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Donator — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:10:26 )

@Totalanimefan: i was working about 6 days a week, which were usually 12 day stretches with minimal to no sick days :s
it was absolutely gruesome truth be told. i think I'm down to about 25-35ish hours a week, which is a really nice change to working the 50ish hours a week i was working! i think for a good month or so, i was working about 70ish hours? it was painful, but it was between 3 jobs basically

i do wish avatar forums were more popular, absolutely ;u;

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:18:52 )

@arcius: I totally agree. And may I look at your deviantart? Or would that be weird? XD I just saw it in your signature.

Donator — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:24:36 )

@MimikyuToo: you absolutely can! I don't remember if my username is still arcius on deviant art, but! linky
absolutely wouldn't be weird at all to lurk! c:

Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:25:27 )

@arcius: What the heck. How is that many hours every week possible. I'm sorry I complained about 40 + a long commute lol

Remember how popular they were in the 2000's? I miss that. Although I do like that people are nice and friendly on Voltra. That might be lost if it was really popular.


Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:26:14 )

@arcius: Woah! You're really good! Thank you for linking me!
I really enjoy your style!

Donator — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:28:05 )

@Totalanimefan: lol i have no social live just about
so with working that much, i very rarely had time to breath let alone function.
it's so weird not working that much now?? because i got incredibly used to it xD

also, 40 hours a week or more does absolutely suuuuuck omg, don't be sorry one single bit! <3

also, i do remember how popular they once were, not that far back, but, i still remember some of the golden years omgg

@MimikyuToo: not a problem!
and thank you! it's been a bit since I've done any creating, kills me that I've still got fan art of tifa just chillin, waiting to be finished c':

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:44:58 )

@arcius: May I ask why you stopped creating?
I know me personally life just doesn't give me enough time xD
Plus my pen for my ipad stopped working.
I'm hoping to get a tablet soon for my computer to start doodling again.

Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:50:48 )

@arcius: It's good that now you can have time for yourself and others and hobbies. Whatever you want basically.

Yeah the years before social media. I always liked avatar sites better because they were about whatever hobbies you wanted to talk about. (Or if you needed to get something off your chest) and social media and just about showing off. I have a FB account but I'm pretty much never on it cause I actually feel sadder after using it (sometimes more angry too lol)


Donator — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/24 23:58:37 )

@MimikyuToo: i honestly had a lot going on and not enough time to make anything orz
almost constant burnout state, it's fun ;u;
I've at least been able to upgrade from a standard drawing tablet to one of the big digital screen ones, but it's taken me a hot minute to get adjusted to it to say the least xD

@Totalanimefan: i loved the fact that it was easier to connect with people from all around, it's not as easy on standard social media nowadays imo
they've become ultra sketchy places x.x

Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/25 00:09:44 )

@arcius: I agree with you on that too. I made lots of friends around the world and on social media people tend to stick to who they know. Which I guess is better when you show info like your location, and pics and info about yourself that's more personal. I just miss the joy of chatting with people about a subject or hobby that you like. Kinda of like we are now. I guess I shouldn't complain too much cause I do still have Voltra.
Oh and the events on here are still very good. ^^


Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/25 00:23:58 )

@arcius: Ahhh, yea I get that honestly. I was/am the same way.
I get like tiny doodle spurts but like I'm burnt out on doing big pieces xD
Oooooh that's awesome! Hopefully you'll get use to it. I loved my ipad but I think when I switch over to a tablet it'll be hard for me to transition. I've been looking at screen ones to help the transition but I think it'd be financially better to use a tablet that doesn't have a screen lol but we shall see how much I can save up for one XD
Do you mind me asking which brand you went with? I've been looking into huion ones currently.

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/25 23:45:45 )
@arcius: It's, ok that you haven't been on for a moment. Taking care of IRL is important
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Donator — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/28 03:21:34 )

@MimikyuToo: I've been running with a brand called XP Pen for a few years now, the customer service department isn't my most favourite, but their It department is phenomenal omgomg
price wise, I'm a big fan, and product quality is absolutely wonderful as well! biggest draw-back i have is in terms of the software, when i first started running with XP Pen, there was a metric boatload of stuff i had to disable in the windows registry to make things function properly due to the fact that windows 10 is suuuuper fussy with software that is more or less "3rd party" or not issued by Microsoft. it's reallly stupid ackk
but, XP Pen is my brand! I'm overall really happy with it ; u;

(Although, photoshop also isn't a big fan of xp pen from what ive noticed, but it functions beautifully with any other program I've used!)

@Qiqi Agatha: this is true! c:

@Totalanimefan: I do recall being on for a handful of older events, it's been a while since I've hoped on and pushed to get event items though oof
I gotta get caught up on those things ; u;

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/28 03:25:50 )

@arcius: Ahhhhh that doesn't sound fun at all xD I will look into it though xD Thank you.
I was thinking of buying Sai paint or whatever it's called XD I just call it sai xD

Donator — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/28 03:44:14 )

@MimikyuToo: Yeah.. wee bit of a pain on that front, although i think most of the issues i had have been since resolved? or i hope anyway xD

Sai is an awesome program! it's been a while since I've used it, but it is awesome!
I've been using a mix of photoshop and clipstudio when i do make things!

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/28 03:50:05 )

@arcius: XD One would really hope xD

My friends use it and I got to play around on it and it was super cool and easy to use in my opinion. Plus it runs on like anything. /goes to look up what clipstudio is/ Ahhh that's pretty legit~! I used photoshop for a long time never heard of clipstudio till today though. xD

Donator — she/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/28 04:18:47 )

@MimikyuToo: sai's compatibility is absolutely beautiful, tbh.
I loved how simple it was, tbh!

clip is a bit more towards like comic related stuff, although has a whole slew of wonderful features also included that ive yet to play with!
it's been around for a good hot bit now

another program worth looking at is Krita as well!
i adored the ever loving out of krita!
im a space cadet who's lazy with typing 90% of the time
pls ping me

Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/28 04:33:15 )

@arcius: Riiight, it's fantastic

I think it sounds pretty cool tbh

Krita? I'm going to have to look that one up xD
I'm so out of the loop, I haven't done art in a hot moment
Hangout || Questing
Please ping me if I don't reply.

Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2023/01/30 14:39:32 )

@arcius: I’m sure we will have a winter type event soon. I’m not staff so I can’t say. If not we tend to have one in the spring too. ^^
I’m so looking forward to spring. I love seeing everything come back to life.

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