10/28/2020
Olden Wings Bought 9/20/2020
Oracle Bought 10/28/2020
Queen of Hearts Bought 10/13/2020
Ringmaster Bought 7/30/2020
Sea Witch Donated by Amber Lynne 11/30/2021
Seafloor Fashionista Bought 7/30/2020
Skullie Background Bought 10/28/2020
Skullie Belt Bought 10/28/2020
Skullie Head Bought 6/11/2021
Snake Charmer Bought 7/30/2020
Strongman Bought 7/30/2020
Surprise Party Won from Advent Calendar 1/7/2021!
Survivor Crafted Armor Bought 6/11/2021
Twin's Spells Bought 6/11/2021
Veles Bought 11/18/2020
Vigilante Gear Bought 11/6/2021
Violet's Curls Won from Advent Calendar 1/7/2021!
Virgil's Hair & Beanie Won from Advent Calendar 1/7/2021!
Virgil's Jacket Won from Advent Calendar 1/7/2021!
Vreg's Treeshure Bought 9/5/2021
Vregory Hair Bought 10/28/2020
White Rabbit Bought 10/28/2020

Blossom Donated by Alicethemadhatter 11/15/2020!
Bud Donated by Alicethemadhatter 11/15/2020!
Solstice Spirit Bought 11/5/2020
Summer Crane Bought 10/14/2020
Summer Deer Bought 11/23/2020
Summer Dragon Bought 11/23/2020
Summer Fishie Bought 9/3/2020
Summer Fox Bought 11/23/2020
Summer Monkey Bought 12/8/2020
Summer Rabbit Bought 11/23/2020
Trick's Victory Bought 7/30/2020
Valentina's Memories Bought 12/9/2020
Vanora's Memories Bought 12/9/2020
Vaughn's Arm Bought 12/8/2020
Vaughn's Belt Bought 6/11/2021
Velvet's Memories Bought 12/8/2020
Vichard's Face Bought 6/11/2021
Vichard's Memories Bought 6/8/2021
Violet's Memories Bought 12/9/2020
Virgil's Memories Bought 12/9/2020
Vivienne's Memories Bought 12/8/2020
Volkan's Memories Bought 12/9/2020
Vreg is King Bought 12/9/2020
Vregory's Memories Bought 12/9/2020
Vyctor's Memories Bought 12/9/2020

Bird of Paradise Bought 10/25/2020
Mallow Bought 9/25/2020

Milestone Items:
1k Members Milestone (Guardian Static)
50k Milestone (Headset)
500k Milestone (Enchanting Guardian) Bought 10/28/2020
750k Milestone (Dream Keeper) Bought 1/16/2022
1m Milestone (Voltra Royalty) Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020

Miscellaneous Items:
Big Bang Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Candy Cane Staff Donated by Eve 8/29/2020
Dad Fashion Bought 10/28/2020
Easter 2k19 Bought 12/9/2020
Frosted Breath Donated by Eve 8/29/2020
Heart Bubble (V-day 2k18)
Holiday Gingerbread Earrings Donated by Eve 8/29/2020
Holiday Lights Donated by Eve 8/29/2020
Holiday Mistletoe Donated by Eve 8/29/2020
Holiday Onesie Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Key to the City
Lucky St Paddy 2k18 Bought 12/9/2020
Mom Fashion Donated by Totalanimefan 10/5/2020
Pumpkin Bucket Donated by Eve 8/29/2020
Solstice Holiday Socks Donated by Eve 8/29/2020
Thirteen Bought 9/5/2021
V-day 2k19 Bought 12/9/2020
V-day 2k20 Bought 12/9/2020
Vibrance Day Bag Donated by ChiffonOrange 7/19/2020!
Vibrance Day Glasses Donated by ChiffonOrange 7/19/2020!

Pretty much all of them! Ask me if I want your unwanted commons?

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/12 16:14:23 )
Special Quests:
In no particular order of preference...

