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Forums Feedback Idea for a Gacha System for Older Orbs

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 05:18:58 )

This is a feature I’ve seen in my Japanese app games, and I’ve seen it done with the Breaker Beach event when we exchanged lanterns... so since there is a high demand for older orb items, not enough supply, and a need for a good volt sink... why don’t we do a gacha with past orbs? You’d have to pay 10-20k per orb, and the orb you get is randomized.

We can do this once or twice a year, or keep it around year-round but just change the available orbs per season. You can even limit people to buy a certain amount per month. Change it up however you want to keep that economy strong. xD

The good thing is that since we’ll be paying for the orbs and not the older items, we shouldn’t see a crazy influx of these items since opening them is random chance too. (For example, I got 0 Bayous after opening 20 Bayou orbs... >3> TRUE STORY. And people have told me the tales of wreckage of opening Ryuo orbs...)

I hope my explanation makes sense. Let me know if anything needs to get clarified. ^^


Voltie — they/he Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 05:42:06 )
i like the idea.

Voltie — He/Him/His Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 06:25:24 )
Supporting this idea!
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Donator — thot Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 06:28:57 )

I really like this idea because it doesn't guarantee the rarest items, but gives the chance to get them given people put in the work and spend the volts, which benefits the economy.
Everyone still gets something(Which most likely will be a common orb item, which go for about 2-5k on the market, on average... did not fact check but from experience...), and would encourage a much more lively marketplace. It would also help items that are almost inaccessible now to come back and not become too* high on price and demand that it's impossible to get.

(*They would still be hard to get, since the suggestion is that it's still random, they remain their rarity status in the orb itself, but it wouldn't be impossible like it will practically become soon. Some items are already almost impossible to get unless someone feels charitable.)

In general just in support of this idea, even if implemented in a slightly different way. As long as it has the same goal in sight. (Putting items back in circulation and maintaining a lively marketplace where everyone can achieve things by putting in the work, not rely on other's charity.)


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Donator — He Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 06:34:57 )

A great idea... but i m not sure they will get an okay, since its basically remove the need of people to buy the ohms..
mainly because the use of volts to get items that are supposed to be only available for ohms only

Rather than this, why not just use Valentina's Shop? since its a bit lacking there lol
like combine 2 current premium orbs into a random premium orb..
you can also add some cost in combining them... like 1k ish as a volt sink?

it wont ruin the economy since basically it will cost 2x the current ones, and it isnt guaranteed you get the orbs you want...
no need to mention how hard it would be to get a specific item

and you still need to spend ohms basically to buy the current premium orbs... which could improve the site earning


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 06:46:46 )

@Raxton: Well, the idea is that the new orbs will be ohm only and not available in the gacha. You can also put limitations on the amount people can buy, or which orbs will be available for a limited time.

Ooooohhhh, I’m actually liking your idea with Valentina’s shop as well, since I agree that that shop needs a little bit more action. Maybe the staff can mix our ideas/pick and choose what they want? I’m up for any changes. Just want a way for newer members to get a chance (even if it’s for a limited time) at older items without having to break the bank or ruin the economy with ungodly offers of volts saved up because no one wants to sell the items they want in the exchange. Plus we need a volt sink, any volt sink. xD


Donator — She/her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 08:33:06 )

I like your idea but I agree with Raxton that people will just wait until they can buy them with Volts and it’s important to make Ohms a need.

I think there needs to be a way for older items to exist once again without wrecking the economy and angering users.
Maybe it’s selling old orbs in the shop for a higher amount of ohms then when there were first released. Like maybe 300 ohms each for a limit amount of time. Like during the Christmas event?

