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MaxIsConfused They/He

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Max, 21.
Yes, I'm confused about a lot of things. My gender and sexuality are not among them.


  • Zuzu Zuzu (2 months ago)

    I figured out where the cat cafe item is from. It's a monthly crate item from April 2021. Lol no wonder i couldn't find it under the event item tab. 🤣

  • Zuzu Zuzu (2 months ago)

    Thanks ^v^
    I can't remember the exact event but I think I participated in it since I have a few 'cafe type' event items, so I probably have the cat cafe item, I just can't find it lol

  • Zuzu Zuzu (2 months ago)

    Hi, that cat cafe kitty is really cute.
    What type of item is it? Event, orb, crate?? ^^

  • Ark Ark (5 months ago)

    Your avatar is sooooo cute and pretty! The bubbles are a very nice touch. ^^

  • PubbyBytes PubbyBytes (6 months ago)

    i dont know what the comment you left on my profile means.

  • Rabbet Rabbet (12 months ago)

    I saw like a crap ton of notifications im like: damn what did i say
    and its just a whole bunch of trades LOL


Twenty One Pilots, Thomas Sanders, VOCALOID


Pickles and tomatoes, the sound of Styrofoam, sweating.


Art of all sorts, Ukulele, lots of gaming (Minecraft and Roblox especially).