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Donator — V.A.G Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/20 17:48:56 )
Hello one and all, My name is Mandy. I am on several avatar sites and websites through the years however my activity has dwindled on those sites in recent years as Ive noticed most of them like Gaia have not quite changed for the better. I am twenty-Eight years old. Yeah yeah I know, old lady here.
I have gone by many names but here, its just Mandy. I live in Canada, work full time and enjoy coming online to unwind from a stressful day at the office sort to speak.

Its wonderful to meet you all fellow Volties! wheres the best coffee around these here parts? xD

P.S I love how aside from hair were all naked right now xD

Donator — ~love~ Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/20 17:53:24 )
Hello Mandy!! Yeah, it's nice to come to another avi site that's free from greedy ones like gaia, nothing really changes there and here we're just getting started !

And I personally don't like coffee, but funny enough I see a hangout with the theme of coffee being made lol!
Embrace the Nekkidness! lol

awesome art by okios <33

Donator — V.A.G Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/20 17:56:30 )

Really? I will have to go and check it out once its all set up! I am not a huge coffee person but some mornings i just cant live without it haha. I dont know if I can..being naked makes me feel vulnerable D;

Voltie — Moody Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/20 17:59:29 )
welcome to the site Mandy!
I am currently making a coffee hangout so that could a good place for your coffee needs.

Donator — V.A.G Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/20 18:03:38 )
@FuuChan: How wonderful, I will definitely be around once its finished, its always nice to have a hangout that tugs at ones heart strings :p thanks for the invite there!

Voltie — Moody Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/20 18:04:46 )
@Mandy Amour:Its ready to be posted in now :)
And no problem. I love to bring all of the coffee lovers to my coffee hangout

If you need my attention for any reason please ping me.
[My Website]

Donator — she/her Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/20 22:44:46 )
Welcome! I hope you like it here!
I often need breaks from avatar sites. (Maybe because my favorites died) but I'm hoping Voltra is so great I never want to leave. Hope to see you around!

Donator — V.A.G Posted 7 years ago ( 2017/08/21 08:28:16 )
@Lina: Thank you so very much for the warm welcome! I am the same way, I lost the few I really loved to be one Crysandrea, Ernya. Its sad but I too am hoping things are so amazing here I never want to leave!

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.