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Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/25 05:01:10 )
@AlexiAkira: well that is neat to hear that there is an lol Suprise! Packets to do, I only see packets out around the holidays it seems.

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/25 05:13:52 )
@AlexiAkira: well that is very cool to hear, yeah walmart normally has them i thinks...

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/25 05:24:41 )
@AlexiAkira: Yeah, I have to do that once in awhile shopping for little kids birthdays/gifts for other holidays. But walmart puts there coloring books in the coloring book isle or elsewhere never in the toy area.

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/25 14:06:57 )
@Q t e a p o n: I've never heard of time blocking before until now, so don't have a clue on anything about it.

Yeah I have a friend over in England area and when it got very hot there I got told. Which it is nice to hear about how the weather is in other areas.

@AlexiAkira: sorry I fell asleep but that's cool

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/25 20:16:46 )
@AlexiAkira: that one looks like fun

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/25 23:47:55 )
@Q t e a p o n: three meeting in one day eek. My day way long, butit stormed here it is to rain now for the next 2-3 days with thunder, and lightening. Been trying to figure out on how I want to draw something. I haven't drawn out anything really in years

Artist Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 00:56:58 )
@FUZZY: Oh I didn't break my arm, I just got injured from crocheting too much so I had to take it easy. Kinda like carpel tunnel but I had it checked out and it wasn't that. Still hurt a lot though. I'm better now but if I try to crochet it flairs up again ;3;

Yeah it's really fun designing spaces :3 I have almost all the DLC lol I really enjoy renovating existing builds, but I do also build from scratch.


Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 01:02:09 )
@Ruby: still doesn't sound fun for the arm, what you do on the sims 4 sounds like a lot of fun. So how was you're day?

Artist Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 02:22:32 )
@FUZZY: Definitely not ;3; I miss crocheting. I still can, just not like I used to. And I've avoided it so I can still do other things without having to rest as much.

It is a really fun game! It's pretty glitchy, but, still fun lol If you're actually playing you make a sim or a household of sims, and then you choose a house or lot to live in, if it's an empty lot you build a house lol but there's lots of starter houses you can buy. Or if you want to put cheats in you can live in any house for free/or give yourself more money lol
And then you basically just choose stuff you want to do, and the interactions you want to have with other sims.
I build more than I play but playing is still fun.

My day was alright after I slept. I had an allergic reaction to a new handsoap so that wasn't fun D;


Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 03:08:53 )
@Ruby: my mum only Crochet around like the winter time or the cooler months, like slippers mittens scarfs, but right now she wasnt to make her own Halloween stuff, which she has me help her.

I haven't played sims in years I've tried playing it on playstation long time ago, and on my phone, on the computer. But its been years.

That isn't good that you had an allergic reaction. Eek glad you got some sleep though, I try not buying certain soaps/deo from the store. Ive bought some from indie brands over the years.

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 03:50:30 )
@AlexiAkira: is it green, red, blue, yellow for crayons?

Artist Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 07:12:36 )
@FUZZY: I don’t really make garments, some hats and a few scarves but I much prefer little dice/trinket bags Or amigurumi 😊

The base game is free now :3 if youre able to you should check it out~ I’m happy to help with any questions if you do :3 Ive only been playing a year and half now but I have over 1300 hours into it lol I easily spend 9 hours on a build and that’s not even to have it done yet lol I like to add lots of little details.

I’ve had a hell of a time trying to find any soap I can stand the smell of, or one that doesn’t smell at all.
It was late at night when I bought this so it had to be just what the store had. And I’ve used the brand in the past. Idk what the hell I reacted to but it wasn’t fun at all. They’re not as swollen today but they’re still a little stingy/sensitive. Hopefully it gets better.


Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 13:25:17 )
@AlexiAkira: good color to go with other good color, sorry fell asleep. Didn't sleep that much though.

@Ruby: there has been some trinket bags over the years that I have seen, and then I'm I wish i could make my own, but sometime some of my fingers they lock up go stiff, and I've tried to Crochet, I aint good i can do 1st chan but thats about it don't know how to start it, my my tried to show me different ways and I was like nope lol.

I 'll pry try to ser if I can play sims 4 again I had a friend that was playing it I think she said she made a moon phases i looks like a mirror but might have been a window I could be wrong though, but. She showed it years ago.

I heard from a dr. that just because we use something for many years over time our bodies choose when it dont like the stuff no more and choose for us to break out in hives. It could from too much scent, how it was made, if it has too much color. Ect

But I do hope that you will get better, sound ouchy painful too me

Artist Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 15:08:57 )
@FUZZY: Yeah it definitely takes some time to get used to haha I'll have to find a pic of some of the bags I made and show you.

If it was of the moon phases and years ago it was probably this wall art from the realm of magic pack
We also now have a crescent moon mirror from the werewolves pack that's really cool

That's true. I think this was also a different kind from that brand, so idk what was in it but my hands did not like it one bit. And thank you I'm a little better today but hoping it'll all go back to normal soon


Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/26 20:31:43 )
@Ruby: no it was all black and a big circle mirror in the center for a full moon maybe like 1-3 years ago. Youre welcome glad your hands are feeling a bit better

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/27 03:48:32 )
@AlexiAkira: how would you make a necklace with the crayons? Twistables are nice to use, I bought some a couple years ago.

Artist Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/27 03:49:05 )
@FUZZY: ah, that had to have been custom content then.

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/27 03:50:53 )
@Ruby: more than likely, but she's never online now so I can't talk or ask her anything anymore. She used to sell Crystals but she closed up shop.

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/27 05:07:45 )
@AlexiAkira: oh that is neat, never though about doing something like that, so it is new to me. I think that crayon wax is pretty in general.

Donator — She/Her Posted 5 months ago ( 2023/09/27 05:29:29 )
@AlexiAkira: what did you try to use, before the ring-pop turned into a sticky mess?
If you can’t say something nice, Don’t say anything at all!

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