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Creative director — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/11/19 04:34:35 )
Welcome to an officially unofficial guide to Voltra's NPCs.
I hope these brief overviews of the many characters Voltra has to offer is enough to tide you over until our official Knowledge base update is ready to launch.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them!

Last Update: October 9th, 2021

Creative director — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/11/19 04:34:59 )
Shop NPCs

Name: Valentina Tinker (Diorite)
Occupation: Owner of Reduce, Reuse, Reinventions / Inventor
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'9"
Home Realm: Metal Realm
Relations: Vaughn (adopted father), Bernard (roommate)

Likes: Inventing, Collecting Junk, Taking Things Apart, Puns
Dislikes: Tidying Up, Being Bothered at Work, Tea and Unsweetened Coffee, Formal Attire
Favourite Animal: Bernard

Wildly eccentric and endlessly curious, Valentina was born to be an inventor. She is dedicated to making new discoveries and breakthroughs in technology and machinery, and is always excited when she learns something new. This often leads to her being shut off from the outside world and missing out, and she’s usually caught up in her own research.

It’s debatable whether Valentina’s courageous or just oblivious when faced with grave danger, as it’s extremely rare for her to show fear or concern in tense situations. She’s also not one to get embarrassed easily, choosing to either not acknowledge it or to laugh it off and move on. When out of her shop, she has an adventurous spirit and loves to explore.

Name: Vanora Aria
Occupation: Owner of High-Rise Accessories
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'7"
Home Realm: Sound Realm
Relations: Mayor Volkan (father), Vivienne (girlfriend), Timberland (pet)

Likes: Bright Colours, Crystals, Gem Stones, Eccentric Fashion, Anime, Spicy Food
Dislikes: Conflict, Negative Energy, Boring Outfits
Favourite Animals: Cats and Dragons

Vanora’s a very chill person to be around, approaching life with a positive and carefree attitude. She hates drama and conflict and will do everything within her power to diffuse any situation that shows up. She’ll also help anyone in need and do whatever she can to encourage others.

She likes to have fun, enjoying spending time with her friends and going on adventures. She approaches most situations with an open mind and a positive energy, and loves to make new memories.

Name: Velvet Wattson
Occupation: Owner of City Rack
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'1"
Home Realm: Electric Realm
Relations: Vincent Wattson (father), Mother (deceased)

Likes: Journaling, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Collecting Wigs, Sunsets
Dislikes: Getting Wet, Ketchup, Tomatoes, Being Compared to Her Father

Confident and honest, Velvet can sometimes be mistaken for bratty or snobbish, but nothing could be further from the truth. She cares a lot about others and always does whatever she can to help others look and feel their best. Still, she can get a little pouty when frustrated!

She may be of a wealthy background, but she doesn't like to be associated with that. Velvet works harder than most to carve her own path and try to find her own success. She has an eye for fashion and a passion for bringing beauty to Voltra.

Name: Violet Frost
Occupation: Owner of Joyful Jamboree
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'10"
Home Realm: Ice Realm
Relations: Virgil (twin brother)

Likes: Lolita Fashion, BJD, Stuffed Animals, Parties and Events, Tea, Sweets, Reading
Dislikes: Crunchy Lace, Party Poopers, Unfairness, Bitter Food
Favourite Animal: Bubble Eye Goldfish

At first glance, Violet appears to be a very mature, poised, and refined young woman. And while she is certainly all of those things, the longer one spends with her, the more clear it becomes that she is in actuality a goofball. Violet’s main goal in life is to make others happy and help them have fun, and isn’t afraid to be silly to do so.

She can be best described as a ‘big sister’ type, acting as a reliable source of advice and comfort for anyone who seeks it, while also being quick to tease. She’s highly protective of those who are close to her, and her pleasant demeanour shouldn’t be underestimated.

Name: Virgil Frost
Occupation: Cashier of Joyful Jamboree, Artist
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'10"
Home Realm: Ice Realm
Relations: Violet (twin sister)

Likes: Conceptual Art, Vinyl Records, Black Coffee, Obscure Bands, Quiet Time
Dislikes: Parties/Social Gatherings, Capitalism, Societal Expectations, Corruption, Dairy Products
Favourite Animal: Earless Seals

Cynical and sardonic, Virgil has a reputation for being unapproachable. He often feels as if he’s misunderstood and tends to self-isolate as a result, making his social circle small. He’s known for his bad attitude, which can result in him acting rude or sarcastic on occasion.

Virgil is highly intelligent, but tends to lack motivation and the ability to apply himself. However, if there is a subject he truly cares about, such as art or politics, he will give it his all and put his entire heart into it. He’d do anything for the few people he allows himself to get close to, and will constantly fuss over and take care of them.

Name: Vivienne Harper
Occupation: Owner of Vivacious Hair/ Hairstylist
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'2"
Home Realm: Sound Realm
Relations: Vanora (girlfriend), Timberland (pet)

Likes: Animals, Baking, Flowers, Dancing
Dislikes: Throwing Things Out, Public Speaking, Cold Temperatures, Rudeness
Favourite Animal: All of Them

A sweet and bubbly girl who loves to have fun with her friends. Vivienne can be a little naive at times, such as realizing that her feelings for Vanora weren’t just platonic, and that they were reciprocates. She’s also known to be shy and easily flustered, especially in uncomfortable situations.

