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Forums Anniversary Party 2020 into the night | event hang

Donator — She/Her Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/09/18 17:39:26 )

    I often don't feel like cooking and order out, so I get it lol
    eating a burger for lunch as I type!

    @anarchist beauty:
    yup! it always works out like that, forever struggling to find sellers
    oooh I'm real low on funds from buying a Chrysaora Witch

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looking to buy: ARIES

Voltie Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/09/18 17:41:09 )

      @Deaa: Ugh, I think that's on my list, too.
      I need more monies. lol

Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/09/18 19:30:17 )

@Deaa: That sounds so good. I could really go for one right now.


Donator — they/them Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/09/20 16:02:22 )
════════════════⠀ ∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘


    it's super fun, I finally bought my own skates back in march, but then the skating rinks shut down for covid...
    and it's less skate friendly on the streets and parking lots where I live lol
    yeeaaa very true, that whole coast is going through it right now :T

    LOL it does transfer to writing well; but thanks for the tip!
    ahh kinda writing? mostly drafts of poems and later chapters for my fanfics
    not too much my short stories

    my fave pizza is also Margherita for the juicy tomatoes!

ahh late reply sorry!! sometimes i miss pings bc i'll clear notifications but lose track of them

dang that makes me wanna roller skate lol ... i haven't been skating in so long but people look sooo cool on them omg
how long have you been skating for?

ooh what fandom(s) if i may ask?

i love a good juicy tomato in savory dishes! esp when they "pop" in your mouth lol , so yummy

∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘ ⠀════════════

⠀∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽⠀ {⠀art shop⠀·⠀gallery⠀·⠀closet⠀}⠀☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

∘◦ᵒ .⋆。˚☽⠀ {⠀buying / questing: capricorn ⠀}⠀☽˚。⋆. ᵒ◦∘

art by kiwi and koneko <3

Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2020/09/23 03:01:09 )

@Deaa: Did you end up getting all the items? I have some extras if you didn't.

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