-- Tattoo Art...I will update this post with specifics at a later date, but feel free to ask about my interests anyway!
-- Signature/Post Art...Iced Coffee sprites and other pieces!

Funds: None for now...

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/12 16:19:39 )
Thank Yous:
To the following Volties, I thank you for the following (oldest --> newest):

-- vengeance: Miscellaneous starter items during my newbie stage!
-- heaven: Miscellaneous starter items during my newbie stage!
-- Totalanimefan: 3k volts during my newbie stage! Also Big Bang, Holiday Onesie, Mom Fashion, 1M Milestone (Voltra Royalty), Candy Corn Witch Belt, Candy Corn Witch Broom, Candy Corn Witch Hat, Candy Corn Witch Shoes, Candy Corn Witch Stockings, Vanora's Belt, Vanora's Necklace, Velvet's Necklace, Viv's Apron, Viv's Flower, & Vyctor's Belt! Also Doggo of Death! <333
-- Inatlaka: Reaping Ritual '19 Bundle!
-- ChiffonOrange: Vibrance Day Bag & Vibrance Day Glasses!
-- Bonnie: Dreams of Delight, Some Bunny to Love, Hanami, Year of the Monkey x2!
-- Eve: Candy Cane Staff, Frost Breath, Holiday Gingerbread Earrings, Holiday Lights, Holiday Mistletoe, Pumpkin Bucket, & Solstice Holiday Socks!
-- Lilypoo: SOULCASTER!!! <333
-- Lina: Static Shock & Frizz Set!
-- Alicethemadhatter: Blossom and Bud!
-- xvz: 10k to spend on old EIs!
-- zuzu: CAPRICORN!!! <333
-- Ghostie: Floral Empress!
-- Amber Lynne: Sea Witch! This was the last EI to complete my list of quested EIs!!! <333
-- Vii: DJ FURocious!
-- Mandy Amour: Static Set!


Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/12 16:20:53 )

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/12 16:22:47 )
Now open!
Please keep in mind that this is NOT a buying thread. If I'm buying, I'll post a separate thread for that stuff. :3

Feel free to come in and chat anytime!

Donator — they/them Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/14 03:27:00 )
════════════════ ∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

good luck on your quest aisu ^^

∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘ ══════════════════════════════

⠀∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽⠀ {⠀art shop⠀·⠀gallery⠀·⠀closet⠀}⠀☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽⠀ {⠀buying / questing: capricorn ⠀}⠀☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

art by kiwi and koneko <3

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/19 20:34:51 )
@xvz: Thank you so much!! ^w^ Sorry I didn't see your reply until just now!!

Donator — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:04:34 )
hello! I have come to support your quest, with posting.

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:06:02 )
I appreciate it very much Lina! <3 Was starting to feel nobody would want to post here, ha. ^^;

Welcome all the same!!

Donator — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:12:06 )
I've bookmarked the thread so I'll be sticking around!
But I might not post once the event starts. The event forum gets too busy.
But I'll be back again after the event. ^^

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:14:20 )
That's cool lol! I appreciate the company all the same!
Tbh most of my attention will probably be on more popular threads as well.

Donator — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:32:04 )
It can get intense sometimes in the event threads. XD

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:35:08 )
Oh I know!!
There have been times that I was posting in old events on other sites that I got overwhelmed with posting and had to take a step back lol.

Donator — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:51:45 )
If I start to feel overwhelmed I usually just pick one person to talk to, and then it isn't so bad even if the thread is moving quickly.

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 19:56:25 )
I'll go to threads with familiar people, but I do try to acknowledge anyone who comes to chat. Nothing feels worse than feeling excluded.

Donator — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 20:00:01 )
That's very true! It's important to welcome everyone.
It's no fun to be ignored. >.<

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 20:09:51 )
Yep, been on that side of the conversation (or lack thereof) before.

Can't tell if I'm starting a headache or not. I'm annoyed though lol.
Please call me Aisu or Kohi if you like!
Quest Thread

Donator — she/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/07/26 20:18:24 )
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel alright!
Feeling Halloweeny everywhere

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