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Forums General Chit-Chat 2024 is a wild ride

Voltie — Moody Posted 1 month ago ( 2024/01/17 03:35:51 )
Moody Says. . .


I came into 2024 confident and i planned to build my portfolio better, lose some weight, but now idk lmao.

First I got pretty sick and I'm still recovering. Been sick for roughly 2 weeks now. Not covid but some sort of sinus cold?

Just when I thought things were not getting worse, my laptop I've used roughly for 8 years that i use for my freelance art died and no job is getting back to me lol.

hopefully everyone's 2024 is going better than mine

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2024/01/19 14:49:53 )
Oh jeez. =O
I hope you're able to replace your computer soon. :c
My new year so far is mostly just snow storms, lots of missed work due to road conditions [surprised I'm not fired yet], and kids being home too much.
My sanity feels... a little worn. XD

Voltie — Moody Posted 1 month ago ( 2024/01/20 05:36:54 )
Moody Says. . .


@Koah: sadly I do not think its possible. so I'm just having to suffer with my 11 inch one that can't be updated past 8.1 so everything crashes every 5 seconds lol.

oof. Hopefully the weather clears up soon.

If you need my attention for any reason please ping me.
[My Website]

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2024/01/20 22:44:14 )
I'm kinda meeting my goals, yet not. I'm taking baby steps to making it to my walking group... so I've just been walking the hallways at my apt complex. It's been to slippery and cold outside to do much of anything... least that what my anxiety is telling me, and everytime I look outside the parking lot looks icey. Hopefully the weather will warm up next week, and no more snow and ice... but we will see.

Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2024/01/23 18:29:14 )
Truly a wild start, yeah. 2024's already shown me some real ups and downs... worst of which is my living situation getting turned on its head due to my grandmother entering independent living, thus the apartment attached to her home where I've been living is no longer an option. Last semester of grad school has just begun so it's nice to see the finish line, but not being there yet means I don't have a well-paying-enough job to afford my own place... fortunately I am incredibly privileged to have my parents' house as an option for now, though admittedly it's a very stressful inevitability for me.
However for a positive note, I finally realized a goal of mine that was a few years in the making: joined a climbing gym!! Fitness has been hard for me as an adult despite being sporty growing up; climbing makes working out feel fun, and I'm actually inspired to treat my body better since I want to improve my strength and tackle harder routes.

@MoodyB: that sounds sooo frustrating about your laptop, and having to deal with old tech (when you don't want to) is the pits. I hope you start to feel better real soon as well!

Stay warm everyone, I'm dealing with the snow and ice as well. It's kind of refreshing to see a snowy landscape, but the icy conditions can be scary! Sounds like we all deserve some hot cocoa for the soul right about now

Voltie Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2024/01/25 18:07:57 )
My brother's house burned down and all is chaos.

Donator — he/him/theirs Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2024/01/29 18:58:07 )
@Vampiretaco: What an intensely traumatic thing to be facing wow, my thoughts and strength are with you & your loved ones... How are you coping thus far, if you'd like to share further?

Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2024/01/30 15:17:53 )
@vampiretaco: I hope everything is getting better for you! For all of us. I might have to be put on oxgygen at night... ever since I had Pnenounia my o2 levels have been crap and I just underwent a sleep study last night and my levels were all over the place. So hopefully it is just at night and not during the day too cuz that would suck.

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2024/02/5 16:48:00 )

Gotta go one day at a time.
There's no longer an investigation into the fire.
I talked about that chaos :here.

On top of the fire. I'm filing 3 different people's taxes. And half of my family has some form of cancer now. That's the whole reason I took the cologaurd test just now. It was negative. Recently another relative got diagnosed with Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma. They're going to have to remove his leg. But even then the outcome is grim. My aunt's son is in 3rd stage pancreatic cancer. My great aunt has lung cancer. They have her on medication to keep the fluid down but it's not going to be long. Her son is the one getting his leg removed. So we don't know who will go first.
My grandfather's brother passed last year from a combination of lymphoma and heart problems. Shortly after that his brother's 2 daughters both died of colon cancer.

@macsen191: was it covid pneumonia?

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2024/02/5 20:10:34 )
@vampiretaco: No. It was a bacterial pneumonia, they gave me a whole bunch of antibitics and stuff and I was out a week later, but I have never been the same since. I still have a small cough from it that never fully went away, but my lungs look clear and everything checks out cept my o2 levels are all over and I was anemic and put on an iron pill.

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2024/02/6 15:42:15 )
Sorry you are going through such hard times.

Donator Posted 6 days ago ( 2024/02/17 00:12:00 )

moodyb: It's only February baby, you got this!

I'm assuming that you are in America, as most on here are. So it would be incredibly hard starting the year off in winter as basically it's time for hibernation. Spring is soon so the weather will get better for you.

Write down some plans for yourself and the steps required to get you where you need to be. Maybe get a journal to do this. In the mean time, go easy on yourself and take care.


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