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Forums Role Playing looking to get back into rping [updated]

Voltie — he/they Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/08/2 19:09:32 )
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posts anxiously

i used to rp a lot, tho generally was only able to do casual rping (like rps based around texting and then just discussing our characters/discussing worldbuilding), but life shit got too real and i fell out of it. i havent paragraph RPed in a long long time and would like to try again but im a lil intimidated by it now!

i don't rp fandoms - i prefer collaboratively building a world up from scratch and/or basing the world on inspiration from media. i don't really like starting off an RP with romance n prefer to instead build characters and see how they click - i also like RPing as multiple characters and doing small lowkey group RPs

i like RPing as boys the most !

i'm more active offsite, so if ur down to adding me on discord, PM me!

note: im only comfortable with RPing with people who are 21+ since i'm 27

things that are bolded are what im most interested rn!

things i like to explore in rp:
paranormal spookies
cosmic horror
vampire: the masquerade-type vampires/werewolves
school settings
magic / fantasy
political tension / revolutions
trauma (which we can discuss abt whats ok/not ok & what to be careful on)
space operas
medieval shit

things im not ok with:
anything that would be like a plot out of a yaoi
explicit s*xual content / smut
probably other stuff but thats the main thing

most of the friends i RPed with in the past i've cut contact with or we've just been too busy to keep it up - if anyone would wanna slowbuild an RP with me n test the waters thatd be dope! i wanna gain the confidence back to paragraph writing w other people again

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Donator — they/them Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/08/3 02:57:41 )
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@vessel: hi! i would be interested
i would be down for some combination of these: mechs/robots (and cyborgs?), paranormal spookies, light cosmic horror, apocalypses, political tension / revolutions
i also really enjoy surrealist elements!

i could be interested in something modern or near future with sci fi and paranormal elements
i would be interested in a world that contrasts something clean and futuristic against something dark and looming (like we’re approaching but never arrive at the apocalypse). or like maybe we know last days are coming (are we counting down or is it any day now?), what are we doing until then?
i'm picturing sweltering heat and a sweating daytime city

i'm also picturing something flcl-esque (if you've seen it) - and i think it could be fun to do something similarly chaotic style-wise as it

lmk if interested! and if so, what kind of settings / plots / characters / dynamics would you have in mind or want to try?
feel free to pm as well !

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Donator — xe/they Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/08/3 10:56:50 )
⭒✰would you like an adventure now...

Hi there! I would like to RP with you!
I've also kind of been looking for something where it's not centered around romance, but instead the plot, and some of these settings are interesting to me;
- paranormal
- space opera
- apocalypses
though I do wanna warn you that I have little to no experience in these genres (but that's kind of the reason i'm interested too)

Also, I too haven't been paragraph roleplaying for a while (and when I did it was usually just between 1-2 most of the time), so I definitely don't mind if we experiment with style or keep it shorter until we are comfortable.

let me know if you would be interested in roleplaying with me too. :)

...or should we have tea first?✰⭒

Voltie — he/they Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/08/4 01:39:37 )
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@xvz: im gonna shoot u a msg soon or u can msg me if i forget! just got some stuff goin on rn so sry if im a little slow, im loving the idea though

im imagining towering desert cities with green energy, seedy underbellies and long highways between cities - maybe traveling out of ur city is rare due to whatever Doom is lurking outside of them - and a lack of greenery n animals in the wild. maybe smaller towns out of the cities but living there being considered more dangerous and less protected? whaddya think

@creativitea: hell yeah im into all of those things! which ones are interesting u the most?

i haven't done many paranormal rps - for a while i really wanted to do an RP based on a paranormal detective agency run by two brothers and their ragtag crew. ive also done some based on the lore in vampire: the masquerade and the white wolf ttrpg, but im down to explore any sorta paranormal thing! i love surreal horror too

w space operas or just sci fi in general ive been wanting to do smth about a group of vigilantes who dont know eachothers ~secret~ identites but work together to fight the Government
i like space settings/aesthetic thats like star wars / firefly or mass effect / fifth element inspired. im also down for making a space crew who go around on jobs around the galaxy

& w apocalypses ive mostly RPed zombie ones but id like to explore other kinds too : )

if u wanna pm me to discuss more u can! im sorta busy / zoned out lately so i might be a little slow in responding

⇜┈┈┈┈┈┈ ∘ ꕥ ∘ ┈┈┈┈┈┈⇝


Donator — they/them Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/08/4 05:07:47 )
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@vessel: i'm down ^^
i'm usually p patient so no worries, i understand life comes first
lmk if you have any characters/dynamics you're thinking about!

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art by kiwi and koneko <3

Donator — xe/they Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/08/4 13:29:10 )
⭒✰would you like an adventure now...

@vessel: aaa now i'm conflicted hahah
because i was mostly into the space opera idea to begin with (i am weak for space ok, and once you mentioned fifth element i was really on board),
but now that you mentioned the paranormal detectives i'm really into that one too
do you have a particular favourite?

will probably pm you soon!!

...or should we have tea first?✰⭒
please ping me, i am ditzy!


Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2020/09/5 00:39:43 )

Hey there, I've been sorta stalking your thread lol
I have a couple of ocs we could do a trauma Rp with it you're still looking

I've been pulled into the cycle of vs by life myself, and I probably won't be on very much until I sort my life out ><


Voltie — he/they Posted 1 year ago ( 2021/02/6 05:30:03 )
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ok im gonna update this cause i'm not homeless anymore and want to RP lol

⇜┈┈┈┈┈┈ ∘ ꕥ ∘ ┈┈┈┈┈┈⇝

pm me if u wanna donate 2 my living funds

┋ 𝐕𝐄𝐒𝐒 ┋ 𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐲-𝐬𝐢𝐱 ┋ 𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 ┋

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/11/4 20:27:46 )

Hey there, I've been sorta stalking your thread lol
I have a couple of ocs we could do a trauma Rp with it you're still looking

I've been pulled into the cycle of bs by life myself, and I probably won't be on very much until I sort my life out but things are smoothing out.

Still looking?


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