She has a lot of love to give to those in her inner circle, and despite her innocent demeanour she’s fully capable of being playful and teasing them.

Name: Vontell Capala
Occupation: Owner of Dashing Kicks / Author
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'11"
Home Realm: Electric Realm
Relations: Leo (Companion)

Likes: Hardcover Books, Big Words, Romantic Ideals, Philosophy, Studying Magic
Dislikes: Unsolved Mysteries, Plagiarism, Writer's Block, Agents of Entropy
Favourite Animal: Capybara

Vontell is a very intelligent and curious man, traits that often wind up getting him into trouble. If faced with a challenge or mystery, Vontell will be the first on the scene trying to find the answers. This curiosity often leads him into dangerous situations, but it hardly ever deters him.

Incredibly optimistic and idealistic, Vontell is also known to be a bit of a dreamer. This can come off as naive at times, choosing to find the good in things and seek peaceful, logical resolutions instead of allowing things to escalate. However, he is good at it, making use of his natural charm and charisma to soothe tensions and calm those who need it.

Name: Vyctor Bleu
Occupation: Owner of Vyc's Modz, Tattoo Artist, Body Modder
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'3"
Home Realm: Ice Realm

Likes: Spicy Food, Body Modifications, Punk/Alternative Fashion, Sports (Especially Volleyball)
Dislikes: Messes/Disorder, Sweets, Puns, Expectations

Vyctor is a very laid back and chill guy. Most things don’t bother him and he can take any situation in stride. He’s sometimes seen as a little lazy, not getting himself involved unless he absolutely has to. However, this isn’t to say he doesn’t have his wild-streak. If something does catch his interest, he’ll give it his all in a rare display of energy. He can become strangely competitive if egged on.

He’s good humoured and likes to mess with people sometimes to get a reaction. However, Vyctor is also known to act as the voice of reason if the situation calls for it, and keep everyone else anchored and balanced. He’s a great listener, and a good friend to turn to for advice or favours.

Name: Vigo Aurora
Occupation: Owner of Cafe Cerise
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'0"
Home Realm: Ice Realm
Relations: Luka (Apprentice / Ward)

Likes: Antiques, Tea, Classical Music
Dislikes: Grime, Idleness, Improv Comedy
Favourite Animal: Ermine

Refined, sophisticated, and mysterious, there is a lot about Voltra's newest shop keeper that is left to be discovered. While Vigo may seem cool and unapproachable at first glance, his inviting sense of allure becomes clear as soon as you're able to speak with him. There's no wonder he often takes on the role of an accommodating host to all of his guests and customers.

Vigo also has a very business-oriented mindset that drives him as an entrepreneur. He often goes out of his way to assist those in need, most often by adopting a "help them help themselves" approach. Rumour has it that he is also a very experienced magic user and has been experimenting with some interesting spells.

Name: Luka
Occupation: Apprentice Baker at Cafe Cerise
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 4'11"
Home Realm: Unknown
Relations: Vigo (Mentor / Guardian)

Likes: People Enjoying His Food, Festivities and Parties, Animals, Tea
Dislikes: The Dark, Being Alone, Peas
Favourite Animal: Penguins

Luka is a very polite young man, mainly because it's the easiest way he's learned to communicate. He truly fears being alone again, and works hard to be kind to everyone, even if they do not deserve it.

However, he is very slowly building up his self-confidence and trying to discover his own worth through his love of baking, which is encouraged by Vigo allowing him to experiment in Cafe Cerise's bakery. In this and everything he attempts in life, he always tries his best, no matter what.

Creative director — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/11/19 04:35:19 )
Cirque Ad Infinitum NPCs

Name: Arika
Occupation: Snake Charmer
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'8"
Relations: Berinhard (husband), Rest of Cirque (found family), Beau (pet), Mother and Father (deceased)

Likes: Snakes, Flashy Clothing, Spicy Food

Personality: Outwardly she appears very calm, cool, and collected, giving her a very mysterious energy. However, Arika has a very warm heart and tends to act 'motherly' towards those she is close to. She especially shows this towards Ran, who she feels protective of, and Connie, who she tries desperately to reign in.

Arika has a bit of an alluring presence, especially while she is performing. Some may mistake this as flirting, but she is endlessly devoted to her husband, and has been since they were children.

Name: Berinhard
Occupation: Strongman
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'3"
Relations: Arika (wife), Rest of Cirque (found family), Father (taken from)

Likes: Determination, Courage, Exciting Battles, Protecting Others, Rousing Speeches
Dislikes: Others in Peril, Injustice

Personality: A warm and humble guy who just wants to make the world a better place. He's very positive and loves to do all he can to encourage others and treat them with kindness and respect. While he's always excited to participate in friendly spares and feats of strength, Berinhard is a pacifist at heart and never wishes to harm others unless absolutely necessary, choosing to use his strength to protect others.

He's very in-tune with his emotions and isn't afraid to cry. It's very easy to move his heart.

