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Donator — Female Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/22 06:56:27 )

Nice to see you XD I'm still not coming back, but just wanted to say hi.
Can't believe it's been years since the site first opened!


Donator — Medical Biller Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/22 07:02:07 )
0k, enjoy IRL
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Donator — She/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/22 20:19:11 )

It's nice to see you again! What reminded you of Voltra?


Donator — Female Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/23 06:38:53 )

@Totalanimefan: A lot of avatar sites are dead now, but I'm still checking often on Trisphee...missing old friends and a lot of you guys are on here, so yeah XD You are one of them of course, it's nice to see old faces around. <3 Regardless of what happened in the past, I still have rooms in my heart for old online friends and I don't hold grudges with the site. I moved on and happy with my life ^^


Donator — She/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2023/05/23 23:50:46 )

@Panda: That's good to hear! I'm glad that you are doing well. It's always nice to see an old online friend. I miss my Gaia friends that used to log in but haven't been around in like 10 years.

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator — Any Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2023/05/25 19:20:23 )


@Panda: Oh hello!! I hope you are doing well


Please ping me!

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.