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Donator Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/12/22 08:09:48 )
If you're a Sims 4 player and have the vampire expansion, you're familiar with vampire siblings Caleb and Lilith Vatore. If not, just know that Caleb is built as a mortal-loving vampire who doesn't want to hurt anyone and misses his humanity, and Lilith wants to bring about the apocalypse and turn everyone in the world into a vampire (essentially). lol

Well, when I got University, I wanted to send the sibs to college. But it is really hard to be an overachiever like I wanted them to be unless your sims study nonstop and never miss class. Caleb, I believe, has resistance to the sun because he clings to his humanity, but I was afraid Lilith would burn up if she set foot outside their house. So I used some cheat code I googled to make them human again so they could just be regular college kids.

The thing is, even though they no longer needed to drink blood, they kept all their remaining vampire traits! So Caleb was getting pop-up "kudos" every day he did not drink blood. But Lilith had a bigger problem.

Because her vampire traits revolved around gorging herself on blood and living up the vampire lifestyle, Lilith refused to eat mortal food. But she also could not drink blood! Every time she ate a regular meal, she would quit after one bite and stand up from the table and just vomit on the kitchen floor. I had Caleb study vampire lore and order her a blood pack on the computer, but her only option was to "clean up" the pack. I went to the vampire town screen (something Hollow) but I couldn't find a plasma fruit tree! So I had Caleb study more until he learned about plasma fruits, a sim-blood substitute, and had him buy some. He made her a "plasma blood salad," but she ate it and still puked!

By this point I had a whole story revolving around this issue. lol Lilith had an eating disorder and her brother was doing everything in his power to help her overcome it. She just stayed at the starvation level all the time because she wouldn't eat ANYTHING. She got ridiculously skinny. And then she got sick and the game warned me that "Lilith is fighting a disease and is losing the battle." (Not a mod.)

I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to start all over. So I had Caleb max out both the mixology and vampire lore skills, then I also had to make him garden a bunch until he had 10 wolfsbane, 10 garlic, and 10 plasma fruit and had both the knowledge and the ingredients to make "The Ultimate Vampire Cure" at the bar. And...

it worked! Lilith was cured FOR REAL and got to savor her first full meal of her entire sim-life. lol

Anyway, I just wanted to share the story because I thought it was really interesting! I've made up some in-depth stories with my sims before but this one had me totally engrossed. lol

What do your sims do? Bonus points if you tell me a sim soap opera. XD I love sim drama.

Donator — Whatever Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/12/22 09:11:18 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

Unfortunately with the Sims (last I played was 2) I tended to get bored and stop after the house building phase

Put ya guns awn!


Voltie Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/12/22 13:22:29 )
Reading this you make me tempted to grab my other laptop and go play Sims 4 to see what stuff my sims would do... Though honestly so far Ive only created the sims, not the house... And would need a proper mouse.. And yes I want the vampire pack, but cant afford it right now ( got 17$ for the rest of the month )

I intend to at some point have every one of my LARP characters I've had so far, created as sims 4 characters. That would definitly be interesting :)

Donator — he/him Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/12/22 16:12:52 )

i had no idea sims could get eating disorders, but i guess for vampires it makes sense (i always have trouble getting my vampires fed, especially if i’m trying to make a good vampire)
also i could NEVER find the plasma tree and i have no idea why?? like,, how am i supposed to feed my vampires?

anyway the only stories i have are:

back when i was like 8 years old, my stepdad had the sims (i think it was 2) and he let me give it a try. he opened a save for me and let me play, and at the time i had no clue what i was doing. SO the stove caught fire, and i was like “wtf wtf wtf wtf” and panicked trying to get the sim to put it out. i had clicked on the stove to try and put it out but it wouldn’t let me, and i guess the sim itself caught fire and i didn’t know that the sim could extinguished themselves if u click on them, and they ended up dying. so yeah, i killed my stepdads sim because i had no idea how to play sims.

the second one is in sims 4, basically i made my simself as my first proper save file, and i had him start dating one of the male townies. we got married and grew old together, and adopted 2 kids, and then tHE FUCKER DIED ON ME. my sim was mourning for AGES and then,,, i got a new laptop and lost the save file, so i guess rip to those kids? that ones not as good a story but i’m sad about that file bc it was a good one and we had a cat ):


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Donator — FluffyBoi Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/12/22 18:00:01 )
Not sure it's as exciting as yours, but in The Sims 3, I had a household I named the Estrogen household, simply because it was so full of females. xD I really wanted to have at least one boy and one girl, but nearly all of my attempts ended in girls. Also, the girls mostly looked like Inuyasha(white hair from mom, yellow eyes from dad). I did finally have a boy(red hair and blue eyes), but lord, it took so many tries! So the house has 5 daughters and one son. I also adopted a dog and a cat, both also female. So it's dad and son versus mom, sisters and pets.
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Voltie — Nayu Posted 4 years ago ( 2019/12/29 03:52:39 )
This thread makes me wanna play Sims again..

I haven’t played since high school haha. The last thing I remember doing was building a giant pool, making them get in, and taking out the ladders.. LOL
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Donator — They Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/01/16 19:50:19 )

I usually just design the houses, play for a bit, and bounce. So the best story I have is when I played a game with my friend. The sim family, we decided, was obsessed with garden gnomes, so we placed them all around. The walkway was literally lined both sides with gnomes. Best one was one we placed across from the toilet. Always watching.

Guess they were a kinky couple because their bedroom was also LINED with mirrors. The whole wall was mirrors. We also insisted that all the bathroom doors we see-through. The dad was a deadbeat, always walked around the house shirtless and in pajama pants and just painted outside every day.


Voltie — Princess Posted 4 years ago ( 2020/01/17 10:21:28 )

I hijacked my husband's game and made a sim just like me and put her next door to his sim. I wanted to have a meetcute girl next door romance thing. So I invited him over to her house and while I was playing as her I kept talking to him and flirting with him trying to get him to fall in love with her. His sim eventually died of starvation while being flirted with because I couldn't really see his stats and I knew he was hungry but didn't know HOW hungry until death showed up with his scythe XD


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