Name: Constance
Occupation: Clown, Treasurer, Administrator
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 4'9"
Relations: Cirque (found family), Mother and Father (taken from)

Likes: Money, Managing Paperwork, Repetitive Motions for Soothing
Dislikes: Food Waste, Emotional "Mushy" Moments, Anxiety Attacks

Constance is famously a handful, lacking in social tact, manners, and patience. She can't help but be brutally honest, and often dishes out insults freely. Despite this rude attitude, she doesn't lack in empathy, and does have a warm side she reserves for those she's close to. This especially shows in her interactions with Ran, who she is very attached to. She suffers from anxiety and often has to calm herself. She's also known to fly into angry rants if provoked, so it's best to avoid setting her off.

She is also very business oriented, running the books for Cirque ad Infinitum and doing what she can to make sure the other members are being fiscally responsible. Unsurprisingly, she's very detail-oriented and a master at organization.

Name: Io
Occupation: Oracle
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'5"
Relations: Cirque (found family), Mother (abandoned), Veles (formerly possessed by)

Likes: Tea, Silence, Incense, Helping Others
Dislikes: Being Touched, Opening Up, His Scars

Despite his youthful appearance, Io is mature beyond his years and is a good source for insight and advice. He speaks in a very soft and calm tone, and despite the barriers he always seems to hold up, is genuinely welcoming and kind to anyone that visits him. Since his powers developed, all he's ever wished to use them for was helping others. (Well, he also uses them to entertain, but that's helping in a way.)

Although he does his best to not bring it up, he suffers from a very poor self image and doesn't value himself highly. He carries a lot of baggage from his past trauma, but doesn't wish to trouble others with it. He tends to keep to himself, as he's afraid to let others get close to him. Despite this, he does allow those within his circle break down those barriers from time to time, especially Lin, who always seems to find a way to get him to speak up. Despite his usual cool exterior, if you know how to tease him just right, you can easily get him flustered and shy.

Note: These are from the 2018 Reaping Ritual event.


You inspect the page. It's worn and weathered, dated from over thirteen years ago. The writing is messy and amateur, as if written by a child.

May 4th
I’m scared. Mommy said to wait on the steps and I did, but she never came back. The people here say this is my home now… But I live with my mommy!

They gave me this book to write in… I don’t know what else to say. Good night book.

May 5th
I want to go home.

May 6th
Does she hate me now? Was I bad? I’ll do all the chores and be good forever if I can go home. I’ll stop talking about the pictures in my head.

The other kids want to play… But I don’t want to. I feel sad.

May 9th
I played today. I told the boy no at first but he said he wouldn’t leave until I tried. So I did. I was shy but it was fun even if I didn’t talk much.

He is nice. His name is Lin.

After reading the page, you see a flash before your eyes. It’s a brief image of a small boy curled up in the corner of a room littered with toys and shelves of children’s books. He clutches his diary in his hands as another red-headed boy approaches him with a smile.


This page looks identical to the Starling. It's also dated over thirteen years ago.

May 15
I play more with Lin now, but I'm not sure about the others.

May 18
Lin said he wanted me to meet some of his friends. I was scared but... I trust Lin.

I said okay and it was fun.

After reading the entry, an image flashes in your mind of Cirque ad Infinitum as you know them. Only a lot smaller and more innocent. Playing together.

August 20
Today a man in funny clothes came. He says he wants to adopt me, but what does that mean?

August 26
The man in funny clothes keeps visiting. Will he by my new papa?

September 5
Oh, he stopped coming. I guess he didn't want me just like mommy. The girl who feeds us yelled at him.

You see another flash, and you recognize this face as well... Smolkie, although slightly younger and sitting with a small Io. He smiles down at the boy warmly, patting the top of his head.


Another old page, although it seems to be more recent than the first. While still a child’s writing, it’s a little more refined now. The pages are dated to over nine years ago.

August 9
We started performing together on the street for money and… it’s a lot of fun! I’m glad people don’t think I’m weird. Lin’s really good at attracting a crowd, but it’s kind of embarrassing too, having so many people watching. I’m glad Lin doesn’t mind when I hide behind him. He never makes fun of me for it so I don’t feel as bad. He’s really nice.

Berinhard’s been doing better too! Arika’s been taking care of him. He’ll become strong soon. Ran can do really cool moves, and Connie’s really good at making people laugh even if she’s fussy sometimes. I’m happy we’re all together!

You see a vision of the troupe as children, performing amateur versions of their act on a street corner. A crowd is entertained, and Io hides behind Lin, a small but genuine smile on his face as he watches his friends.

August 13
Ran was feeling sad today so I wanted to do something nice for her. There’s a butterfly hair clip in the shop window down the street I want to buy for her. I saw a vision of her smiling, so I think it’s the right choice.

August 14
I found Ran crying and decided it was a good time to give her the clip! She let me put it in her hair and I told her it looked nice on her. She seemed really happy about that, so I’m glad she likes it.

August 18
I had a vision Berinhard fell off the swing earlier and hurt his knee badly. So I told him not to go on the swing today. He thanked me and patted my head. It was kind of embarrassing but nice. I’m glad he’s okay!

You see Ran curled up in a corner, Io knelt before her. Io gently places the butterfly clip in her hair before giving her a warm smile, and she blushes, smiling back.


In slightly better condition than the previous pages, this one was dated for over six years ago.

