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Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:35:13 )

          Keeping Young Heroes Safe from Harm (Mostly) For Over Three Millennia!

          Are you a demigod on the run? Are you being chased by monsters and don't know what to do or where to go anymore? Come join us at Camp Half-Blood where demigods just like you can find safety, train for quests, learn to fight monsters, and work together to solve other modern day demigod problems.

          Come find us at the Delphi Strawberry Service, located on Farm Road 3.141 on the North side of Long Island!

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:35:25 )

          Discrimination & Harassment
          Racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, or any other forms of bullying and harassment are not allowed. Treat others with respect, or enjoy your one way trip to Tartarus.

          Please keep 'txt tlk' to a minimum and use proper English as much as possible when posting in the thread. This is to try and ensure maximum readability for all campers; remember: a lot of demigods have dyslexia.

          This is not a roleplay thread, just a themed hangout, but light on-topic roleplay is still allowed. Just remember to keep the conversation going and do not try to force others into the roleplay scenario you have tried to create.

          Please do not spam the thread. Multiple, repetitive, or posts that don't contribute to the conversation are not allowed.

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:35:33 )

          The director of Camp Half-Blood, Mr. D, will occasionally post announcements or camp changes here, so be sure to keep an eye out for any new announcements! Sometimes he likes to post things and not inform anyone else of the changes he's made. (We are trying to get him to work on that, but you know how gods can be.)

          August 18th
            Camp thread and server opened!

          Feel free to come join the Camp Half-Blood discord server for even more camp adventures!

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:35:42 )

          If you've already been Claimed by your godly parent, feel free to post and let us know which Cabin you'll be joining! If you haven't been Claimed yet you can step up now to try and catch your parents' attention or you can remain unclaimed until a natural sign comes to you. There's no pressure to get Claimed around here, we all know how easily the gods can get distracted.

          If you'd like to get Claimed now, you can take this convenient quiz to help you determine your divine heritage: Who is your godly parent?
          *Note: This is not an official Riordan quiz.

          Important Notes
            True to canon we will not be accepting any children of Hera or Artemis.
            Diverting from canon the Hunters of Artemis will be open to all genders.

          Cabins are listed by numbers for now but if that proves too confusing for campers I will label them by godly parent instead.

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:35:52 )

          Demigods never shy away from healthy competition and our games and activities are designed to bring out the best examples of our teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking. Every so often Chiron will release something fun for campers to do to encourage that healthy competitive drive, test our strengths, and help us hone our problem solving skills.
            To celebrate the opening of Camp Half-Blood not only will there be random page prizes to encourage activity but every new camper - from opening until August 31st - will have their name name entered into a raffle for a chance to win some opening prizes.

            Activities Schedule
              August 18th - August 31st

            Prize List
              1st Place - 5OO Ohms + 5,OOO Volts
              2nd Place - 25O Ohms + 2,5OO Volts
              3rd Place - 1OO Ohms + 1,OOO Volts

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:36:00 )

          Camp Jupiter
            Located in the Oakland Hills of California, this Roman Legion is home to the demigods from the Roman aspects of the gods. Instead of Zeus, Aphrodite, and Hades they're Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto. Same gods, different aspects; just be careful if any show up, calling them by the name they're not presenting as may cause the gods to start 'splitting' and it can be painful for everyone involved.

          Brooklyn House
            Located in Brooklyn, New York the Twenty-First Nome is home to not only the Kane siblings but countless other descendants of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs'. The house is used as a school and training grounds for the Egyptian 'magicians' to study their magic and learn to wield the power they have been born with. (Please keep an eye out for Felix's penguins...)

          Hotel Valhalla
            Located in the Grove of Glasir in Asgard (the mortal entrance being in Boston, Massachusetts) the hotel is normally reserved for those who died in battle, the Norse god Odin and our Activities Director Chiron have reached an arrangement, sort of an 'exchange program'. While inside the halls of Hotel Valhalla, you can never truly die. You will always be resurrected into the main lobby to continue the fun of the Hotel!

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:36:13 )

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:36:18 )

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:36:23 )

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:36:32 )

Voltie — Overlord Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:53:40 )

I am a child of Demeter! Least that is what I be told.


Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 19:59:02 )

      @AshTheAlien: Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! :D
      Demeter is a good one.
      Plant-y powers and such.
      Demeter and Dionysus kids are def the reason these strawberry fields be PUMPING.
      Well that and because Dionysus is stuck with us and can't make grapes for wine. lol

Voltie — He/Him Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:15:01 )
Ooh nice

I just did the quiz and got Hypnos but that could be due to the fact that I'm gonna pass out soon lol

Quiz: whats your favorite place
Me, sleepy: bed sounds good.. yeah, bed..

I'll take it again tomorrow to check if it's the same XD

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:20:09 )

      @Aesyn: Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!
      We are all children of Hypnos when tired, or we wish we were anyway. lol
      Those kids can sleep like no other.
      Living my dream.

Voltie — He/Him Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:24:31 )
Still trying to wake up from childhood and the past two years honestly-


I'll sleep now and wake up tomorrow, hope your day goes well uwu
"I'm the loser of the game you didn't know you were playing."

I lurk a lot. Sorry.
Ping me for a response.

Donator — She/Crazy Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:28:33 )

-comes in to support Ana- ^_^


Donator — whatever Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:28:54 )

Evidently I'm a child of Iris. :o

Please ping me!

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:32:51 )

      @Aesyn: Sleep tight!

      @dragoness129: Well, there is a dragon guarding Half Blood Hill, so this fits. xD

      @CooperationIsKey: Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!
      With all this rainbow stuff, I have absolutely no doubt that you'd be a child of Iris.

Donator — She/Crazy Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:36:45 )

Ah, sweet!
-watches over everyone- ^_^


Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2021/08/18 20:43:09 )

      @dragoness129: Yep yep!
      Peleus the dragon guards the Golden Fleece that be keeping our skins safe.

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