However, I do think that the staff is going to do the raffles again during events since the last one was so successful. Maybe that’s the way forward? Myself and others would drop major dough to be able to open old orbs again.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 08:46:52 )

@Totalanimefan: One of my ideas for stopping that is limiting the number they can buy when that orb is in the stores. Like 5 max, whereas when it’s available with ohms you can buy as many as you want. Another way you can deter that is to have whatever orbs are available at the time to be randomly dispersed. So if you put in volts, the orb you get is random. Like you want an Alicorn orb, but get a Bayou instead. There are always ways to think limitations, even upping the volt amount to 50k per pull. They can even do a test run for a week to see what would work and what issues there would be.

While I like raffles, I don’t like how there were so many people who gave a lot only to be left empty handed in the end. /: I paid 30k only to leave with a 2k bucket. At least with the gacha, you get something for the volts you put in, even if it’s not what you wanted. I’m prolly not going to participate in any future raffles since I got wrecked so bad with the anniversary one. ;~; There were also people who didn’t participate because they knew they wouldn’t get anything, so it’s not an optimal volt sink.


Donator — She/her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 08:54:11 )

@Tsundererra: yeah I agree that raffles are a shot in the dark. (I am going to participate in future ones but I understand it’s not for everyone)
Past orbs should be available for only Ohms if originally it was a premium orb. And volts for past common orbs.
Putting past orbs into the shops would probably be a big win for Voltra. I’m sure lots of people would want a chance to open them again.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 09:11:23 )

@Totalanimefan: Raffles can still happen for events~ ^^ This is just another idea for those who don’t want to gamble their volts over chance and want to get something guaranteed. It doesn’t have to be a “this or that” situation.

The point is to have a volt sink, so selling it for ohms-only would take away from that. /: They can try to limit the volt purchase version to a certain amount (5-10), and the ohms one to unlimited if they want to have an ohms one.

I’m only speaking as someone who’s new and struggled to get all the rare premium items... ;A; And most of the time it was for double the price in ohms because the items were so far and few and people did not want to give them up easily... I just want it to be easier for people to not have to break their irl or voltra bank over an item released when they weren’t here. I may be able to pay that amount because I’m fortunate, but I’m sure most people got other priorities to spend that money on, like current crates/orbs or event irl necessities.


Donator — PomePome Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 10:52:40 )
yes thats definetly a nice thing!!!
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Voltie — oink Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 14:03:25 )

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We will take your feedback into consideration. :)

Artist — Frog bless Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 14:35:52 )

So why not split the difference. 2 premium orbs for a random past premium orb. 2 common orbs for a random past common orb. Still a volt sink for the common orbs, but still keeps those premium ohm items ohms only.
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Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/11 16:33:42 )

@Q t e a p o n: Thank you. T^T I didn’t know if it was going to get looked at, but I appreciate ya’ll taking the time to do it.

@Priestess of Pie: Hmmm, it’s a good idea~ But I was thinking of having the premium orbs at 20-50k volt per pull, since the target audience is people like me (got too many volts, nothing I want to spend it on). Keep the costs high to keep people from spending volts to purchase their orbs only.

But if they absolutely refuse to sell the premium orbs for volts, regardless of price, then I’m down for your idea. I’m not picky as long as old rigs can be introduced to newer peeps, and there’s a new volt sink I can use instead of being limited to purchasing current common orb and Vreg. xD


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Voltie — oink Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/12 05:40:51 )

art by acid
Hey guys,

Just wanted to clarify that we have been discussing about his topic and that we will pitch our responses on 10/20/19, 7:30 voltra time. Please join us if you can for the live event. If you are not able to participate we will be sharing a recorded version.

Donator — She/her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/12 09:48:53 )

@Q t e a p o n: thank you for the update. I probably won’t be able to attend since I’ll be in England. Also where can we submit questions for the community discussion?


Donator — Queen Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/12 21:09:36 )
🍬 𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝑔𝑜𝑜𝒹 𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝓅𝑜𝓅𝓅𝒾𝓃' 🍬

Voltie — oink Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/14 02:14:51 )

art by acid
@Totalanimefan: Please use the following form to submit any questions you might have for us.

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Donator — She/her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/10/14 02:26:15 )

@Q t e a p o n: thank you. I couldn’t find it lol

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