February 9
Something strange happened.

It was snowing out and I didn’t want to catch a cold, so I stayed in while everyone else played outside. I was sitting in the playroom watching them from the window when I heard a man’s voice talking to me. I turned around and there he was! I didn’t even hear him walk in.

It’s really weird… I remember seeing him. He dressed really fancy and he was smiling a lot. But I can’t remember what his face looked like at all, no matter how much I try. It just.. Looks like a blur in my mind when I try to picture it. It was only an hour ago, too.

There’s a lot of adults who come here looking to adopt kids so I thought he was here for that. But he just told me that he’s been waiting to meet me for a long time. He introduced himself as Veles but I don’t know anyone by that name. He told me we’d be meeting again… and then he left?

I don’t understand why he came here, but I feel nervous about it...

You see Io sitting against a window as a tall man looms over him. You can't make out his face either, merely the idea of a face. The only detail you can make out is a toothy smile as he bows towards the boy. There's slight worry in Io's bright eyes.


It seems to be a continuation from the last page, still dated over six years ago.

February 10
The man came again today. He wasn’t lying. Why can’t I see any visions of him before he arrives? I still can’t remember his face either. I wonder if I’m losing my powers, or worse. I’m afraid to tell anyone.

In fact, you’re the only one I’ve told about him, diary.

This time I saw him in the halls. He came up to me and said that I shouldn’t worry, that I’ll “understand soon enough”. What does that mean? I tried to ask but he kept walking. He was gone just before Lin came out of his room. He asked what was wrong but I just told him I didn’t feel okay. He pet me and it didn’t feel nice. I felt bad about lying...

February 11
I looked out the window and saw the man looking up at me from across the street. I turned to see if anyone else was looking, but nobody was. When I looked back he was gone. How did he move so fast?

February 12
I didn’t see him again today. Maybe he’s gone. Maybe it was all in my head?

You see from Io's eyes, looking out the window. Veles is dressed in a fine suit, his jacket draped over his shoulders and fluttering in the snowy winter wind. He's looking straight back at Io, and grinning.


This seems to continue from the other pages as well, also dated over six years ago.

February 14
I had a scary dream last night that Lin was crossing the street and got hit by a car. I told him not to go outside today and he agreed. We all played a board game together! It was really fun. I’m glad he’s safe.

February 15
I had another nightmare. This time Lin was climbing a tree and fell on his neck. So today when we were playing outside, he wanted to climb our tree but I begged him not to. He asked me why not and I told him I wanted to build a fort instead.

I don’t want to scare him.

February 16
Another dream where Lin dies. Why do these keep happening? I need to tell Lin to avoid the park today.

February 17
Another dream. They keep getting more graphic. I’m starting to wake up crying. I don’t want to see Lin like that. I need to keep him safe. I can’t lose him.

February 20
They won’t stop. It’s been every night and it’s getting harder to prevent them. I’m scared... I don’t know what to do, but I’d do anything to stop this.

February 21
Please make it stop. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Pl e ase.

You see a vision of Io sitting up in bed, panting heavily as he clutches his chest, tears pouring out of his eyes as he struggles to breathe.


The page is also from over six years ago.

February 22
I don’t know what to write. This just happened and I’m still not sure how to process it. I had the worse dream yet tonight… I saw the orphanage burning. This time everyone was trapped inside. Lin, Arika, Berin, Connie, Ran… I had to wait outside and watch them suffer, scream and plead for help. When I tried to approach, the fires would only burn hotter. I knew it wasn’t a dream. I was seeing the inevitable. But when? How could I stop it? What could I do?

When I woke up… The man was in my room. Veles. I still can’t make out his face. He was sitting on my dresser and smiled, and I felt afraid. His words are sticking in my mind, so I’ll write them down:

“Don’t be afraid, little Io. I’ve been watching you for so long and you didn’t worry then. Tell me, are those dreams scaring you? I bet they are. And as they should. You can’t protect them forever. You don’t have that power. I could, however, offer you a solution to all your woes. I could grant you the gift to protect them forever, but I’ll need something in exchange. Would you like to make a deal?”

Even if I am afraid, I didn’t trust him. So I told him no. He only grinned and said he’d be back to ask again.

I opened my eyes again. Was it just another dream? I have a bad feeling.

I need to check for fire hazards today, and make sure Connie hasn’t been up to any trouble. Just to be safe.

You see Io curled up in his bed, chatting to a casual Veles. The strange man never once drops his smile.


It continues from over six years ago.

March 1
I don’t sleep well anymore, and I think it’s affecting me. I hate closing my eyes and seeing my friends hurt, it makes me feel sick. But I also need to see it, to know how to stop it. I’m running out of excuses to tell everyone for why I’m always so tired.

Are we cursed? Why are they all destined to die? Why them?

I’ll save them. I’ll find a way to stop this.

March 3
We took a trip to the library today. It was peaceful and I felt relieved. It was also a good way to distract everyone away from the ice cream shop. That would have been a disaster.

Connie was complaining a lot, but Arika found some books to read her. Lin and I slipped away from the kids section, and Ran followed us. I’m not sure why she didn’t join us. She was just lagging behind. She didn’t seem happy. I wonder if she was bored?

