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Forums Reaping Ritual 2020: TTLG Chapter Seven: The Unicorn

Artist — Frog bless Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/11/11 01:37:08 )

Since he blinds you, I found throwing rocks to be the best strategy as it divides the damage over several hits so even if you miss you're going to get more hits in, rather than banking on one strong attack and having it miss completely. That being said, once he started healing I made sure to heal up and restore MP quite a bit before I started going after him again so I could make sure I'd be able to finish the job.

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Voltie Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/11/11 01:45:19 )
I found out that you can get some quite nice dmg on him ( 100 and above ) if you kick him around when you can see, but otherwise I sticked to the throw stones/get homesick/bandage plan others follow

Donator — They/Them Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/11/11 04:58:40 )
It took me two tries. I found that throwing rocks and healing/home sicking works the best.
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Donator — Fox Lady Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/11/11 05:27:12 )

I beat the Unicorn first try.

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Artist — pun-ster Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/11/11 08:16:22 )
Kairu\'s long dragon tail is dragging against the dirt..

this is my favorite fight scene in comparison to lion. it was a bit tough but i have enjoyed it immensely.

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Voltie Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/11/11 13:06:06 )
Oh! Well that might explain some of the details of this chapter if the Unicorn is really Trick! LOL!
Thanks for another interesting chapter to the story, everyone. :3

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Donator — She Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/11/30 17:41:41 )

You're a sneak little impostor![color=purple][center]

I love the Unicorn battle music! ♥

Yes this! He(?) has a cool design too.




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