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Donator — wrik Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 19:51:45 )

Buying & selling a house (which means packing & cleaning & painting etc) plus full time job plus general anxiety disorder means I've been suffering from stress hives for the past few days... Itchy... Constantly....

Looked up treatment options and of course there's the antihistamine but it's also like "reduce your stress level" OK I'LL GET RIGHT ON THAT

Tell me about stress or itchiness or idk what you do to destress (so I can try it too lmfao)

Donator — she/they Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 20:31:28 )
My go-to for stress relief is to shut myself in the bathroom with the hot water running. The water sound works as a white noise, and the steam that builds up is like a big warm hug without the complications of other people lol. Its my quick-meditation for when I can't do the real thing.
Ping me, Devil Daddy, ping me.

Donator — wrik Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 20:57:15 )

@Glume: that just sounds wonderful tbh
a mini sauna

Donator — buckaroo Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 21:15:21 )

This may be just a me thing, but I seriously just lay down and stare at the ceiling.
I also like to do self-care and practice my hobbies and go for walks, etc.
But I find when I'm really stressed and overwhelmed, it helps to do absolutely nothing.

Cause even being on my phone or drawing a bath can seem like too much work.
I never get to do.... nothing.
This usually only works when I'm physically stressed, as being mentally stressed I often find it hard to shut of my thoughts.
I can see this not working for someone who is type A though.

Another thing I like to do is eat soup.
Idk, something about a hot bowl of soup is like a band aid for the soul, lol.


Donator — wrik Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 21:36:38 )

@icedchai: you are very right
I totally forgot how much I love just lying on the hardwood floor on my back just... Vibing

I think I absolutely will do that when I get home

Donator — buckaroo Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 21:53:41 )

@wrik: I think I will too, actually.
My car got sideswiped last night while it was parked on the street.
Gonna need to sit and stare for at least an hour T-T


Donator — wrik Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 22:50:59 )

@icedchai: jddjksjdjd seriously?!?! That sucks

Good luck dealing with that mess

We can be laying down on the floor pals

Donator — buckaroo Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 23:27:27 )

@wrik: Word, I'm game.
When in doubt, just lay-on-the-floor-and-stare-into-oblivion it out!


Donator — He/They Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/21 23:29:12 )
(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)ノ Hello there

Ive got this and it makes me insane. I get like so itchy when stressed/nervous and its hurts so much like my skin is boiling. And when i get it i get even more stressed so its an endless circle lol

What i atempt is breating exercises and splashing my skin with cold water also helps

。.:☆*:・ヽ(˵◕ ᴥ ◕˵)

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Donator — She/Her Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/22 01:02:33 )
I don't get stress hives, but I have eczema that gives me stress and I feel like sticks around because of stress? I dunno, but creams don't help me, and the only thing I've found that makes it go away (which I don't recommend) is sunburn lol.

Anywho, things that help me out when I'm stressed are playing video games or watching tv. Also a change of scenery really helps. I don't even have to go far--I just like going to different parts of town I'd otherwise never be and just explore. I never go alone though lol. Stranger danger is very real when I'm alone, so always bring a trusted loved one.

Donator — wrik Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/22 15:15:35 )

@GoblinsAndTea: cold shower sounds very nice...
yesterday I had a bad batch of hives on MY EAR while I was driving and it was awful, felt like I was burning!!

@Aisukohi: ah, excema sucks
I have that type that causes bubbles on my fingers, which I didn't even know was a type of excema until recently

I want a small change of scenery really badly tbh
Maybe I'll try to go on a nice drive this weekend
hi im wrik

closet buying

Donator — She/Her Posted 3 years ago ( 2021/10/22 22:14:19 )
@wrik: Ouch! The bubble kind doesn't sound fun. I have atopic eczema, which means I just get itchy, dry, sometimes scaly patches. I used to have it really bad on the crooks of my elbows that people wondered if I was okay lol.

Yes, go for a drive and maybe a walk somewhere! Really does wonders!
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