I found a book about breaking curses in the magic section, so I hope I can find something in it that will help. I’ll try them all if I have to.

March 6
They aren’t working.

March 10
Nothing is working!

You see Io sitting over a large open tome, papers scattered around him. They're all covered in notes and scribbles, it's clear that he has been at this for a while. He tugs his hair out of frustration as he flips to another page.


It's another page dated over six years ago.

March 15
I’ve decided to make the deal with Veles if he shows up again. I’ll give him anything.

March 16
I dreamt of Lin being eviscerated and He appeared again. Did he know I was ready?

We talked and we made a deal, but it was really weird. He said he would need a home and two windows. I didn’t understand what that meant or how I’m supposed to get it for him. He said I had the ability, so I told him I’d ask the staff if he could stay with us.

He said that’s not what he meant. He told be he would return soon to collect before disappearing in thin air. Was agreeing the wrong thing to do? I’m beginning to feel nervous.

Nevermind. He’s back. I’ll continue after.

The handwriting drastically changes, and this is not written in Io's pen.

This journal sure is quaint, isn’t it? Well! Since he can’t return, I suppose I’ll have to continue for him.

This poor fool of a child really believes his dear ole friend has been saved, but he merely secured an expiration date. Humans are such fun little creatures to toy with! Especially since they come with so many removable parts. How gullible he was to hand them over to me so easily.

I do hope his precious little family has fun cleaning up the mess it made. I’ve heard red is hard to remove from a carpet.

You see a vision of Io lying on the ground alone. He's in the fetal position, holding his face and crying out in pain as his own blood pools around him.


It's still over six years ago, but six months have past since the last page. The writing is now in braille, although it seems to be a struggle for Io still.

September 21
They want me to write again. It’s still hard, but I’ll try.

Even after all this time, it still hurts. I don’t like people seeing me like this.

September 22
He laughs in my head. His home.

September 25
Everyone tries to include me. Like it used to be. I’m not who I used to be.

I miss them too, but I hope they give up. I hope they leave and be safe. I’m tainted now. It’s too dangerous.

He wants to know what I’m writing. He can’t read braille. He only has my sight.

He stole it. He tricked me.

September 30
Lin refuses to leave me. I did this to keep him safe. What if I end up hurting him?

Lin is trying to convince me that we’ll leave here together. All of us. Finally start our carnival for real. Travel the realms. But what good would I be to them in this state?

I don’t trust Veles. He keeps taunting me. I’ll learn how to silence him.

You see Io sitting in bed, his face bandaged up, struggling to write.


This page is more recent, still written in braille. It's dated over four years ago.

June 14
Veles managed to reach me in my dreams again last night. I’d been doing well to keep him silenced, but he hates that. I knew he was scheming. He had that smile again.

He wants to ruin everything we’ve built together. He wants to destroy our peace.

He wants to use our show to collect souls for himself, and if I refuse, he’s threatening to use my powers to hurt my friends. I didn’t understand at the time, but I suppose it means I have something in me I haven’t unlocked yet. That troubles me. But I will not give him what he wants.

I won’t harm innocent people. I won’t betray my friends... My family. I need to leave.

June 15
I tried to run away while everyone else was asleep, but Lin caught me. He can always sense when something isn’t right. It’s strange I didn’t see it coming, but perhaps it’s Veles tampering again. He makes it hard to see my own destiny.

He easily encouraged me to confess. It’s hard to lie to my dearest friend. He told me not to worry, that we will handle this together. That we’ll tell the others and let them make their own decisions. I’m not sure. I don’t want to involve them. They’re too loyal to me, even after all I’ve done. I can’t burden them with this task as well.

They’re too kind-hearted to endure this. I hope they all agree to leave without me.

June 16
They refuse to leave me alone.

They say we're in this together. Why? I'm scarred. Tainted. Why don't they leave and save themselves?

You see the troupe, a couple years younger than they are now. They are gathered around Io and offering him encouragement. There's a sense of misery on his face, despite the smiles they offer him.


This page is very new, dated to a recent year in fact.

October 1
Veles has decided to strike a deal with me once again. He says there are two souls he wants during our upcoming visit to a city named Voltra. It’s impossible not to know. He means the immortal spirits Trick and Treat. I don’t trust him with that power, especially with how deeply it would affect the balance of the realms to have them disappear.

He assured me it would be the end of our original deal. I’m ashamed to admit, I am tempted. I could spare my family from this life of atrocity. They wouldn’t feel obligated to help me any longer.

That’s what I would say if I didn’t already know that Veles is lying to me. We’ve been at this game since I was 13 years old. I’m no longer a child. He saw to that the day he robbed me of my eyes. I’m no longer innocent. Trusting. Foolish.

He lashed out when I refused, and I felt as if my head would split open at any moment. He’s getting stronger, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold him back for much longer.

October 3
He managed to take control of my body today. It wasn’t for long, but it’s showing that our power balance is tipping. I won’t be able to stop him. He knows I’m scared now, he’s taunting me. Saying what he’ll do to my family if I don’t do as he demands.

He must be desperate if he’s evolved to threats. And I must be desperate to fall for them.

I’ll speak to Lin about setting up a deal with the spirits to host their event in order to lull Veles. But this is no trap for Trick and Treat.

