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Forums General Chit-Chat Please pray for me and my new apartment search

Voltie — He/They Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/18 00:09:00 )
I'm applying for a MICRO apartment. Which is $800 a month. My income is about 3x that but I'm getting a weekend job just to cover extra bills...

Not the best credit ever...but I hope everything falls into plan.

Discuss: do you rent, own, how much do you pay per month?

Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/18 06:43:55 )

        Fingers crossed for you!
        But what- pray tell - is a micro apartment?
        Like a studio?

Voltie — He/They Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/18 20:11:50 )
@Anarchist Beauty:

Yes. A micro apartment (or an aPODment) is usually a small closet sized home. Usually it's between 100-300 square feet.

It's somewhat more affordable, especially if you live downtown.

Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/18 20:16:45 )

        @Stupid: Ah, I see, I see.
        Sounds very smol.
        Tiny houses have come to tiny apartments!

Donator — she/they/him Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/19 02:09:21 )

good luck~
apt searching can be
so hard sometimes

and i live in project housing so
the rent is adjusted to whatever
my income is, which i barely have
an income so it's pretty cheap rn lol
note: i waited 10 years to get into
this type of housing


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Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/19 02:10:41 )
I wish you the best! I'm sure you'll find a suitable apartment. <3

We own our home in a small-ish town. Our mortgage + bills is quite a bit, the house is about 3200square feet. We rent out two rooms and that supplements utility costs. :d We still find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck, unfortunately. But it's nice having our controlled space and the dogs and kids can roam about. Plus we got chickens. hehe. cx

Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/19 13:39:12 )
Good luck! My SO and I rent with our 16 year old son and it's nice, yet I miss the house we had sometimes... but it was getting to be a money trap. The bathroom needed updating, the floors needed work, the foundation, the windows, etc(The house was built in 1880). So we sold as low and got an apt. Now were in a nice place that has accesible bathroom for me and we don't have to mow or shovel anymore so that's the nice part.

Donator — She/they Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/11/20 19:12:27 )
i rent with a partner its 1300 total plus all utilitys we pay half each.
i use to only play 600 for an efficiency living on my own and before that i lived in one even cheaper 550 but they were garbage and im glad to be in a nice apartment plus my cat dave is so happy to have the space to run and play in our 2 bedroom. aaaand i dont have to share my bathroom with strangers ;w;

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