I’ll end him myself so he can never hurt anyone again.

You see Io pulling out strange looking books. They're ancient, but you can't even read the cover. It's completely in braille. He looks determined.


October 24
I’ve done nothing but continue my research on dark entities since I’ve made my deal with Veles, and judging by his smug attitude, he’s been none the wiser. Good. I will be hiding these pages in case my plan fails, so if you are reading this now: Hello, and I apologize.

On each page I have hidden a part of the spell. It is a sigil, invisible to the naked eye, but when the pages are combined it will help activate a powerful spell. This spell will transport the caster into the astral plane, the realm in which Veles currently inhabits. This is his domain, and it will be the only way to stop him forever.

That, or killing the host. If it comes to this, I understand and I encourage you not to hesitate. My troupe will be sad, but if it keeps them safe, I accept my fate.

If you choose to cast the spell, be very careful. While Veles is vulnerable in this domain, he also has the power to harm any who enters. Even separated from your body, if you die in the astral plane, you will die for real. I do not wish for anyone to die in order to correct the sins of my past.

Be safe. You are our last hope. Do what must be done, as Veles will stop at nothing. - Io

Name: Lin
Occupation: Ringmaster
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'0"
Relations: Cirque (found family), Father (deceased)

Likes: Entertaining, The Spotlight, Card Games, Flirting
Dislikes: Small Spaces, Loss of Control, Failing

When in public, Lin's often appears larger than life, and while he is playing it up, it's not all a performance. Charismatic and strong-willed, Lin is the heart of Cirque ad Infinitum. We would do anything and everything to take care of them and keep them safe, even to the point of laying down his own life should he have to. He always tries to keep up a strong facade around them, even if deep down he's worried.

Lin absolutely fears failure, and will do everything he can to avoid letting anyone down. Despite this, he'll confidently take on any challenge, not matter how reckless it is.

Name: Ran
Occupation: Acrobat
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'1"
Relations: Cirque (found family), Mother (deceased)

Likes: Kindness, Butterflies, Rom Coms, Boba
Dislikes: Her Stutter, Anxiety, Spicy Food

Despite having a job that is all about keeping people's attention, Ran is incredibly shy and gets nervous easily. Her stutter, while always present, gets stronger the more anxious she becomes. Although anxious with crowds, she is very friendly and enjoys meeting with people one on one. Ran has a very romantic heart and gets moved easily by acts of kindness and chivalry. She is also very sentimental, cherishing any gifts or letters that were given to her and keeping them stored away safely.

She is highly dedicated to those she is close to, and will always do her best to be there for them.

Creative director — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/11/19 04:36:52 )
Guardian NPCS

Name: Frizz
Occupation: Guardian of Voltra, Owner of Ohm-My Gosh Imports
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 4'10"
Home Realm: Voltra
Relations: Static (brother), Spark (brother)

Likes: Toys, Candy, Going on Adventures, Voltra
Dislikes: Being Ignored

Personality: She may be the smallest of Voltra's Guardians, but she's also the most full of energy! Frizz is playful, spunky, and always looking for something fun to do. Sometimes this leads to her acting a little too hyper for her own good and getting into some mischief. While she is usually very childish, she knows when to be responsible, especially for the sake of Voltra's well being.

Her guardian form resembles a wooly pig.

Name: Spark
Occupation: Guardian of Voltra, Host of "The Surge"
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'11"
Home Realm: Voltra
Relations: Static (brother), Frizz (sister)

Likes: An Audience, Designer Clothing, Being Famous, Voltra
Dislikes: Being Ignored, Agents of Entropy

Personality: The self appointed "big brother" of the Guardians, Spark loves to stand out and draw attention. He lives to be ostentatious and dramatic, seeing the world as his stage and his life as a one man play. And while he's absolutely conceited, it doesn't mean he doesn't care about others. In fact, he loves every citizen of Voltra just as much as he loves himself, if not more, and would do anything for them.

Despite his pure, raw confidence, Spark is a total birdbrain and tends to let a lot of things fly over his head. Never expect him to show up on time for anything.

His guardian form resembles a phoenix.

Name: Static
Occupation: Guardian of Voltra, Owner of Ohm-My Gosh Imports
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'4"?
Home Realm: Voltra
Relations: Spark (brother), Frizz (sister)

Likes: Quiet Time, Gaining Knowledge, Voltra
Dislikes: Too Much Attention, Agents of Entropy

Personality: Known as the Guardian of few words, Static is almost always very calm and quiet. He tends to keep more to himself and rarely opens up. However, he is an excellent listener and a many find it very easy to speak with him, especially since he gives very good advice. Static tends to think very logically and is able to convey wisdom in very simple to understand words.

A good way to get him talking is to ask him about one of his many interests, as he loves to research many topics and learn more about the world. It always makes him happy to be able to discuss random subjects and be able to share the information he's acquired.

His guardian form resembles a goat.

Creative director — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/11/19 04:37:13 )

Name: Volkan Aria
Occupation: Mayor of Voltra
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'9"
Home Realm: Sound Realm
Relations: Vanora (daughter), Unnamed Wife (traveling)

Likes: Sweets, Family, Politics
Dislikes: Trouble, Disorder

Personality: A kind and sweet man who's always doing his best to ensure the well-being of Voltra and it's inhabitants. He may come off as silly and bumbling at times, but he can show true strength and leadership when it really matters. He'd do anything for this city, to the point he often overdoes it and gets lost in his work.

Name: Vaughn
Occupation: Explorer
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'1"
Home Realm: Metal Realm
Relations: Valentina (adopted daughter)

Likes: Cigars, Adventure, History
Dislikes: Injustice,

Personality: A cool, calm, and charismatic man with a flare for adventure. Some may mistake him for being reckless, but he never makes a move that isn't well thought out and calculated. He's really good at acting under pressure and adapting to any situation he finds himself in. It's extremely hard to get under his skin, but it's not hard to be at the receiving end of his sarcastic wit.

Name: Vichard H. H. King
Occupation: Heir, Electrical Engineer
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'4"
Home Realm: Electric Realm
Relations: Vregory (brother), MICH (robot drone)

Likes: Technology, Robots, Money, Scheming
Dislikes: Failing, Being Teased, His Brother

Personality: Hot-headed and irrational, it's not difficult to get on Vichard's bad list, and watch out if you do. He holds a grudge and will go out of his way to get his revenge... Unfortunately, he's not very good at enacting any of his plans. He's highly dedicated and intelligent, but he's not very clever and is often his own undoing. Likes to think of himself as sophisticated and better than most, but deep down is highly self-conscious and messy.

Name: Vregory R. King
Occupation: Having a Good Time
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'5"
Home Realm: Electric Realm
Relations: Vichard (brother), Eugene (best rat friend)

Likes: Goodies, Adventures, Rat Friends, Trash
Dislikes: Bitter Food, Haircuts, Mean People

Personality: Extremely air-headed and positive, it's difficult not to have a positive experience with Vregory. He enjoys the simple things in life, and doesn't like seeing anything go to waste. Good food, good friends, and good fun is all he needs in life, and luckily he has many, many little furry friends.He doesn't like being sad or scared and will do everything he can to avoid it and stay optimistic.

Name: Judah "JC" Copper
Occupation: Officer of the Voltra Police Department
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'4"
Home Realm: Metal Realm
Relations: Cecelia (daughter)

Likes: Cooking, Family
Dislikes: His Ex, Stupid Risks

Personality: The de facto leader of his squad, JC is the closest they have to competence in their midst. He may come off as big and scary, but he has a very gentle heart and just wants to take care of others. Even when his teammates exasperate him, he holds it together in order to get the job done.

Name: Millicent "Milly" Shaw
Occupation: Officer of the Voltra Police Department
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'7"
Home Realm: Ice Realm
Relations: Single and Ready to Mingle

Likes: Furry Culture, Manicures, Sweets, Phone Games
Dislikes: Kids, Ruining Her Nails

Personality: Tough and serious, Milly seems to have a strong personality where not much seems to bother her. However, she is known to joke around too much, often leading to her neglecting her work. While it may seem like she doesn't care and slacks off too, she does have a very strong sense of justice and will do the right thing if necessary.

Name: Garry
Occupation: Officer of the Voltra Police Department
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'11"
Home Realm: Sound Realm
Relations: Mother

Likes: Kids, Animals, Comic Books
Dislikes: Giving Up

Personality: Upbeat, cheerful, and always ready to help out! Unfortunately, Garry is also a massive klutz and often does more harm than good. Still, he's not the type to surrender or feel down about himself, and he continues to try his hardest for the sake of others. He doesn't have a sense of pain, and can often be found with wounds he didn't even notice he had.

Creative director — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/11/19 04:37:31 )
Event NPCs

Name: Trick
Occupation: Autumn Spirit, Reaper
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: Unknown
Relations: Treat (associate and friend)

Likes: Darkness, Politeness
Dislikes: Communicating

Personality: While he may be an all powerful reaper and a spirit that governs the holiday of the Reaping Ritual, Trick does has a very strong weakness... Communicating. He struggles with expressing thoughts and feelings, which often needs to trouble, especially in regards to Treat. And despite being a figure of death, there is no need to fear him. Trick is merely doing his job, and shows a lot of compassion.

Name: Treat
Occupation: Autumn Spirit, Witch
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: Unknown
Relations: Trick (associate and friend)

Likes: Candy, Books
Dislikes: Perceived Insults, Crassness, Incompetence

Personality: Those that encounter Treat may get the impression that she is rude and stuck up... And it may partially be true. She knows she is a powerful spirit and often sees mortals as beneath her, but that doesn't mean she doesn't also show care towards them. She's easily offended and does not take slights against her lightly, which can lead to a lot of problems for others, especially Trick.

Name: Smolkie McMoy
Occupation: Hypnotist, Exorcist/Demonologist
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'10
Relations: Iris McMoy (wife, deceased), Io (nearly adopted)
Status: Deceased.

Likes: Sweets, Helping Children
Dislikes: Demons,

Personality: Smolkie was often underestimated in his life. While he liked to dress in a silly fashion and was often a little clumsy, he was also a very powerful magic wielder with a great knowledge in the occult. He always dreamed of being a father some day, but alas was never given the opportunity.

He may have seemed a little ridiculous, but he had a very kind, caring heart and always gave the utmost sincerity in his actions. He would always find himself emotionally invested and did everything he could to help those in need, especially those he cared for.

Name: Veles
Occupation: Demon
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: Whatever he wants
Relations: Io (former host)

Likes: Chaos, Power, Collecting Souls, Crows
Dislikes: Cirque ad Infinitum, Exorcists

Personality: He may have horrific tentacle-like appendages and great, dark powers, but the most dangerous thing about Veles is his words. When he wants something from you, he'll always find a way to smooth talk his way into it. But when there's nothing he wants, he'll feel free to let you know just how beneath him you are. He loves to toy and torment with people, playing awful mind games and pulling at every little insecurity until you unravel.

Veles always seems to be scheming and likes to try to stay two steps ahead of others. He can't take what he dishes, however, and if somebody is able to outsmart him he'll lash out in vengeance. He's attracted to sources of great power, and will find any way he can to get his hands open it, whether by trickery or by force.

Name: Hero
Occupation: Hero
Pronouns: They/Them
Height: Unknown
Home Realm: Unknown
Relations: Unknown

Likes: Justice, Good Sportsmanship, Heroics
Dislikes: Villainy, Cruelty, Peril

Personality: A mysterious figure that occasionally pops up when nobody is expecting them. They had a strong moral code and a heart for justice, and will always step in to help those in need. Loves to have a good bought, and will always play fair, no matter what. Very over the top and theatrical in everything they do, and they do it with complete sincerity.

Creative director — he/him Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/11/19 12:22:02 )
Companion NPCs

Name: Eugene
Occupation: Rat Friend
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: Rat Sized
Home Realm: Voltra
Relations: Vregory (friend), Other Rats (more friends)

Likes: Goodies
Dislikes: Anyone Being Mean to Vregory, Traps

Personality: Between him and Vregory, Euguene is the brains of their operation. He's a lot more clever than one would expect a rat to be, and makes up for his lack of verbal communication by being highly expressive. He's a schemer, and always able to come up with a good plan. Also highly protective of those close to him, and will not hesitate.

Name: Leo
Occupation: Capybara Companion, Vontell's Editor
Pronouns: He/Him
Relations: Vontell (Companion)

Likes: Nose Pats, Naps
Dislikes: Not Much...

Personality: An extremely calm animal that can instantly sooth anything who gets close to him. It's hard not to feel at peace when he's with you. Nothing really seems to bother him much and he takes everything in stride.

Name: MICH (short for Mini Mech)
Occupation: Robot Drone
Pronouns: Any
Home Realm: Electric Realm
Relations: Vichard (owner and designer)

Likes: Praise, Making Vichard Happy
Dislikes: Water

Personality: Often just seen as a simple robot, MICH is highly expressive and emotive piece of tech. He's always more than willing to join in Vichard's schemes and do his bidding, but it's also very possible to steal his attention away from his main task if you have something more interesting.

Name: Timberland
Occupation: Cat Menace
Pronouns: She/Her
Relations: Vanora (owner), Vivienne (owner)

Likes: Food, Pets
Dislikes: Empty Bowl

Personality: A rambunctious cat that's always finding a way to get herself into trouble. She has severely food anxiety and will take ANYTHING in sight she can get her little paws on. Otherwise, she's a very sweet cat and loves to get attention.

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Unofficial Fun Stuff

(this is all stuff I made for personal inspiration)

Warning: Some of these may contain NSFW lyrics

Lin (performance)

Through the Looking Glass
Cirque ad Infinitum (dark) [note: the Event, not the troupe]

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okay this is finally open to the public, it's ready be kind and ignore my many typos

Donator — he/him Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/04/25 18:54:38 )
Please add images! I didn’t know Officer Milly was a furry. O: Oh. Will the knowledge base have images?

Why aren’t there any mothers? > o>

Ash 8/7/19
Kate 1/9/22

by YukiThePanda <3

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Thanks for the guide. ^^ Do you think this should be in this forum or the help and support forum


Donator — She/Her Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/05/25 11:20:57 )

I'm cackling at Lin's playlist >_> (Somehow I knew Adam's For Your Entertainment would be fitting for him.......)

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I am a simple being: I see the name Virgil, I click it.
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this is super cool tho!

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Vregory's "Having a Good Time" occupation is inspiring.

I, too, would love to have a good time. I aspire to be like him haha.


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@kent: I debated it khdkdj it's just so much work and I've been busy ;'3c I'll probably get around to it eventually tho! and the official KB would def have images for sure

also because everyone in the Voltra-verse is a Disney princess of course (nah there will be mothers introduced in the future, that's been on my mind too!)

@totalanimefan: it could be I SUPPOSED this isn't... fully official I kind of just made it because everyone wanted a quick guide to the NPCs c';

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@kittybeary: of course I'm glad you caught his vibe dkjhkdj

@maxisconfused: thank you so much!

@ark: don't we all... he's an icon

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@ghost: anything you write makes it canon. Watch out, with great power comes great responsibility. Lolol

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@ghost: I had a big Adam Lambert phase when I was like, 20, and that was one of the songs I had on repeat a lot ;w;
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finally added Vigo and Luka c';
also realize I need to make emojis for them hmm

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